I had to rip the package open. I couldnt believe this. I couldnt wait till i got home. I spotted it in a leak on twitter. This is not your standard, smart controller. This is the ultimate combo. This thing this aint, your old smart controller bro. This is the new one. How much is the air 2s fly more combo 1300 right for 400. 1750? Is what i paid for this 450 bucks more, you get the new smart controller, my guy! There has never ever been a better time to buy the dji air 2s. If you saw the mavic, 3 and youre thinking holy smokes. That thing is expensive. Youre still watching this video head over to bnh and buy it if you were thinking about buying an air 2s hdmi output, that also means were gon na fly with goggles baby ive got my spotter step. This is nice. This one has mobile data too, like mobile data. Are you kidding me so this doubles either as a sim card or a sd card you could put in there for more storage. I got a sd card in there. Ive got the smartphone tethered to my phone thats inside the car lets see if the unlocking process is pretty simple because they have all my information restart app. Okay, oh look at this. This is like this is running like a tablet. Let me see if you swipe up yeah, oh my gosh, so we can always this is this.

Is i mean this is running down like 10? This is like that jump, jump, jump all right lets. Try again. We know we usually have to do the restart thing. Damn, oh my gosh. She peels boy, you got ta love the air 2s. Okay, the sticks are a little more springy. I feel more springy, but not a big deal right. Its not like youre flying fpv were coming to that. Just now lets go inside the car. I will say the plastic was a better premium, more build quality on the older model, but ill give up the build quality for performance right. Its not like the build quality is horrible or anything its just okay, but the feel is nice, its a little bit more chunky, but i prefer the feeling a little less chunkiness of the old one but ill give all of that up for performance. At the end of the day, and this doesnt feel bad, especially if you have bigger hands, you might actually prefer this more because your hands have to grapple wrong more you get the thousand in brightness, which is what you used to look. I love me. Some triple tech right, but if i can get this, oh my gosh look at this performance, not a glitch boy. Oh this aki sync! 3 is a badass boy. Look at that! Look at that boy! You want to tell me about performance what this thing: dont glitch boy now heres, where like.

If i go behind a tree or something bear in mind, im sitting in the car i could see. But you know i got my spotter out there looking after me, but this is where the regular smart controller will start, beats right, like stuttering, right a little bit and then and its okay youre filming youre, not flying fast like fpv or anything. But i im gon na push it boy im going normal mode im going pretty much as fast as i can its slow down, because theres obstacles there or whatever. Oh this baby moves boy. This baby moves: oh man, oh the obstacle avoidance, yo yo, the responsiveness on this boy. Stop controlling. Oh, my gosh, this guys. This is what ive been waiting for. This is this is the this is probably the happiest moment in my drone life and career. This is what i hoped and prayed for a one inch sensor on an ultra compact drone, even smaller than the mavic 2 pro, with a smart controller that is super solid and reliable at an affordable price. Seventeen hundred and forty nine dollars and youre done you dont, need nothing more or nothing less. This will make you money, and this will give you a crapload of fun. Then you dont even pay the tax. If you take out the payable card like me, so whatever price you see on the screen, thats pretty much what you pay – oh my gosh, this guy is a performance junkie, hasnt missed a beat and im screen, recording and im screen recording, which is pretty stressful.

For the old one and this hasnt missed a beat, i will tell you stock controller aint got nothing on this stock controller. Aint got nothing on this and if i put my phone card in here and i can get data where i dont need to tether, i mean i dont mind tethering, but yeah ive got data on a second card and i can put that in there and i Dont even need to tether to my phone and thats even better. I wonder if it can make phone calls that i dont know its probably not a phone, but at least you could use the data. This thing, doesnt miss a beat. Damn this thing is rock solid, not to mention i had a fan spool up yet, but i was outside in the cold now its going to start to warm up and heat up in here, because the doors and windows are locked were gon na, see how this Um performs the amount of stuttering i would have had already and been twisting and turning and this outperforms your stock controller. This is what i wanted in the original dji, smart controller and yeah. I knew the limitations were there because it was running android 7 versus this was running android 10., so that was probably a 32 bit system im. Pretty sure this is a 64 bit system, so everything is different. Now right go over this tree. I know a lot of you guys, fussing over the mavic 3 im, not a guy who goes for the latest and the greatest im, a guy who goes for bang for buck and utility.

I want utility, i want the most out of my money. I dont like collecting material things dont like material things right i like what things can do for me and i know everybodys different and to each their own. But if youre like me – and you are a utility kind of a person – you cannot beat this – you cannot beat this for one. You have two buttons at the back here. One can be used for the auxiliary light and one can be used to recenter uh. The gimbal have this button here, which is a one two, three four thats up down left right and its also a press button in one. So right now on up. If i only click up, i can jump from fpv mode right and if i click and i push up again or i push down, i have both buttons pre um. I have it easy toggle, so i can jump in from fpv to normal flying mode. With the touch of a button. I dont even need to raise up my goggles. The wheel is still here its not a clickable button, but it is a wheel that can be used to, of course, zoom in and zoom out. For me, this is totally worth the extra 450 bucks. 1200 bucks buys a standalone. What dji wants thats a different story? Thats your money, but this deal could not refuse so lets get down if youre thinking about buying an ear 2s im going to click up on this little button over here that i programmed and that should put me into fpv mode.

There we go and if i click that same button up again, that should take me out of fpv mode by the click of a button. But if youre not going to get into real fpv or you just want a little taste of what its like. Then this gives you a really nice cool, dynamic, theres. Only so much dj. I could have done with the old processor on the old controller and they really tried. I dont know if they didnt think ahead. So there you go. You want some fpv in your life. I know im not nowhere near that building, but i dont know exactly whats in front of me. I still got a little fpv, something just know what youre doing know your surroundings. I wouldnt use that zoom in fpv mode. If i were you, this is why i love that ear 2s, apart from the build quality on this thing, compared to the older model, which has a better build quality thats about the only thing the older model has over this. Apart from that, everything else is better. I can promise you this if you are having problems with your older smart controller, um running the fly app, i can promise you from my test. You will not have those problems anymore. Its over the processor is up to date. The software with android 10 is up to date, and everything is running, smooth and crisp, whether youre recording the screen or not, whether youre wearing goggles or not, youre not going to break up easily.

The transmission on this thing is solid and thats what it boils down to most. You know as fast computer when you use one, and this is fast, its ready its what ive been hoping for, maybe youre coming from a mini 2 or a mavic mini and youre thinking, hey, i want to upgrade right. Christmas is almost here. I want something new. I want something that i can do for professional work, but i dont want something big. I dont want something bulky. I dont want something too expensive, but i need something that i can fly in the day and fly in the night and shooting d log shooting raw photos, shooting hyperlock, gamma 5.4 k and at the same time, if i want to be a weekend flyer, i can Take it out and do all the hyperlapse, the master shots and all the pool things i want something: thats tried, i want something: thats tested. I want something: thats proven i really dont want a drone, thats bigger, nothing against the mavic 3. Its awesome drone its just when the mavic mini came out and i got used to those small sizes, every little incremental increase in size and weight. I can feel it anything bigger. Just does not appeal to me and if youre anything like me, then were in the same boat and now would be your time to strike and yeah im going to be a happy camper. From now give this video a huge thumbs up, make sure you hit subscribe and hit the bell to get notified.

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