DJI Osmo Action Unboxing and Review

DJI has entered the motion digicam recreation, and so they did not maintain something again. The brand new DJI Osmo Motion has all of the options that the GoPro Hero 7 has and extra.

  1. Aldryn I must say first off that your kids are sooo darn cute!!!! I was very skeptical about the osmo action. I knew DJI would bring something great but thinking about what you could improve on the go pro had me scratching my head. I thought it was pretty perfect. After this video I just realized that’s why I don’t design cameras because DJI really made some great strides in improving an already great product. There was only one thing I thought was annoying on my go pro hero 6 black. That was the fishbowl look on video. But I assumed that you had to have that for a big field of view. Not only does the osmo action fix that problem with the dewarp function but they just added all sorts of things that improve on the go pros already amazing product. Yet again DJI blows me away. I cant wait to see go pros follow up. I’m not gonna buy the action just yet since my hero 6 still is awesome. But now that I know it has a couple things lacking I may consider the action on the next purchase. I love the forward screen. One of those things u didn’t realize was so useful until someone comes out with one!! Awesome review yet again. Your reviews are so well done and are full of great comparisons. The one comparison where you showed hero 7 view and then osmo action same view but with dewarp… I was blown away!!!!!

  2. Manny Pacquiao VS Keith Thurman?

  3. Damn na basura ang pocket ko at HERO7 🙈 I hope they can add the dewarp for Mavic 2 pro.

  4. Awesome review and really informative as always, hopefully the kids aren’t charging you for their help, keep up the great videos

  5. Can the front screen aspect ratio be manipulated? That's the one question no one is answering…

  6. I bought a DJI Osmo Pocket to record family videos (Camping, and other trips and events). Would you recommend the Osmo Action instead of the Osmo Pocket?

  7. compatible with GoPro attachments? I couldn't tell if it is.

  8. Good review, just another note for viewers is that HDR Video doesn't support RockSteady (EIS).

  9. havent seen anyone show off timewarp/hyperlapse….

  10. Can you warp on timelapse and slowmo? Never been a fish eye fan

  11. Awesome review! You went through everything!

  12. Nice video, looks like it's time to sell the GoPro and G6.

  13. Hmmm, the battery is 3,85V and the Hero7 black is 5,5V… I wounder why so much difference and what does it means for us?

  14. So.. Osmo Pocket or Action??

  15. Great review, hope version 2 has WiFi with remote control, can only hope!

  16. This thing… As soon as it released. This guy… Yeah. THIS GUY! Is making reviews about it. How does that happen?

  17. excellent overview as cool camera for sure, thank you!!!

  18. Maraming Salamat Aldryn for sharing this unboxing and review. Awesome!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.

  19. If I didn't have an Hero Black 7 already I might consider the Osmo Action but I have the Hero 7 and there is not enough difference to make me spend another $350.

  20. Great video man! Would love to see Osmo Pocket VS Osmo Action in time-lapse mode.

  21. Can your run the camera from a power source other than the battery. Like in a car as a dash cam?

  22. Having the Mavic 2 Pro, I just ordered the Osmo Action!

  23. There's no GPS when you're out in the field, and no 3.5m Jack, and it's heavier, no thanks, I'll stick with my pocket and black 7😐

  24. Great tutorial, I'm convinced.

  25. DJI's proprietary 3.5mm mic adapter does not work? How about other generic USB-C to 3.5mm adapter?

  26. If they release a LUT for d-cinelike, I'll be stoked. Mavic 2 Pro plus DJI Osmo Action means seamless colorgrading. Ordered one just now!

  27. Excellent overview and testing of the new #DJI #OSMOAction, Aldryn. You provided us with a unique comparison between the three most significant portable/action cameras on the market today, nicely done! The new OSMO Action is going to give GoPro a considerable run for their money with the new OSMO Action. I really like the two color screens on the camera and especially their size, which makes it a lot easier to see and review your recordings.
    I look forward to any future reviews on the new camera, and I thank you again for the excellent job of presenting the new OSMO Action.

  28. Great product! Mijia 4k users press that like button

  29. Thanks for the review! I just ordered one.

  30. Thanks for such a thorough video… it looks like this this pretty much obliterates the GoPro in every category. A great companion to the Osmo Pocket

  31. Great review, how rugged is the mounting system (asking for motorcycle rides). Audio seems to be quite better than the Gopro, and that external audio capability looks much better than what you need to do with the latest gopro with their adapters that are BO.

  32. Wake up. Drop everything. Watch Aldryn kill it with an awesome video. Morning complete.

  33. That looks awesome I think I am switching from the GoPro hero 7 black to this

  34. Your review is of high quality as usual. In my case, the dealbreaker is not having a 1’ sensor. The rest is pretty similar to GoPro 7 Black which already owned. Selfie screen not a big deal to me, my GoPro 7 Black has enough viewable screen to not need that selfie front screen. In my opinion, the market is for people without action camera. For GoPro 7 Black users, the differences are minimal.

  35. Great first review! Thank you.

  36. Is this the new GoPro 8 ?

  37. Thank you, just ordered one

  38. Another awesome video. You make me spend money $$$ LOL

  39. Great stuff! Going to order one today. Thanks!!!

  40. Amazing Review DJI Osmo Action is the truth.

  41. That dual screen is awesome! Thanks for the review!

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