tv and today ive got my full review of the dji rc pro, which is djis latest smart controller. Now in this video, i really want to talk about what the differences are between just the default controller, that youd be getting with your mavic 3, your air2s or your mini 2, as opposed to the dji rc pro. Now, what are the differences here? Why would you want the rc pro? Are the experiences completely different? Are there a lot of similarities, thats kind of what i want to cover in this video, as well as just giving you my honest thoughts of the dji rc pro Music? This controller here has been kind of the staple of dji drones for the last couple of years now, like i said before, the mavic 3 uh released the same drone. Its got up to 15 kilometers of range thats, the same as the rc pro, which is using occusync 3 plus. So the mavic 3s got the same controller as this one. The mini 2s got the same controller as well as the air 2s, so weve had a very similar design here and when the mavic 3 came out, a lot of people were expecting something different than just this controller here, but instead we got the rc pro, which Is available in the the cine edition of the mavic 3, as well as its now being sold as a standalone device? Now this only actually connects up with the air 2s and the mavic 3 at the moment and its very similar to the smart controller that we saw not too long ago, a few years ago, uh from dji but theyve improved a few things here, including the actual Thumb sticks here.

They are more designed on like an fpv controller. Now so theyre a lot more like agile and they bounce back. A lot quicker like you can see they just bounce straight back. Theyre um theyve got that really good center point that they always bounce back to and they feel nice when youre actually flying the drone. The other thing is the fact that its a beautiful display here its actually only a 1080p display the resolution is 1920×1080. For some reason i was expecting 2.7k or 4k, but a 1080p display 5.5 inch screen is really all you need, and it is phenomenal. It looks gorgeous the whole idea of the rc pro. Is that its a standalone device that you would take out with you so previously, with most other drone operators out there? You would be taking out this controller as well as your phone, and then your phone would be connected to the top there, so the display and the responsiveness and everything else, the whole experience will depend on your phone and, if you dont have it on airplane mode. You may be getting calls through, you may be getting you know, messages or different things that are actually slowing down the performance of the application. I do recommend putting your phone on airplane mode if youre gon na fly with this method, but the idea of the rc pro is that you dont really have to worry about that. You know youve got a standalone device that has a gorgeous display uh.

The performance of this device is phenomenal, which is something a few people were complaining about. With the previous version. They said the performance wasnt great on it. This is running some crazy internals. That actually makes it really snappy its a very fast system. I had no issues with performance, no latency. The feed was perfect like when i was actually flying the drone. I had no dropouts nothing like that. It works really nicely um and the actual display itself being a thousand nit display its a lot better than most phones on the market. Um and its gon na be probably better than the phone that youre using um with your device. So thats, like the first thing, thats going to stand out here, its a gorgeous bright display, and you can click on that auto button there, so it will adjust based on the conditions youre in so right now relatively dark. Even though ive got two lights on the controller, but its relatively dark, no direct sunlight and its kind of pulled the brightness right down. But i can, you know, turn that right up by default and its a bright display, like you, can see this in direct, sunlight and thats, why this stands out because youll find that if youre flying you know with this controller and youve got your phone on top. I find i get a lot of glare. I also find that, because ive got a screen protector on my phone depending on the angle and depending on how the suns hitting it its just, sometimes really hard to see, so i find myself just going into shade, which you should probably do anyway.

Most of the time, but in direct sunlight, the rc pro just excels. It has no issues, it fully maxes out the brightness, and then you can see it no matter how much direct sunlight is hammering down on this display and um yeah its a really gorgeous display. The other thing about having a dedicated device like this is, you can have it prepared before you leave with a phone. You may be using it through the day. You may be calling people texting, people messaging, doing all these different things, and then it comes to flying the drone, and your battery may be depleted. It may be coming down so youre going to have to charge that, through the actual remote control, which is then going to drain the battery life of just the default controller, which has never been an issue to me and thats, not a problem that ive ever encountered. But if youre flying a lot longer than i would be, if youre you know, youve got multiple batteries lets say: youve got six batteries and youre flying for hours, then having a dedicated device that has up to three hours of operating time. It has. You know that amazing display its also got 32 gig of internal storage so that you can back up some photos on the fly or back up a few videos. Um thats just a really nice feature, but i think the thing that i love so much about this device is the fact that its running a very simplified, a very kind of clean version of android thats, clearly been designed specifically for this controller here.

So what that? Actually means is, if i go into the file system, i can actually see exactly whats happening. I can see what images, what videos audio downloads. I can see everything thats getting downloaded onto this android device in a really clean file system and then from there, because ive got a usbc in the bottom of the actual controller. I can plug that in directly to my hard drive or to another device that i may have, and i can backup footage on the fly with this being an android device as well. It means that i can download third party apps directly to this launcher here. So ive got uav forecast, which is a really great app to have on your device. Ive got open sky and ive also got drone buddy its not that hard to actually download these third party apps to the device, but i do find that theyre not 100 reliable. All the time like, if i try to launch drone buddy it actually doesnt, launch the application and thats the same experience with open sky. It actually just doesnt launch the applications now with uav forecast that one actually does launch for me um, but thats, something that youve got to keep in mind like, even if you were to download lychee, which is a third party flight controller that allows you to open Up waypoints and tracking modes for your drones and thats actually not compatible with the rc pro right now.

So, even though it sounds great on paper uh, the actual functionality right now, isnt a 100 backed up by all these developers. The other thing to keep in mind is that theyve advertised this as having live streaming options and its a unique thing to the rc pro unfortunately live streaming isnt available right now. At the time of me doing this, and there are workarounds – and you probably can make it work, but again the fact that the apps arent truly supported just yet on this device means that its quite a basic version um and considering its a relatively expensive device. Um youre, basically just spending a lot of money on a beautiful display and a gorgeous controller and thats. What it is you know like it does an amazing job. It feels great in your hand its a sturdy design. Everything just feels quality, but you would expect that considering how expensive this is. So i think youve just really got to keep that in mind if youre taking drones really seriously, and if you want to back up everything on the fly, then this is great because you can plug something in and back everything up. If you want a dedicated device that allows you to, you know, have everything in the one place and not have to worry about having your phone and then trying to connect it to your computer or your laptop later. You can just back everything up onto this device and thats actually where i think it really excels, because if youre going to go somewhere where youre not going to have your laptop or your computer with you lets, say youre just going with your drone and your controller.

This allows you to back up after every flight, and you dont have to worry about corrupt files, or you know filling up your sd card on your drone. You can literally back up as youre going. The rc pro can support videos up to 4k at 120 frames per second, which is perfect for most of the latest drones. Considering a few drones are actually capturing 5k video now i dont know exactly what that means. It can still play the files, but it probably just struggles to play them um. I did find that when i would plug in my hard drive, i did have like a tiny delay as it was trying to like buffer the video, but then once it started playing back the video, it seemed to just work perfectly. You also do get a mini hdmi port. You get an all purpose, usb c port and you get a micro sd card slot as well, and then, on top of that, you actually have some really solid speakers on the back of the controller. So if you want to use this as a media device, lets say that youre going on a road trip – and you dont want to give your phone to your kid. You can just give them. This set up some movies on it and its a really cool media device, with a great display, and even if youre sitting in the car, with that direct sunlight, that thousand nit display is gon na.

Do wonders. Youre gon na have no issues with it. So being that uh, it is an actual like media device like its designed to be perfect for playback as well. Just allows you to review your drone footage as well, while youre out in the field, which is great because you know you might not have the best phone in the world. But this is like a very nice display. Thats going to show you all the details and as im zooming into photos, its very crispy like its clear. The the clarity of the image is fantastic, its yeah, really nice um and considering its only a 1080p display. I think, because its still relatively small of a display, like its only a 5.5 inch display, that would obviously be different if you were trying to blow it up to a monitor, for example, but having a 1080p display is really nice and previous dji drones were actually Only maxing out at 720 720p for the live view they only recently kind of went up to 1080p. So now, when youre actually flying your drone youre getting the video feed to your controller, its now can actually display up to 1080p at 60 frames per second. So it works perfectly with the device like this that can actually support 1080p60 on a really gorgeous 5.5 inch display. The other thing to mention about the rc pro is that you get a few additional like programmable buttons that you can set up through the dji fly.

App so youve got this 5d toggle wheel here its kind of just like a joystick. You can go up left right down and then you can also press it in and thats the five directions. And then you have a c1 and a c2 button on the back. Here so those are all programmable through the dji fly app thats, one of the like standout features that you wouldnt get on a controller like this. That actually only has the fn button that can be programmed for two functions, but you have two standalone fn buttons, the c1 and c2 buttons, and you have that 5d button, which gives you five different functions. So thats one of the standout features as opposed to the default controller and then its also really fun to actually set this up and create like your own experience out of it, you can have firefox on here and i could download google chrome. I could download netflix if i really wanted i could download games. You could also download relevant drone apps, but, like i mentioned the support isnt there just yet, but the fact that you can customize this experience just for your drone. I love that you know. Instead of having the clutter of your phone, that may be filled with other things and other distractions, this is purely dedicated to your drone and thats, where its a really nice investment, if you can afford it, otherwise its really hard to recommend this to people, because your Phone and the default controller is gon na.

Do exactly what you need it to do, unless you really need those additional options, uh, if youre really into backing up your footage, then this could probably be the the best uh. I would say: option out there for you. Just so, then you dont have to fiddle around with getting the micro sd out of the drone and doing all different things. It literally is an android device, so you can just plug in uh whatever at the bottom, like a hard drive ssd whatever you may. You know even some form of like flash drive you could plug in and then you could just back it up straight from the device and thats where it becomes a really cool, all purpose multimedia device. I also love having those antennas again, thats really nice, because you dont get them with this, and the antennas feel really good. So the fact that i can you know, change the direction depending on where my drone is whether its above me, i want to flick it down like that or if its in front of me, you know, i want to flick it up like that. I love being able to have that control and that will probably improve the range as opposed to just having them built into the body of the default controller and in terms of the run time they say you get about three hours. That would probably be pretty accurate. I mean ive been playing with all the different settings and then i may charge it and go for a flight.

So i havent like fully gone for three hours to test it out, but i reckon three hours is pretty realistic. Um in terms of the actual build quality of the controller, again thats, where it stands out over this default controller, you can really feel how sturdy and resilient this controller design is, but outside of that it is a very expensive purchase and again it just depends on Your needs, if you are interested in backing up on the fly, if youre interested in having like a full android device that you can customize if those live streaming features appeal to. You then, maybe look into it, but it is quite an investment and something that uh you really need to. I guess justify before getting this because its really hard to like compare it and give you a full recommendation for this over the default control that you get, because the full package that youre getting with that default controller in your drone does everything that you need all The functionalities coming through the dji fly app, and this is just kind of an amazing bonus and such a novelty to use, and it really does add a whole fun element to flying the drone, its something brand new, but its just hard to recommend to people. If you cant justify that price point, but anyway guys that is the end of my review of the dji rc pro, like, i said hard one to recommend, but still an amazing device that, if you get a chance to check out, then definitely have a play with It because its a lot of fun – and i think, as the months go on and as the support starts to come in as we start seeing some new features like that live streaming feature um.

Then it could start becoming a little bit easier to recommend to people. But right now i would probably hold off unless its something that you 100 think you need, but anyway guys. Thank you so much for watching. I appreciate all of your support.