I salute this company. Nowadays, every smartphone is coming with single. You know: dual cameras, triple cameras and even quad cameras. So what does drone? You know if you know dji standard drone range. You know that they come with a standard, one single camera module and it does the pretty good it does the job pretty well, but and its also considered the dji drone as the industrial standards for drone. Okay, if you want to get a best room which has a nice big range of control and nice clarity and the gyroscope is pretty stable. Well, that has to be the djis drone and thats. What they have done now is spectacular introduced in six cameras in a drone. Can you imagine like they were only having single camera, but they are now opting for six cameras: okay, its not the dji phantom 5, which im telling, but it is dji, p4 uh and multi spectrum. Okay, what the multispectral words like! I personally believe you know there is very less information regarding this, but im going to be telling all of the information which we know so far regarding this role. First thing this is okay, this is for photographers as well, but more precisely, they have focus to make it for farmers, okay, for people who do falling for those people who, just you know, just fly the drone in the air and with the help of the controller You know the user can see that where there is nice fertility in his or her farm, and there is, there is no.

Where there is, you know pesticide, but you know how does the color gradients look? Okay, here is something more greenery, and here looks a little bit like a dried grass or just basically, it is used for making a map all of the farm or a particular place and thats. What makes this product very special guys just take into example, like the beauty as well, you know they have even focused a lot on its beauty. You can see all of the six cameras have are lined perfectly. There is no triangular or any other type of hexagonal shape, given to it its a beautiful and again it has a lots of angles. As there are six cameras now and guys, we really dont know about its specifications as of now, but guys. If youre curious, you can go and search on google and if you might even sometimes you will find specifications, because this product is very new and guys. There is yet information yet to be put regarding this product again guys. This is a great innovation. You know dji is always famous for its photography equipment, but now it is also focusing for the betterment of humanity by introducing beautiful new features for farmers, so that they can access the technology for their use and definitely guys. This is a great device and guys we, i really dont, know who is going to buy this, but, of course this is a beautiful tool and beautiful equipment.

You know making maps is a hard technique. Okay, just you have to patch from all angles. You know, and just summing everything up its a big thing and guys if this dont has the capacity of doing that, it is definitely packed with beautiful technology and not just that. Even it has a little bit of a dome at the top. With this drone, which features for the sunlight where the field is getting sunlight and no, you know that it is filled with beautiful features, and if you want to search for it more, you can go on google and search for it and guys. I think that wraps it up for todays video hopes, you have liked todays video. This was a pretty short and a fun little video just telling you guys about this djis new future step and guys im pretty excited for this drone to get reviewed by a person. So that i will also get to know that what can be done or what can be improved more in the farming technology, so like todays video, if you like, dont, forget to subscribe.