Why would you spend this amount of money on another controller, but i could buy a one dollar polishing cloth, but some people will buy a 19 polishing cloth. Is it better so today were going to be talking about this, the rc pro, so this comes with the dji mavic 3 cine model, but you can buy this now as a standalone product, and there was only one reason why i got this so to look at It it looks pretty similar to the original smart controller doesnt it, but its had a complete transformation, so the transmission on here has improved, so its now got occusync 3 plus so for a 1080p 60 frames per second feed direct to this all the time with a Really low latency of 120 milliseconds, also on top of here with these huge antennas, the signal performance has been enhanced ill mention this throughout the video. But the signal you get from using this compared to this is a big difference and if you are actually lucky enough to live in a country that allows a 4g dongle support, then that works with this as well, so youll be able to get 4g transmission when Youre flying a drone perfect, but where can you actually use that certainly not here, but the duty part? The best bit of this is the screen, so this 5.5 inch 1080p screen with a thousand nits of peak brightness sustained. So for those who not sure about what that means, let me just break it down.

So when i was filming last year, thats just cast our mind back to last year, any ogs will know the amount of moaning i was doing constantly when i was filming on this on my smartphone on the original controller, because if youve got a smartphone, especially iphones, Where youre filming in hot conditions or bright conditions as soon as the phone gets hot, it will automatically dim, which means then that youre then flying with a screen potentially about 10 brightness. So the amount of times i was trying to actually film and get these crucial shots and miss them, because i couldnt see what the hell was going on. So its all right seeing the drone in the air, you can see it thats great, but if youre trying to get these cinematic moves, which you know im all about, then you need to be able to see it on the screen clearly and in bright conditions. You simply cant do that on your phone. You can do things to slow this down, to prevent it going dim, but its still going to happen. So you could go and hide in a shaded bush. You could use a screen guard. You could take an ice bucket with you and put your phone in there to cool it down, but none of those are ideal and i lost so much footage because of that, because the screen was just too dim. This is why this here being a thousand nits of peak brightness, this is sustained, so it keeps that high brightness of a thousand nits constantly it doesnt dim its got built in fans within the remote control.

So to test this out, we went to some mountainous areas. Recently really bright conditions, harsh light and ive used this, and it was absolute joy, Music, Music, oh my god, Music, hmm, Music, Music, my head Applause, Music, Music. This is also powered by a new process which results in four times, improvements in cpu and seven times. Improvements in the gpu compared to the original smart controller, what an earth does that mean? Well, it means that this is really fast. So when its off you turn it on in about 10 seconds, it will automatically boot up and then go to the dji flyer automatically. You can then turn your drone on and its ready to go straight away. So compared to like this, where youve got to then connect your phone youve got to put it into the holder. Youve got to connect all the wires, so this is definitely more convenient and a lot faster. It also means that theres no like glitching or lag or anything on the apps, the apps, are super snappy. The performance of the dji fly up is flawless. Everything on here through the performance of this, because that new processor is definitely improved if you also like downloading straight from the rc pro as well, that this now supports wi fi six for those high download speeds. If we look at the front of it as well, youll see its now got. Fpv sticks as well to make that flying experience even more precise.

If we look at the sticks on the original controller that comes bundled, it has completely fatter sticks on here. These fpv style sticks are fantastic. Lets me be even more precise makes that fine experience to be better and even easier to get those cinematic shots. So if you was actually getting sleepless nights because your original controller youre thinking, i wish it had more customization options and its its really pretty basic, then this guy has actually now entered the race because lets just look at what you get so weve got those two Fpv style sticks on the front. You can control your speed like we know there from cine normal sport on the front. Youve also got this here, which is this 5d button, so you can customize this within the dji fly app to do different things within the settings. So this can be customized in five different ways: youve got your power button, your return to home button, your pause button, a back button, another customization button on the back of it. Youve got a c1 and a c2 button which can be also customized within the settings and then the top of it here as well. Weve got a dedicated zoom in and zoom out wheel. Youve got your normal gimbal tilt wheel. Here youve got a dedicated, photo shutter button on this side and then this one controls the video recording theres. Also two huge air vents ones here, and one is at the top thats for that inside fan that dispenses the heat inside.

So you can keep this screen at a thousand watts of peak brightness and its also got these huge antennas on the top of it here, which you can tilt and point in the direction of the drone to get a better signal performance. Now talking of signal compared to using this controller, the signal that ive been getting on here is outstanding, so i havent had any gps drops in the location ive been filming. I find the signal to be better on here, especially when its close to you. You know the the performance from here using that oxygen 3 plus is better its great still on here, but it is better and noticeable. So you can tell the difference the signal, i think, because these antennas are on the outside, rather than built in, like we are on here. You can point them in the direction of the drone signal. Performance on here is fantastic. So if you want in a better signal, this is a definitely advantage for you, which makes this controller to be pretty basic. This has just one shutter button on this side: one wheel, no zoom wheel and then on the front of it just got one of the customization buttons. I have a tap or double tap, so this is pretty basic, but it is a great actual controller but thats the difference. What youre actually paying for now. This currently in march of 2023, is compatible with the dji mavic 3, the mavic 3 cine and the dji r2s.

It does state, though, on the website that future firmware updates will make this compatible with future drone models. What i would like to see on here is this to be compatible with the dji mini 2.. This will leave me when im out and about which i am a lot. I take both of them in drones, but i have to look around both controllers this. I would like to be a universal controller, where i can use this with the mini 2 as well. Whether dj are going to do that or not its yet to see they might leave that for the dji mini 3 and future, obviously drones coming out, but i dont know about theyre going to allow compatibility with older drones. They did with the air 2s. So they still hope with that mini too. What i will say is that both of these are brilliant, the best in their class, but this does a great job, but this is expensive. But if youve experienced screen dimming as the main one before flying in those bright conditions and your phone goes dim or you want to make sure that youve got the confidence to have this really super bright screen, thats not going to let you down, then this screen Alone, i think, is worth it. Youve got the customization on here with all the different customization buttons i think thats good, but its not the biggest factor for me, its all about this screen.

Now you could just skip it. You could get an ipad mini or a triple tech tablet, but both of those mean that youre going to have to get a clamp for this. It means youve got to then take something else. Along with this with you, youve then still got the wired option. No matter which one you go for and the ipad mini, the brightness of that is 500 nits, so again, not really bright in those bright conditions. Youre going to be struggling, this has a thousand nits. So, yes, all the tablets are out. There are fantastic, but when you weigh up the cost difference between say an ipad mini and this or a triple tech tablet on this, its not a lot its going to be around for the next couple of years. Its built really well its the cost of a dji air 2s. So if you can justify that to yourself – and you want the best possible screen best possible performance go and get it, you will not be disappointed. This video is sponsored by artless its, where i got all the music and sound effects from for the edit in their mountains before they do a fantastic array of different music and sound effects to use its all license free within one package. And you can use that. On your videos as well, so thanks so much for atleast sons in this video. If you want to go and check them out ill link in the description below where you can get also an extra two months for free.

So let me know what do you think about this controller? Have you already got this? I know a few of you waiting for this review youre on the fence about getting this. Hopefully, this will have helped if youre new around here a subscribe will be really nice.