I find them absolutely glorious, so hi, guys, i’m young and today i’m back with dji pocket 2.. In fact, i have been using it quite vigorously in last couple of videos where i was reviewing other products so while i’ve been often using pocket 2. I thought you know it’s about time that i give my long term review my honest review about using dji pocket 2 because this device has been out in the market since, like october november last year, but today it’s all about my actual usage of this camera. Over the last seven months, so i want to share with you guys four things that i absolutely love about this camera and also four things that i think dji can improve in the next iteration supposedly pocket three of the camera. So the first thing that i absolutely love about this camera, as i’ve shown you at the very beginning of the video, is the immersion time lapse. So whenever i take the high pocket tool with me to beautiful location, especially in nice weather, i make sure that i actually get this thing working for motion time lapse. However, one thing that they could improve on the next iteration is: can they get the motion? Time lapse to automatically generated video into 4k right now it only generates in 1080p, although it is a very, very high quality, good quality 1080p, but it would be really nice if they can compile everything together in 4k automatically generated video.

Of course, you can always get the 4k motion timelapse if you actually compile the pictures. However, that is troublesome. At the end of the day, we are spending money so that our life will be a lot simpler. So it would be nice if they can produce 4k motion time lapse and second thing that i absolutely enjoy about dji pocket 2, especially the creator combo set that’s. What i got i mean: okay, creative composite is not cheap. It comes at about 500 us dollars, it does have the wireless microphone, so wireless microphone ensures that the mic is like right up there. You know right next to your lift, so i can usually just clip it on my clothing and it will really pick up my voice so well. What do you like about insert 360 one, our modular camera, one thing, though, the microphone actually picks up volume, quite softly. So that it doesn’t get the surrounding noise, so what that means is that in the video editing process, i have to go one more step to actually amplify the voice amplify the sound from the microphone, although that is a little bit bothersome, it is okay because it Actually, catches my voice crystal clear and doesn’t pick up the surrounding noise. You got your 360 degree camera and because of this existence of microphone, i do really feel like this osmo pocket. 2 stands out above the other 3 axis, gimbal and that’s. One of the reasons why i’ve been actually using dji pocket 2 for my, for example, like zuyun, smooth q3 review, video and some other outdoor videos, because it’s so much easier than carrying my main camera with the tripod and if it’s windy, i almost even broke my Camera is q3 with this.

You know, as long as you have somebody who can hold this for you and selfie is okay as well, because it is wide enough angle, but this is so much more simple and talking about simplicity. I have to talk about the third thing that i absolutely love about: pocket 2, actually, not just pocket 2, but the entire. You know pocket series of camera. It is super tiny, it’s, so convenient. You know i can just turn it off and like hang it like. This and then it just doesn’t bother me with the weight it doesn’t bother me with having another massive camera. So three axis gimbal camera. The pocket camera in itself has become a category, a new category of camera i’m, not surprised because it is just super portable and super travel friendly. So now let’s talk about the fourth thing that i absolutely love about this pocket too, and especially the camera, and this is very specific to pocket 2 compared to other competitors out there because of this high quality camera and also very bright lens. It does take the macro really really well. This is what dji has done with an artist for the advertisement campaign. However, i can take videos really close up to beautiful flowers that i see nowadays in the spring summer time, but with all the good things i have to say, there are some negatives that i do want to talk about, and the first thing that i actually do Not like about this pocky 2 is that it somehow doesn’t film my face in a very flattering way: Music, maybe because i’m so used to beauty mode in my mobile phone, samsung, galaxy, s10, plus and also insta 360 cameras, where in the app you can actually beautify Your face and also my sony alpha 6400, which i’m using right now, where the color is absolutely beautiful.

I have to say pocket too. I have not been happy at all. None of the shots. I have been happy about how my face looks like because we’re so used to the beautified mode. Okay, they do have some sort of beautify mode. However, what it just does is brighten up the face that’s it. So i hope the engineers of dji can actually compare it against some other. You know cameras out there and then realize you know what they can improve on, and the second thing that i think they can definitely improve on is the battery life. So the battery in this little camera is only 875 mah and it’s not removable battery either. So you are basically stuck with one battery that’s it and 875 mah. While they say it can operate up to 140 minutes. However, you know when i’m using it a lot for motion time lapses, and especially you know, if you want to get those beautiful motion time lapses, that can be compiled into you know a piece of art, then you definitely need several immersion time lapses, which can come Together and last time i used it, i think i could only get about like three or four motion: timelapses that’s taken with like sort of 20, 30 minutes duration, so that’s not quite enough. So since i paid for the whole package, like 500 us dollar, i definitely want to expect more than 875 mah here. This is more than 4000 mah, so the size, you know you know the size, and the third thing that i really hope dji engineers can hear me – is the tripod while having a tripod is a brilliant idea like i could not ask for more.

However, somehow this tripod, you know it doesn’t. It takes a bit more effort to actually put it on as well as it’s, not very like stable. The connection with pocket 2 gets very loose, so, yes, i can always stand it quite stably and so on. However, i think there can be a huge improvement in the design, especially the connection, the stable connection with the main body of the camera, and the final thing that i’m, not so keen about poke two is the photo quality, i think, maybe because we’re so used to You know high quality, flagship, mobile phones and also all these ai processing, the beautiful color from the mobile phone i’m, not 100 satisfied with the photo quality or poke2, and that actually applies to many other cameras out there. So, yes, it does have you know 64 megapixel, camera etc, but i think it’s, just okay, so maybe there’s something the dji engineers can work on to make photos somewhat. You know on par with what you get with flagship phones out there or iphone or samsung galaxy. Well, i’ve been complaining quite a lot about dji poker 2, because i have a lot of expectation, own dji products, because dji is one of my favorite brands and they also charge premium for their product. Because i must say you know it is better built than many other sort of cheaper alternatives out there, but with all the complaints i must say this is definitely my go to our camera for my outdoor review videos, because it’s just so simple, 4k camera quality.

While you know my face, doesn’t look the best compared to some other action cameras out there. It’S still, you know with the microphone it is just super duper convenient. I have to just make sure that i’m not too close to the camera. Then i look okay, but also for next situation. Can this be water resistant or something i’m, not sure how that can work with all the motors here, but that would be really nice that it can really become sort of action camera as well. You know for the summer time and even winter time in the snow and so on, but i have to say poke two: while the operating temperature has been zero to 40 degrees, it has been working actually pretty decently in like minus five degrees and so on. Whereas some other cameras that has operating temperature between like five degrees to whatever around zero degrees, they don’t work even around five degrees. Some of them did not work that’s. Why? I do think dji does make very sturdy product, so i’ll definitely come back with some other interesting tech reviews. So please don’t forget to subscribe.