DJI Spark – Is it the best low cost Hiking Drone?

Probably the most frequent questions I’m typically requested is what’s the greatest cheap drone to take mountaineering and movie me. Nicely, because you want a drone with comply with me and the flexibility to rise and decrease while you rise and decrease, you are gonna want the DJI Spark, which additionally has impediment avoidance.

The DJI SPARK is at the moment on sale at a terrific worth. You could find it on the DJI Web site and the worth contains TAXES, SHIPPING & DUTY: https://click on.dji.com/AGcSYgQ5eGO3iOsOANw?pm=hyperlink&as=0004&ch=SPARK

Right here is the official GOPRO Backpack: https://amzn.to/2rINtFu


MOBILE CAMERA: GoPro Hero 7: https://amzn.to/2ykSDdH
MOBILE GoPro Hat: https://amzn.to/2OFz5Hu
MOBILE AUDIO PORTABLE: Tascam DR-10L: https://amzn.to/2HCl1wh
MOBILE GIMBAL – FUNSNAP: https://amzn.to/2pEdk0e

  1. Cool video about the Spark! How many batteries did you bring on this shoot?

  2. Nice video! I really love the Spark, but I had some problem when I'm out on the mountain and want the Spark to follow me. After this demonstration I will definitely go out there try again.

  3. Good where is this location?

  4. I have a Spark and love it, great demo. Regards AJ

  5. I love the spark, but i recently watched your video about the Anafi, which is always compared to the Mavic Air in many videos. But I am really hesitating between the spark and the anafi, for hiking and others outdoors activities. Here in France, both prices are close. For example, could you tell us wich one has the best video quality ?
    All the best for the new year 2019

  6. He's talking to the drone:) Well done spark.. 🙂 Well done Captain Drone, good video.

  7. That is amazing! I already thought Sparkie is a yesterday´s heroe, but it isn`t. Works very, very well and is exactly what I´ve been looking for. And it´s comparable cheap to other more sophisticated drones. Think I will buy one. Thanks from Kiel, Germany for the good work.

  8. excellent review of the spark following you!!! End of year I will have one of these!!!

  9. Nice going to try it out now 🙂

  10. Merci beaucoup 👍🇨🇦

  11. Red knights going down!! I caught what you said there! LOL

  12. What do you use to record your voice while walking?

  13. He sure loves that spark! Can't blame him. It's a great drone for a great price.

  14. The spark is awesome. What’s that screen you are using with the controller. I use my phone. 😀

  15. A great video,I would like to use it for tracking us biking but also to take shots for property sales would you recommend it for this as my first drone of the Mavic air. Keep up the great work and no falling over.

  16. What is the coldest temperature I can fly my drone(Mavic Air), since I'm in Ottawa too.

  17. Excellent informative video as usual. Its a tought little Spark in that cold weather.
    I dont with to trip you up but eaqually I dont want people to have an accident with their Spark.  
    So … Please be aware that I believe the front obstical avoidance will only make the spark asscend and not go around the obstical as mentioned in your video. I can only suspect it just happend to make the sideways manouver whilst following you in Active Track.
    Thanks for this and all your other videos.

  18. Mer Bleue Bog Trail in Ottawa. Nice place for a walk and some snaps. You're lucky it looks like a pretty dead day. Last time I went there were about 200 people walking the trails.

  19. Hi can it make video from front while you walking towards drone or only it chasing u in follow me mode .

  20. Awesome Captain! Can you show one the onscreen selections you make to set it up please. Always enjoy your videos

  21. Nice video! I am thinking abou to get a Spark 🙂
    Did you changed Spark battery making this video, or it run everything on just one?

  22. hi captain.. every changing battery need to calibrate?

  23. Where do you suggest to purchase this drone. I am in British Columbia. I am looking to buy the fly more package. I am a search and rescue member and think this will help me greatly

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