Well guys. I really hope that you enjoyed those shots. They were all taken with the new dji rs3, which im super impressed with, and if you want to see more of that type of content, its like more cinematic and more personal and other stuff that i do outside from youtube jump over to my instagram. The links in the description follow me there i put tons of content over there and for now thats it, but lets jump into the real review of the new dji rs3, see what you will. Please look at this look at this bye each other and i thought the dji rsc2 couldnt be improved. Dji proved me wrong again. This is the rs3 and lets find out why this thing is amazing, were recording today the review both of the rs3 and the rs3 pro which, by the way, tivo is currently using and im feeling like im saying the same over again but its. How i feel i think it was quite difficult to improve the previous models, both the rst2 and the rs2, because they are already great. So what has dji done? Well, theyve listened to us. They saw what we demand and theyve introduced a few user experience c settings that are quite amazing, and this video is to show you how they impact on my life: Applause, Music, Music, Music, im, pretty sure 99 of the reviews are gon na, be starting with this Amazing feature and as youve seen, i just turned off the rs3 and it just fully locked, which means all the buttons everything is locked, and this is particularly helpful, especially for us that were constantly running, changing places where were filming or, if youre, for example, at a Wedding at an event, you got to be quick until now.

All that happened when you turned it off, is that you had to manually close every single button, every single piece or you just were left with the ronin, going like crazy right right now, its fixed. So i just press the button and im ready to go. Another interesting thing is that dji has put bluetooth inside the ronins or the rs3 and the rs3 pro in this case. This is really interesting because, right now, when youre, for example, filming something you got, ta change, hands, press the rec button get back and then film right. But this way you can use the rec button on the ronin and your camera will start working and no complicated cables and connections and stuff just bluetooth. This saves me so much time you see this fine tune, knob right there. It may be nonsense to many of you, but im glad it actually is there. I mean i didnt know i needed it until now, where i just think i cannot live without it. No just kidding you can live without it, but you know those times when you have already balanced everything and youre missing that tiny little bit well with this knob, you can be very sensitive and give it the final perfect position. So its quite helpful im happy with it. Applause now lets talk about the numbers, because i know youre interested in right, 1.3 kilograms of weight, which is exactly the same as the rsc2 plus a payload of 3.

5 kilograms, which almost all full frame camera lenses with a regular lens. I mean with the 2470 and the a7 s3 it will work, so it does completely the job and yeah its not too heavy Music. What about the battery 3000 amps hour? It holds up to 12 hours, which means that pretty much on every single project in a day that i have this thing will survive theres one thing that djs says that they have improved the algorithm and overall now the motors are a 20 more efficient and stronger. You see this screen right here. You know its bigger its a color led display 1.8 inch, which is pretty nice. I mean i dont really care too much about this screens and all that, but i do acknowledge that they work very good and its nicer. You see this button switch right there, its actually the thing that i like the most about this new gimbals and its the panty fall, the pan follow and the fpv which, by the way, is customizable. This means that you can put at that setting whatever you want like the 360 inception and all the other modes and its very nice, because sometimes those m modes, those that button on the rs2 and the rsc2, it sometimes didnt work. Well, then, you had to connect the app and then you know switch the mode, so this is pretty easy and you can adjust everything inside the screen with a button and dedicatedly do whatever you want.

You see this. This is the back of the combo, which is pretty nice. I think its a little bit bigger than the previous version. It only has one zip. It still has two compartments inside, but just one zip, which makes it overall easier and the combo has also, for example, look at this chivo the raven eye and the focus motor, as i said, on, the rs3 pro were gon na. Do an ex an extra video on that which means that im not gon na get into much detail about this, because this is a little bit more pro and complicated. But the good thing is, of course, you have a nice image transmission system that works with the rs3, and somebody else can watch what youre recording Music whats this chivo. This is the grip that i personally like pretty much because its super easy to set up like this right and then you go to the side of the ronin. I dont know. If you can see this, you can attach this very easily. Okay and all of a sudden included in the bundle we have. How do you like this? This is really helpful, especially for maintaining the balance a little bit better and if you go into the pan, follow mode like this, you center. This look at how easy you can do this briefcase shot. You can do low shots and, like hell, film, your beautiful shoes, chivo, so im pretty happy with this handle included, and i dont know i like it Music.

Let me be honest with you, the best gimbal, for you is the one that suits your needs best. What do i mean with this? If your camera and lens can be handled by the rs3, its more than enough, its the best possible gimbal and the rs3 pro for being more expensive and bigger, does not mean that its a better gimbal. In fact, i do prefer the rs3 for my type of jobs all the way, so this is not just paying more getting better quality. I think you understand this right and at the end of the day, this gimbal is 200 grams, less about half a pound or so, which means that your arms are gon na notice. So think, a little bit about your health about your arm and you can also save some money. So to answer the question that i just said in the beginning of this video. Yes, the rs3 is an enhancement of the rs2, which i thought would never happen. And yes, if i wouldnt have a gimbal, i would definitely recommend going for this one. If you already have the rst2, you can think of it. Nothing really to say guys.