My DJI phantom 2 is equipped with a zenmuse gimbal, an immersion, RC transmitter and, of course, i had a gopro black gopro hero3 black edition, plus on it at the time. So i think i estimated that to be a little over two thousand dollars worth of gear with all said and done and of course it's not waterproof, so you don't want to put it in the water. I took off flying over a lake, getting some kids canoeing. Having a good time really beautiful day, lots of cool footage and what happened is I basically forgot about my time and let the battery run way too long. It started to land itself. I usually set a timer on my phone to go off after about 12 minutes with the phantom 2, I figure that's pretty safe. This time I didn't and kids came along and wanted to check out my fat shark goggles see what the Phantom was doing. I was having a great time showing them and I totally forgot about the time so note to yourself don't, let that happen, as you probably know, the phantom 2. If you lose, if you lose power on the transmitter, it will try to return to you. However, in this case, I didn't lose power on the transmitter. It just ran for too long. The battery went out and I believe what happens is a battery gets too low, it tries to land itself gently and it doesn't give you any throttle.

It really just starts to put itself down, so you can see it's starting to go down and starting to want to land itself a lot of prop wash on the water because it was getting closer and closer i'm estimating it was probably less than 3 feet. Maybe even less than two feet in comfortably shots and it was way across the lake and I was totally miss oriented. Someone else was wearing the goggles. I didn't think to put them on and I kept trying to land on the small island because I could see it was near that island, but I couldn't judge the distance to it and you can kind of see the island go buy a couple times in the Footage so I started spinning around like crazy trying to figure out what my orientation was as far as left, right forward backwards and finally figured that out. When I did I Jam the stick. Hard right went straight towards the shore and you can see as it hits the shore. It barely clears the edge of the water lands in a bush, the battery pops out killing the engines, which was fantastic, so they don't sit there and strain, and then it just SAT there and I went and got it turns out very minimal damage to one prop. I mean it was probably still usable. I went ahead and replaced it anyway, but it was. It was a fantastically good teaching experience for me as far as keeping track of my battery life and definitely keeping myself oriented when I'm over the water hope.

Everyone else has good of experience with their first crash, as I did I know. Sometimes these things can be pretty terrible and definitely very costly, but keep practicing be safe and I hope you enjoyed the video thanks. That was a close call. Oh just got miss oriented on the other side of the lake and couldn't, quite figure out which way with water, which waves ground about Todd you and I crashed it on the ground.