The park looks like crap, broken glass bottles, tons of corona caps. The place looks like a dump, but the good news is there arent much people here, everybodys busy, hustling and bustling and going to work thats. When i like to come out and fly, this is actually a brand new phantom zero flight. The batteries are used. This still has the stickers on it are very well refurbished. They dont make them like they used to. Now. I am selling oh here you go toasty theres a sticker on here too lets get those stickers off. So its got aki sync see the bottom. There thats how you can tell if its the occusync version or the older version, which is light bridge and this one is pretty cool because it has a built in screen. If you got into drones around the mavic time, then youre, probably like whats this dinosaur, he actually has to put props on you cant just fold it up and put it away. No, you cant fold it up and fold it away. Oh it only shoots 4k. It doesnt shoot 5.4 k, no, it doesnt, but it shoots 4k 60, which is a pretty standard thing now this lens on this camera right here they dont make them like they used to. You can select your settings and click on it as you go, so you dont have to take your fingers off the sticks while flying you could keep flying and just use this as a selector really nice.

They dont make them like they used to guys pretty darn stable for an old bird, probably one of the easiest birds to hand catch out there. Now i dont know about you, but the only thing i really noticed was some props in the shot. That was pretty much it, but apart from that yeah, what do you think of the d log on this thing and thats cinema 4k, not just regular 38, 40 by 2160, its higher its 4 000 by something thats? Why youre, seeing those black lines im gon na, sell this bird for thirteen hundred dollars and clear some more space that was actually its first flight, so yeah batteries are used, but the drone that was his first flight matter of fact, didnt even peel. The sticker off bet, you didnt, know that right, voila, if youre like doing service and a lot of inspections and mapping and stuff like that. This is the way to go because of the mechanical shutter. They just dont make any other drone. This size are smaller with the mechanical shutter 1300 bucks in this years. Yeah just shout out to me, hit me up in the comment section below or on instagram and facebook, and i can arrange for you to get this guy on to the next one yeah. I keep my controller in a nice nifty bag thats. The other thing too, would have been nice and definitely worth keeping the dji fpv. If the controller had worked with these, then it would have been like really hard to let it go.

But since i had to buy a new controller anyway, it made it just easier for me to sell it or not want it now. Remember i told you guys i sold my dji fpv in my last video. If you havent seen my last video go check it out. Well, i sold it with the goggles and the person who bought it had a v1 goggle. So i was like just give me your v1 goggles and take my v2 goggles, because i dont need the v2 goggles anymore since im not going to be flying dji fpv and he was like cool now. I always recommend these clickable ones, because its so easy to disconnect in case you got a run or something this guy here does not have a gopro on. It has like a 3d printed thing. So what i normally do is practice with this get a hang get a rhythm of everything and then, when i feel like im comfortable, i know my environment. I got a nice rhythm and ive done crashing like 10 or 15 times with this, then i put my gopro on my real gopro, but today because of you guys, im just gon na risk it for the youtube biscuit so thats the plan wing it now. If youre now getting into fpv – and you got yourself one of these batteries – it always comes in a plastic part for balanced charging. And if you crash – and this little plastic part hits the propellers one of the props, its gon na split this and break this.

Not that you cant fix it. I have a whole bunch of these spare plastics at home, but its annoying and time consuming, so to save yourself that just get a rubber band and use the rubber band to hold that little plastic piece in place. So if you crash you dont have to worry about breaking that and having to fix it. So yeah thats been really helpful and i use two straps one to hold the battery down and then the other one to hold the um the battery connector. The battery lead down now some drones have that like built in but mine doesnt. So i just use two straps its, not a big deal, its not the end of the world. Lets plug this in and get this thing started power on the gopro. Ive only got 35 percent. That means ive got to fly fast got to go. Lets get this done. Yes, wow, hey wow, always unplug your fpv. That was my first flight with the goggles and i like it its clean its clear. This one came with an antenna too so thats pretty cool. It feels like the same as the v2. I cant tell the difference to be honest, so v1, v2 whats, the difference right all – depends on what youre flying but um yeah lets move on to something else. Last but not least, we got this guy here. Ive got street tires on. We got a little bit of pave here.

I havent seen any cars past here for a while now, so this is a good good run. You just power this on loose this little hatch right there that flips up the body like flips up and the whole body comes off. You plug it in that simple, no faa laws or rules or regulations hit the power button check. The steering you dont want to make sure it turns right slap, the body back on its that simple, the rest well see for yourself. Oh ive got off road tires, but well save that for another day, im getting home edit this video and head out to work before it gets too late. This is what i usually do in the mornings before i go to work. To get me going so im working on the planes ill, keep you guys posted, but i just felt like sharing this video all right thats. It make sure you hit like subscribe and all the youtube fun stuff and make sure you hit the bell. So you get notified when i release new videos, not much value in this one, but just a lot of fun. I will see you guys well whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.