This is everything that you get when you take it out of the box, except for the charger cord. It is not here. We have it uh in our desk somewhere else. I couldnt find it it just takes a normal. Usb kind of cord uh looks like that. So uh we havent had to use the exact cord that came with the kit, no big deal anyway. This is what you get when it comes out of the box. You got an information booklet right, and this is what it looks like it tells you everything that you need to know about the drone. I think they win the award for the slimmest um information packet that you can get that comes in that little box and goes in that little hole right there. All right so here is the drone. This is what everybody really wants to know about right. This is the dji tello. This is what it looks like. It is an optical sensor like height drone right, so it doesnt fly really super high and it doesnt fly really super far. It is controlled exclusively by the cellular device that you are using to fly. The drone, so the antenna within that device is what controls, how far away this thing can go and what not you cannot fly this over water. It will crash so dont do that dont fly it over a swimming pool or anything like that, and the camera is fixed and locked into place.

This is what i would call an entry level camera drone. If you want to get a camera, drone learn how to fly them. I would get this one or something like it and learn how to do what you got to do with that. It is pretty uh its pretty stout these little propeller guards here do their job. They do snap off its. Let me see if i can do this with one hand, without tearing anything up there we go, so they do snap off right, so you can fly it without the propeller guards and it does fly a little bit faster and a little bit more agile without them. Its got little in runner motors, you know spin around the propellers dont fold or anything like that. Overall, i mean i would recommend this for a beginner or for somebody who is just getting into the camera drone flying hobby if youre looking for something thats a little bit more professional. This is probably not the drone that i would pick for that purpose. It does come with three batteries and a little three bank battery charger charges. All three batteries at the same time does that pretty quick and it does last about 20 minutes per battery, so you can have a good amount of fun with it.