My name is russ, and this is a walkthrough of the new rc plus controller from dji. Now this is a new enterprise controller. This is not for consumers. Youre not going to be able to buy this for your mavic 3 or your mavic 2 pro or your mavic air 2s, or anything like that. This is only going to be for enterprise drones, so this video is simply a walkthrough, an overhead view of the controller im going to walk you through all the buttons and things like that were going to get into the new layout of the dji fly up im. Not going to get into too much detail on the app because i will be doing that in some future videos on the m30 when i meet with some search and rescue people and some inspection people and i might actually do a dedicated video, i havent decided on That yet, if you do want to see a dedicated like complete walkthrough of the new dji pilot app, let me know down in the comments, and i may do that in the future as well. So if you do have any questions after watching this, video put them down in the comments and ill do the best that i can to answer them so enjoy another big component of the new dji enterprise ecosystem. Is the new rc plus so im going to show you the controller today im not going to get into great detail of everything, but i just wanted to show you it and tell you the basics of it.

I will be showing a more detailed tutorial on the controller in a future video when i get into some search and rescue type stuff inspection type things, but i just wanted to show you this thing. Its really really cool dji enterprise has been wanting to offer something. Like this for a very long time, because thats what enterprise customers want, they want that larger screen. They want that brightness, so it does have a seven inch screen with a 1200 net brightness. The resolution is 1920 by 1200, so you can adjust everything right up here. Its an android system, you can adjust your brightness, your volume of the speaker and everything there looking at the exterior of the drone right here is your control button. This shows you that this rc is in control of the drone. Currently, uh, you can control the drone with two different two controllers, so one person could control the gimbal one person controls flight or you can maybe be in separate locations for beyond visual line of sight operations. But that shows you that you are in control with this rc. The control sticks are spring loaded. The sticks are removable, so i think if you do want longer ones, you may be able to add some. Maybe some third party control sticks. This is your back button that goes back a screen. This is your return to home right over. Here is your power button heres the l1 through l3 and the r1 through r3 buttons.

I want to show you that in just a second, when i get into the camera view, this is your 5d button. Your five directional button, fully customizable right up here, is your pause button, so this will pause anything that the drone is doing, maybe its doing a waypoint mission and you want to stop it or its returning to home, and you want to stop it thats going to Stop the drone in its tracks, looking at the top of the controller, you have all of your ports, your micro sd, your usb a hdmi and usb c ports. On the left hand, side is your start and stop button for video. This is your flight modes, so you have normal mode, sport, mode and tripod mode, im, not sure why it says f, but that is your tripod mode. On the right hand, side here is your shutter button for taking photos. This is your right control wheel, and this is for controlling the yaw of the gimbal. This is your left control wheel for controlling the pitch of the gimbal. It does have two external antennas that are fully removable or adjustable. It also has four internal antennas in the handles of the controller right there flipping over to the back side. Youll find your c1 your c2 and your c3 buttons and those are for customizing, so many different things. It really is unbelievable. All the different customization options on this controller, and then this is your zoom control wheel.

You can either use the wheel to control your zoom or you can use the r buttons which ill show you here in just a second. This is your battery bay. You can go ahead and click on that button right there that opens up the battery. It does come with an internal battery which gives you about three hours and 16 minutes of life. If you want more, you can get the external wb 37, i think, is what its called and you can get that i think thats an option, and that gives you up to six hours of life with that external battery. So this bay right here theres a dongle in here for 4g, which is not yet available in north america, but hopefully soon flipping back over to the front side of the controller lets get into the camera view and the user interface right over here you can set Up waypoint missions: you can set up um oblique missions, mapping missions right there. So right here is your album. This is, i dont, have my sd card in there right now, but thatll show you any photos or videos that youve taken on your sd card right here is where youre going to bring up the flight hub and the live streaming now. Flight hub 2 is something that is really really cool and im not going to show it to you in this video ill show it to you when we get into visiting with some search and rescue people, but the purpose of flight hub 2 is setting up like A team like like you can have a control center command center.

You could have your pilots hooked up to flight up. You could have law enforcement with their mobile devices set up, so everyone on the team can see whats going on at any time and so its its really really cool so ill. Show you that in an upcoming video and then right here is academy. If you want to learn about dji enterprise, and things like that, lets get into the camera view when you click on that its going to bring up your preflight check, you can adjust your obstacle avoidance settings right here. Your return to home your max altitudes, your max distance shows you the temperatures of everything right here. Is your health management system youre going to click on that if theres anything that needs to be addressed, itll be yellow or red, and you can see right now. The avionics has given me a yellow and thats, because i dont have the prop arms unfolded. Obviously, im not going to be able to fly until those are unfolded, so if anything does need to be addressed, it shows you right here. If youre, all green youre good to go, lets go back. Click on the x thats going to bring us to the camera view. So right here is your fpv. This is the camera thats actually on the fuselage of the drone, really nice wide angle of view, youre going to click on that right there and thats going to bring up the wide camera.

So, oh, i have the gimbal way up ill put that down. So so this is the wide angle. This is the camera that youre going to use most of the time when youre, flying and and you can either click on the screen to go back and forth between those or thats. What these buttons over here, the r through r1 through r3 or the l1 through l3, so you can click on r3 and thats going to bring up your fpv camera or your wide camera okay over here, if you click on l1, that brings up your infrared or Your thermal camera, your settings for the thermal camera, are right up here, so you can change your colors. Color settings are right there. You can do a split screen, so you can have one camera on this side. The infrared camera on that side. So click l1. Again, that brings you back to the wide camera. L2 is going to bring up your zoom camera so right now its zoomed in im, going to zoom out by clicking on r2, so theres a 2x, and then it has an optical zoom. Its not a very good example here, but ill show you that when we do the flight demonstration, but it has a 2x up to 20x optical zoom and then all the way up to 200x digital zoom. This button right here, the l3 button. This is going to set a pin, and this is for ill explain it more when i do a demonstration with the search and rescue team, but a good example for sending a pin lets say that your law enforcements following a suspect and the suspect, stole something: a Bag of money and theyre running from the police and they throw the bag of money in a tree here in a garbage, can or something like that, and the people on the ground cant see that.

But the drone pilot can see it. He can pin that exact location and thatll set gps coordinates and then then, on flight hub. Any member of the team will be able to see that and say: oh well thats, where he dropped. It lets go, lets navigate to that location, and so they can go pick up whatever that suspect dropped. So you can set several different pins. You can navigate to different pins and so very useful feature so thats what the l3 button is for when youre in the camera view, if youre in the map view l3, is just going to bring you back to the map view so thats. What that button is for um theres, one other thing that i want to show you, if youre in the fpv mode, this little bell right here: click on l1 and thats, going to turn on your beacon. It does take a few seconds, but that turns on the upper and the lower beacons, and i just looked right at it. Not a good idea, so thats what thats for and so its really nice to be able to either use the buttons or just simply tap. On the screen, so so thats, the user interface, oh ill, show you real quick here on the upper right hand. Corner is the three dots if youve flown dji drones. You know what the three dots are for thats going to bring up all your different settings. Aircraft battery gimbal settings – you can set up your rtk here, your common settings, your obstacle avoidance can be set right there or on the preflight screen.

So and then here are your camera settings, so you can set it to auto or manual, and then your video settings and photo settings are right. There, like, i said ill, show you that in a future video, so thats, the rc plus very very nice – controller really fun to fly with this thing, its really nice to have all your information with your heads up display right here. If youre in your fpv, you got your heads up there, so all the information that you need to see when youre in a flight is right on the screen, so very very nice um. I think dji did a really good job with this right. So there was a walkthrough of the new dji rc plus enterprise controller, as you can see its pretty cool, its pretty awesome, seven inches 1200 nits. I mean this is something that i think a lot of enterprise customers have wanted for a very long time, so im so glad that they brought it and made it available. So again, if you have any questions, let me know down in the comments and ill. Do the best that i can to answer them and subscribe if you want to see more content on the m30, i have at least two more videos coming and probably more because im pretty excited to show you guys everything that this drone can do.