You should put your phone in airplane mode, which will reduce your signal, interference and provide a stronger signal, is actually a true statement or whether it is a big fat myth so lets get into it. So for the purpose of this video, i will be using two drones im going to be using the dji air 2s, which of course, is ocusync and im going to be using the dji mavic mini, which of course, is a standard, wi fi. The reason for using two different drones is, of course it just takes out the differences in terms of model. Specifics and one model might be a little bit more susceptible to interference than the other, so im going to try it on both not to mention ocusync. Is that slightly bit better at deflecting interference? So, of course, it makes sense to have the mavic mini with us. As well so here we are on location and i have chosen a wide open field where there is absolutely little to no interference whatsoever, which of course, can possibly skew our results. So first things: first, you can see my phone menu. Absolutely everything is turned on. We have wi fi, we have bluetooth, etc, and then, if we switch to our dji a2s transmission tab, you can see we are on dual band and the transmission interference is incredibly low. Virtually non existent. So lets just leave this to settle up for a few moments. You can see nothing really changes of notes so lets quickly.

Click over to 2.4 gigahertz then, and just see what happens and again, you know that its dancing around a little bit, but very, very ultimately, low levels. Well, do the exact same with 5.8 and just see what happens there and again very, very low levels of anything else. So what im going to do is im going to put the phone into airplane mode now turn absolutely everything off and just see whether these levels are even lower than what they was before so lets. Do that now lets put the phone into airplane mode, then turn everything off there we go, and if we pop back to our transmission tab, you will see that the interference is about the same as it was before lets just let it settle out for a few Seconds just to be certain so ill repeat that with 2.4 and again with the 5.8. Now, judging by those results, what we saw on screen for me, there is not enough evidence there to ensure that switching your wi, fi on or off or airplane mode on or off, etc, etc, actually has a profound effect on your signal. Interference so lets quickly. Try the dji mavic mini then so the mavic mini again weve got everything switched on so bluetooth, wi fi lets switch to our transmission tab and you can see those bars are pretty stable and with the dji mavic mini. You want the bars as low as possible and you want them green.

Many people did use to get a little bit confused thinking that the higher the bar, the stronger the signal. No, this section is measuring interference. You want it as low as possible. So again, you know these things seem pretty standard. Um, no problems there. So what were going to do is again were going to switch our wi fi off and put our phone into airplane mode then and just see if that makes a difference and for me absolutely no difference whatsoever. Then, as far as i am personally concerned, there is absolutely zero benefit to putting the phone in airplane mode. Of course, the issue we have here is the fact that i was out in the middle of nowhere and your phone being such a concentrated source right in front of the controller if that phone was putting out any sort of wi fi signal and inducing interference. Of course, because we were also isolated, you would have seen it. It is as simple as that. The reason why i wanted to use the dji mavic mini, of course is because it looks a bit more susceptible to interference, really um, so you know, and the bars show a little bit better on the dji mavic mini as well. So we can really accurately show any interference, but of course, as you saw, there was none, regardless of whether we was in airplane mode or not. So one question you may have, then, is: if you are out flying despite everything weve just seen, should you put your phone in airplane mode? Very simply, my answer to that is a big.

Yes, do put your phone in airplane mode and the reason for that is very simple: you do not want any form of notifications. Phone calls. Instagram notifications, facebook texts, you name it all of those are a distraction to you as a pilot. While you are flying popping, your phone in airplane mode may not improve your signal or make any difference when it comes to interference, but it will, of course stop you being distracted or any unwanted phone calls disturbing your flight. So hopefully you enjoyed this video. Please do check out all of my other videos i have done on this channel. Ive done such a wide variety im sure there is something that youll find interesting.