This is uh, not really a kid’s drone. I mean maybe it’s a it’s on the lower end of the dji spectrum, but um it’s, not a kid’s drone, but it’s, not quite a professional drone, it’s kind of like right there in the middle of the road there, all right so first i’m, going to show You guys some unboxing footage of what’s inside this thing and then we’re going to get it out of the box and fly it: Music, Music, um, Music, all right so here’s, the teller drone – and we got the three batteries here. I’M gon na take the first one out now here’s the cool thing about this uh charger here. This is the fly more package and on this charger, when you plug it in charge, it there’s three lights that come on and it’ll start blinking on the battery that it is charging and after that, one’s full it’ll, stay, split and it’ll go to the next one And then next one, so it doesn’t charge all three of them at the same time, just one at a time all right. So the battery fits right into the drone. Just like this, and then you’ll hear a little snap, and you know that it’s in there so it’s a little drone, look at it compared to my hand, that’s about the sizing on it yeah so it’s, a small drone, we’re gon na get it put over there On the phone i’m gon na or get on on the floor, and then i’m gon na get on my phone and we’re gon na take the lift off.

I also have my gopro here so that way i can record some footage of this because i will be using my phone to use the controls on the drone okay, so i got the drone here dead center in the gym, but on the side there’s a button. You have to push right there and then a light comes on right there, and so what you have to do is once that light is blinking or it’s like connecting you got ta jump on your wi fi settings on your phone and connect to the wi fi Network that comes up that says, tello and then you’re connected to the drone Music, Music, so Music, all right. So the noise on this thing isn’t too bad, because a lot of these drones could be really loud. Like a you know, bunch of bees coming at you, but this one isn’t too bad, the wind yeah. You can feel the wind right here and the propellers all right, Music, you, Music, all right, i’m, not quite sure why you really want to do that. But this is what bounce mode – Music, i’m, Music, okay, here’s, a flip mode Music. So so far i mean the battery doesn’t last long on these little drones like this, i think we got about a minute flight time that’s why i got the fly more package, so that way we can fly it a little bit longer, but it’s pretty fun. So far working this drone and everything is controlled on a smartphone there’s, no controller that comes with it, but the good thing about this is, is you know it does keep the cost down a little bit, but you don’t have to buy those extra components, but i Bet it would be a little bit easier if you did have a joystick controllers in order to control this thing um, but yeah.

You can tell, by the way i’m talking here and the noise from here whether you’re able to have a conversation with somebody uh. While this thing is flying and so far, it’s doing pretty good, i i like it Music bam there. You go that’s the palm landing on your hand, cool okay, so it’s the next day and i’m. Here at my house, in the backyard and i’m outside, we have a beautiful day here, but i’m gon na fly the drone outside for the first time and i’m gon na show you guys what kind of footage this thing can take. Uh outside so let’s see let’s. Just hope i don’t get caught in a tree or stuck somewhere, because that would really stink but let’s see what this thing can do. All right so here’s a drone just hovering in midair and the wind is blowing a little pretty good right now and it’s holding steady as you can see, just maintaining its pressure right there in midair, but it’s doing pretty good, even with a little bit of wind Blowing there was notifications coming up on the device thing. You know that it couldn’t do certain things because of the high winds, but it does pretty well just sitting there hovering in the air. Okay, so here’s the drone flying in midair as high as it can just hovering with the wind blowing. It that’s pretty high up there, okay, so the first battery is now dying, it’s coming to an end, so we got probably about 13 minutes that’s what they advertise.

It as that’s probably about what we got on this one thing i did notice as it started to get toward the lower part of the battery. You would see it kind of wiggling like that, a little bit instead of having that nice smooth drone footage that i was taking. So when your battery starts to get a little bit low. Your footage may not look as as good because it will start to wiggle. There was a notification and warning modification that come on the screen that says land a drone soon, because your battery is low, so that’s nice that it does do that and give you a little bit of warning. Another thing is on the bottom: here there are some sensors, so when i did go to landing room and i had a full blast going down it didn’t like slam down the ground, it actually stopped and then hesitated and then it went down so that’s kind of Nice also, so that way, it protects the blades and protects this thing from crashing.