Okay! Welcome to another video, this is going to be the first of many videos i’m going to do on reviewing my own kit kit that i use kit that i have now and have never reviewed it, and i should have done uh. I don’t know why i’ve never done it, but the spark i’ve had for a very long time. I’Ve got videos from two and a half to two and a half years ago. Some of that – and i never really did a proper review of this thing and it’s a good little bit of kit, so i thought i’d review it before i sell it. I am selling this pick. It uh because i don’t really fly anymore. New walls have come into play, uh and there are there’s licenses and all kinds of other bits and pieces that you have to buy and and training got paid for which i don’t want to go into at the moment. So i’m, not really going to be doing. That so i’m going to be selling this beer kit. There will be a link down description uh if it’s still for sale. Now, when you’re watching this, it may not be but there’ll be other links for uh the kit, if you want to buy it brand new. Whatever so, i’ll put them in the description down below, but this is going to be a very techy little little video i’m going to tell you what you get when you buy this thing, i’m going to be going into the photography side of things.

The specifications for the photography on this, the camera uh the video. Potentially you might be looking to get this for the video. I know i did uh i’m also going to be uh, giving you a rundown of the ease of use of this drone, because there are many drones out there, i’ve flown one or two of the other drones. But i can tell you tell you all about this. One uh, my personal use of this drone and then i’m gon na tell you kind of other extra bits you can buy for it. So stick around this video. If you’re new to my channel, please subscribe hit the notification to get all get updates on my videos. Blood weather all that kind of stuff and uh let’s just get into this. I don’t want to make this a really long, video. I want to keep it nice and short. So, first of all what you get there’s two ways you can buy this and you buy it just as the drone itself, so you buy the drone, which is there good little bit of kit this uh. This will need to clean this up before i sell it. Obviously, a good bit of kit. You get this by itself and at the moment, brand new you’re, looking between 450 sorry about 400 to 500 uk pounds, which is a lot of money really when you consider the new micro mini stuff coming out. However, it depends on what color you want to buy for a start, and the stock is where you want to buy it because they range massively it’s 100 pound difference from the stuff.

I just looked at quickly on google this morning. Looking at how much these things cost uh and yeah yeah, the the difference in price is horrendous. If you just want to buy this by itself, uh look around, you might better get a good deal somewhere or you can buy it as the fly more kit. The flying more combo they they fly more combo is called uh. You also get controller uh. Now you don’t need this. You don’t really need it. You can fly this without that, because they’re actually used uh. You actually use your mobile phone to fly these things, but with this you use your phone, your phone actually sits in in there and you use the joypad sticks to fly your drone instead of using because you can use hand, gestures uh, but instead of just using Your phone, which is quite tricky actually using this for your phone uh. You can use the joypad stuff like this i’ve got this on. There i’ll explain what that is a bit later on uh, so yeah. So the fly more combo you, you get extra bits and pieces which uh is things like extra batteries, so you will find that the battery life on these things uh even on some of the newer ones – they’re, not very good. They don’t fly as long as you think they’re going to and uh on paper. This thing with one battery will fly for, i think, 12 to 14 minutes.

I generally would consider 10 minutes then get the get the thing home depending on how far away you’ve flown it. Obviously the further away. You fly it. If it’s not got time to fly back to you, it will tell you as well, which is quite good uh. So the fly more cut i bought because i was always going to be going to locations far from home away from power where i couldn’t couldn’t charge. One battery up keep charging up. Five ten minutes come back charge up. They take quite a while to charge up uh, but that does come in the with the combo kit. You get a three battery pack charging case thing, which is actually quite good, uh and saves us a lot of time uh. So the fly more kit in my uh opinion is a lot better again, depending on the stockist and the color of the of the drone. You want to buy uh they range between about 650 pounds, 700 pound, they haven’t lost any money. I don’t think i paid much more than that two years ago. One of these things they’re that good dji drones don’t lose their money. They really don’t uh second hand. At the moment, this the the fly more combo uh secondhand, is going for about 300 pounds. That’S, probably the region, if you’re looking to ask me that question the region i’m going to sell this thing in is going to be around a 300 pound or you know, good uh generous offer the specifications of this and that’s.

Why, while you’re, probably here reviewing this thing uh the specifications are as follows: i’ve got a list i’m going to look down my list it’s just under the camera but i’m going to be talking specifically about the the the photography and the videography side of things of This thing, i’m not going to go into all the mass exp there’s there’s a ton of specifications for this, which to be honest, that most people understand but for photography. It’S got a 12 megapixel sensor, not massive that’s, not a massive sensor for something but it’s. A very small bit of care, you know getting a large sensor now you need larger, larger kit, all that kind of stuff, a 12 megapixel sensor in there it does jpeg only no war files coming from the photography of this thing, i don’t know what to tell You it’s one of them things that the better drones have better specifications. You can get drones the next step up from that does do raw, but unfortunately, this doesn’t it’s jpegoni. The field of view of this thing is about 81 degrees. If you’re, that interested and this uh 25 millimeters format equivalent to 35 millimeter and f 2.6, if you’re, that interested uh to be honest, if you’re flying this thing around you’re, not gon na, be that much interested in what your your focal length is all kind of Stuff you’re, just gon na get what you’re gon na get it’s the same for most these uh the cameras on these things, okay, so the iso capabilities of this is not great.

It ranges from 100 to 1600. Now i i had dslrs going back. You know 15 years uh that did just that. It didn’t go much past 1600, which is not great and i’ll, come on to that. A little bit later, when you’re flying this thing, uh it gets a little bit dark. Sun goes behind the clouds and the sun’s going down. You do start to lose uh a good quality image, just be careful you’re, not really going to be flight. You’Re not really going to be flying. This off dark is the main point of that and the shutter speed uh ranges from about two seconds to one eight thousandths of a second, which is actually quite good for something this small uh. You get one eight thousandth of a second out of most dslrs nowadays, some push a bit further, but that’s kind of the limit of most of the dslrs and mirrorless stuff get out there even on the market today, so that’s the shot, speed, isn’t too bad it’s. Just the iso lets it down the fact that only shoots in jpeg uh doesn’t give you a lot to uh work with in post. Unfortunately uh, so the motors guy’s got single, shot mode burst mode uh. You get three frames so the video side of this again, the video is not fantastic. If you do do 1080p, which is quite good at 30 frames, a second, the iso actually goes a little bit better for the video you get 100 to 3200 in video.

I don’t know why it’s not the same for photography, it’s worse for photography than it is for video, but then at 3200 in the video. Let me make this clear: it’s, not usable footage, because it is really grainy uh, the sensor size, this isn’t, that great and because of that, even at 3 200. You would never be able to use the video footage in any kind of uh in any kind of use, really they’re. The main specifications i’m only going to really talk about today, there’s a plethora of other specs. On this thing, it does a shed ton of stuff, which i’m not really going to go into there’s all kind of kind of flying modes where it will uh uh, follow you and stuff like that, which are, i have used before and i’m going to talk about A little bit later, but but i’m not really going to the specs of those things, because there’s not enough time uh anyway, so the ease of use i’m going to talk about how easy this thing is to fly, and actually it is very easy to fly this. These things are designed you turn on. It goes up to a certain height by itself and hovers and waits for you to do something uh. It will also from that point remember its home point. So if you fly this off too far, it goes somewhere. It can’t can’t get get signal with you or this thing uh.

It will just fly back home and come back to you really easy. You can’t really lose this thing. I’Ve lost it a couple of times. It’S come back uh my fault, you! You have to remember that this uses wi fi signal uh to transmit between your phone, this thing and the drone, and if they’re you’re flying over a high sort of impacted, wi, fi area and where i was flying initially was actually where i work uh and we Do internet funnily enough, we do wi fi internet, we pump wi fi from where i, where i was uh to various places around the south coast. Didn’T realize the thing just went a little bit lost it confined it. I don’t know what was going on uh even by eyesight. I had an eyesight uh because it wasn’t too far away, but it just shot across the sky about 120 meters, 150 meters, away from where it was supposed to be, and it just came home fantastic. I had no problems with that whatsoever by the time uh. I i regained signal on this and and the pitch on my phone. I knew where it was and it would come back and and you can cancel the the come back home – it’s quite easy uh to cancel that, and there are a ton of modes where you can select a subject on your phone. So you can select yourself or someone else, and it will follow that subject.

You can have a spin around that subject. While it follows it’s, like tracking, is proper, really really really easy to use and it’s really really good. I can set up the video to follow me around and do b roll and all that kind of stuff, and i can’t stand a little bit downside and the hardest part of this when trying to use this is when it wants to do an update, firmware updates On this uh tricky at best, obviously it uses your phone, so your phone is going to be attached to, as you attach your phone to this, if you’ve got this, and then this attaches to the to the drone, if i remember rightly, and from the updates, you Have to download it first while you’re attached to it will tell you funnily enough. I just think about now it’s giving me a headache you. It will tell you when you turn it on that it needs a firmware update, so you then have to detach from the drone to update from the internet, and then you have to reattach to the drone to update the drone and it’s all a process of coming Out of the app and coming out of the the the attaching the wi fi to oh it’s, just the pain in the arse it’s, an absolute ball like if there’s an easy way to do it. I hope dji have sought out since then. But since i had this, it was always an absolute nightmare, an absolute nightmare uh.

But having said that, we got onto the bit, though you know my personal use of this and i’ve got to tell you that this thing has been an absolute dream from when i went when i used it when i’ve had time to use, it fits in my Bag in this thing really nicely, i uh have everything in there that i need, and this separately i’ve even bought an extra case, which i’ll talk about a little bit later on where this and this will fit in. If i didn’t want to do photography at the same time, because this will fit in my photography bag, this slots in just down the side somewhere uh, but if i didn’t want to do photography, if i just just wanted to do droning or video video work with This i’ve got another case that can all go in and take it just as it is uh. So i have those options, but for me the photography side of this has been an absolute dream. I’Ve got lots of really good pictures out of this. They are only jpeg, they’ve mainly only been uh edited in lightroom, and i absolutely love it absolutely love it uh the video side of it. The reasons why i bought this was to add some b roll to my videos, uh following me around that kind of stuff. Just to you probably never even really notice it in the videos it’s just another angle that i can get some bits of video of me and just add them in the videos transitions that kind of stuff that, like i say, you probably never even realize we’re we’re There, or is a drone doing it, but that’s the reasons why it’s so good, because it’s just really good footage, uh really really good footage, so i hate to get rid of it.

I really do but there’s, obviously new restrictions coming at the moment. Uh and new laws, you have to have uh proper training that you pay for, because these companies that are authorized to train you, they charge a fortune and then there’s licenses to buy all that kind of stuff. So i’ve not done that. I’Ve not really got video of it. I’Ve been been utilizing other types of b roll to to insert into my videos, so i’m getting rid of it, but this is a really good, especially good, starter drone for anyone there are dji mini drones out there. Now that are slightly cheaper brand new, but this will be a lot cheaper, uh as a secondhand, uh kit, or you might be buying it for someone else. So, having said that, when i first got this, obviously i bought the fly more combo. I bought some extra little bits with it. I bought them almost immediately because i did a lot of research. I do a lot of research when i find these things and i want to buy new stuff. So the first thing i bought was this little thing on the front. This is a gimbal cover when you transport this thing, the gimbal’s there it’s a two axis gimbal on this thing, but it’s, very delicate and in transit. If it gets knocked, it could come off. Could be an absolute issue if you mess it up even ever so slightly and it’s, not working uh, your video, you won’t, be able to do all your kind of bits and pieces, so that needs to be taken care of so that’s going to be in the Box and sell it this little thing: uh is 3d printed.

I bought this off of etsy. I think it was. I found this. It is just for the the sticks there uh it locks them in place for the same reason as the gimbal there in transit. These can get knocked or or bashed if these aren’t working properly or if they’re they’re, even off ever so slightly your drone’s just going to fly off all over the place uh, it is what it is. So that was a purchase. I got straight away and the extra bag i’ve got the extra case here’s a picture of it because i can’t find the actual extra case, like i said. If i ever want to just go droning, it would go in that case, but as it stands at the moment, i’ve only really used this for for the last few times with my photography gear. So it fits in my bag, nice and neatly in that little thing. Very very sturdy, this thing uh what what i’ve also done in the past before when i’ve got anywhere and uh the ground hasn’t been flat. I’Ll actually fly off of this, so i should put my drone on top of this and then fly off from that got one more thing i bought. Where is it? Oh just just so. You know this is the case that comes with the dji kit uh. This is the dji case itself, which i’ve never used and the reasons why i’ve never used. This is because you get less putting this into oh there’s, the the guards for the uh thing.

I’Ve never used them. They people tell you. These are the guards for the blades uh, but if you ask anyone, you could have these on there. If you ask anyone who’s ever flown a drone, they’ve, never flown them. With these on. These are designed to stop you from hurting yourself. If you’re going to the drone, because you can land this drone in your hand, if you want to, but if you put your hand near the blades you’re, always going to hurt yourself. However, if you ask anyone who’s ever flown a drone, one of these drones they’ve. Never put them on there because of balancing these add weight. They don’t balance too well. I’Ve got another set somewhere here, so there’s two sets they’re all four there. They don’t fly too well, but this case is what i want to talk about this case from d from dji is ridiculous. You can’t fit anything in it. I fit more in this than i’m doing that you might as well have that put in there, but it don’t even fit in anyway. So the compartment’s there that’s all really rigid, nothing really fits, and if you look at any reviews, you’ll see this is the first thing: you’re you’re, probably going to throw away don’t find a way to want to sell your stuff, and it looks better when you sell It with everything uh, so yeah, that’s uh. One thing i wish i’d have saved money on uh with the fly more fly more combo, but it comes with it.

So that’s it really. My my overall take on this drone is it’s an absolute fantastic bit of kit. If you’ve got the time to use it, if you now know the regulations which i’ll leave a link down description, i don’t really know them all myself, because i’m really bothered looking into it. If you know the regulations, if you’re going to get a license or if you’re going to do the training, this bit of kit is actually is actually really really really really really good, really good it’s, not the bigger ones, it’s, not one of the bigger ones and Because of that, i think it’s in the middle there’s new classes of of what what certain drones can or can’t do, and i think this is in the middle class that’s not in the very very restricted class uh, because obviously the bigger drones have to have a Lot more restrictions, let me know what you think down in the comments uh. Let me know if you’ve seen any of my videos, i’m hope. Hopefully, i’ll put a few overlay bits and pieces of my other videos and some of my drone footage on this video uh. Let me know what you think: if you’re interested in buying one of these things what’s the kind of thing. If you’ve got any questions about it, is there anything you’d like to know before you buy? I will hopefully be able to answer for you if i can uh just really good bit of kit, really really good, better kit, just uh yeah, so uh.

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