DJI Phantom 3 SE Full Review: THE CHEAPEST 4K DRONE

XIAOMI Mi Drone 4K UHD WiFi FPV Quadcopter – FLASH SALE! Worth: $489.99 Hyperlink: We preordered DJI Phantom three SE at worth $499, …


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  2. It sounds like the drone is talking

  3. Hi the DJI Phantom 3Se also records the audio? And then sorry again does it have both follow me ef function also way point? Thanks, I am waiting for an answer

  4. hello nice video congratulations, do you have a valid coupon to buy Dji Phantom 3se?

  5. The person who made this vid is creepy as hell!

  6. Totally ruined by “The Voiceover”

  7. I’m sorry it is 4K 30fps also 1080p and 720p battery is 25 mins. Get your facts straight. A real voice goes a long way too.

  8. Want me to voice your videos?

  9. Change your name to dank tech reviews and you won’t be made as much fun of.

  10. Oh god, why the computer voice? Just use your own

  11. Why the stupid robot sounding voice ?

  12. There are others that are cheaper like the Breeze 4K $299

  13. why is this shit Chinese? You just translated a Chinese video

  14. next time just include this one instead of just saying its good but not as good as this or it doesn't have this like the 4. Ofcourse it does not it is an upgraded version other than that thanks for the review and next time dont use mechanical voice. If u use your regular voice you will probably teach people more because you can hear how exicted or what people need to know.

  15. where is the battery has the symbol of Anatel (Brazil) in Phantom 3 SE? because then I will have to homologate the drone to use here

  16. Good video, keep uploading. I'll watch

  17. In europe what is the range ? In the europe they limit the range in drones

  18. What about this 1 sec delay…..this wifi is not got idea hm

  19. ET Phone Home… Love this Robot Voice..

  20. This is new Phantom 3 coming in August … why wait for it if you can buy what is on the market now … you can buy Phantom 3 series with 2.7 or 4k camera …

  21. Why not just type in D J I into the text to speech program? Instead of making it sound like dgee.

  22. What is the android app that you use?
    The one I got from the play store does not have the Phantom 3 SE.

  23. Try hiring a professional voice artist for your videos, this mechanized voice you use is hard to understand and a big turn off when heard, considering how many other tech review channels there with real people and voices… and easily understood…. YOURS is not.👎🏻

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