My name is steven. This is maggie, and this is the dji phantom 4 pro v2 quadcopter, even though it was updated in 2020 as an updated version of its predecessor, the phantom 4 redefined the category of personal and recreational drones, packing groundbreaking technology into an easy to use drone under two Thousand dollars since then, there has been tons of competition at lower and more affordable prices, but today were going to unbox and test the phantom 4 to see if it lives up to its reputation as the best all around professional and recreational drone lets go Music, Music, Music, so this is the first drone i have ever owned and i kind of bought it on a whim, not knowing what to expect or if id, even like it or keep it, and let me tell you this thing is insane right away. Everything about this drone is quality made and over engineered and from what ive seen dji dominates the category of consumer and recreational drones by a mile. The only thing you get directly in the box is this gray foam carrying case, and the material is surprisingly strong, with a sturdy handle and clasp to keep everything inside secure opening up the case. The phantom 4 comes with everything you need to get started inside, which is a remote control, micro, usb cable, charger, brick and cable, two full sets of propellers battery and, of course, the phantom 4. getting the phantom set up for the first time was super easy.

You do need to make sure your batteries and remote are fully charged because the drone batteries only last for 25 minutes of flight time, which is not long if youre driving to a location to shoot or are just trying to capture a bunch of different shots. The battery pack drops into the phantom like this. You can check its charge level by pressing the side button once and the battery and remote can be charged together with the provided power cord. There are two sets of propellers included that are placed diagonally from one another. On the drone, two blacks, two whites and they connect by pushing in on each spring and rotating until they lock in each color, has a specific motor that it is meant to be placed on, and the propeller wont lock in if its not placed on the right Motor, which i think is a subtle but really smart, design by dji to make sure you dont, assemble the drone incorrectly and then without knowing take off and injure the drone or its surroundings. You can connect any apple or android device to the controller via usb cable and your phone or device will serve as the video feed for the drone. So you cant fly without it now everythings assembled, but there are a few downloads and registrations you need to make before you can take this bad boy to the skies you need. The dji 4 fly app and you also need to make sure you comply with all local law enforcement when it comes to recreational drone flying.

Finally, the wait was over and i was ready to fly. I watched all of dgis tips and tutorial videos on flying for the first time, but none of them really prepare you for the experience of that first takeoff. The phantom does have autopilot features such as automatic takeoff and landing return to home and 360 collision detection. But frankly, i was terrified to crash this thing or sink it in the river, and i took my first flight slow and safe to really get comfortable with the controls. Now that weve got the phantom up in the air lets run through some of its most important specs. It features a three axis: stabilized gimbal, which looks insanely smooth even at high elevations or in windy conditions. The camera is the same as its v1 predecessor, with a 20 megapixel sensor that shoots 4k at 60 frames per second in sport mode. It can hit an impressive speed of 45 miles, an hour which is mind blowing, and it says the drone has an unobstructed range of over 4 miles, but ive never tested it at distances even close to that real, quick. If youre enjoying this video, do me a favor and throw a like down below and subscribe to, steven talks tech, it helps the youtube algorithm and it helps me to keep making tech videos like this. One last thing worth mentioning is some add ons that i bought to go along with the drone theyre not necessary by any means, but they will make your experience a lot more.

Seamless first is two extra dgi intelligent flight batteries, its the same exact battery as the one thats included in the box, but, like i said with such a short battery life of 30 minutes of fly time compared to a three and a half hour charge time. Youre going to need more than one battery in order to capture more than 30 minutes of footage. At once to go with the extra batteries, i picked up djis charging hub, which allows all three batteries to charge at once and to also discharge them to 50. For storage to preserve optimal battery health, something that hasnt arrived yet is uv and variable nd filters which allows you to shoot at different times of the day and to also have more control over your exposure. So overall, this is an incredibly well thought out and designed product through and through its easy to set up intuitive to fly, delivers smooth crystal clear footage and has met all of my expectations and then some even given its price tag. I would say that its almost definitely overkill for someone like myself, who doesnt know a lot about photography or shooting landscape and for purely recreational purposes. I dont think you should get the phantom 4 as your first drone. I made the decision after quite a bit of research and with the goal in mind of growing into the product. As my level of expertise increases, i still have a long way to go until im a pro flyer, but the dji phantom 4 is so fun to fly and id highly recommend.

You see one in person if you ever get the chance thats just about everything. I have to cover on the dji phantom 4 pro v2 quadcopter. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed some of the dope drone footage and close ups.