What up got the om5 wow whats going on everybody hope youre doing well um i apologize for the intro in the bathroom mirror. I was just inspired by the om5 okay, so lets talk om5. What is so new about this gimbal whats different than the om4 from last year? Should you upgrade? Does it work with moment lenses tell me about that built in selfie. Stick. We have a gimbal with a selfie stick. I mean it gives you that, like higher angle, all right, what up welcome to my my crib, i just bought this place bitcoin baby, so the biggest thing with the om5 is that it got 30 percent lighter. That is correct, ah sorry, to interrupt you caleb, it actually got 25 lighter and 30 smaller check your facts. It feels really good. It actually feels like this gimbal got a nice facelift in comparison to last years model the om4. It does feel a lot sleeker, so packability wise theyve kind of made a new hinge on the side here. Theyve just made it all skinnier theres a whole different front face yeah. This thing actually will fit in a lot more places because of the way it packs up. It gets really skinny, so the smaller size, 30 lighter, is a big deal and now obvious fact, is we cant forget this new selfie stick lets get right to it. This things pretty awesome its 215 millimeters 215 millimeters of an extension rod, theyre, calling it im just gon na call it.

The gimbal selfie stick now, which i think is kind of cheesy as it is, and maybe you dont like selfie sticks this appeals to so many people and honestly, i found myself pulling this out more often than i thought i would now youre able to just get Like a wider shot, actually use the front facing camera um just because its not as wide and now its facing you, but you can also flip it upside down. I found this is why i really like it kind of like using it for super low angles. Think of it as like golf club, you know this is your putter, but now you can film down here so youre not like hunched way over honestly. For this compact size, this is a killer feature to have, and if that appeals to you, those are the two kind of physical things that are different. Everything else is very similar to last years model, including this magnet connection. So the way you mount your phone to this is similar to last year, where you have the exact same clamp, you can actually use the one you had last year, so intermix them. If you really want its the exact same clips right to there and youre good to go, what i wish they would have done is somehow integrated it with megsafe. This is the iphone 12 pro, so imagine just being able to not have this clamp if you had meg safe on here and it like kind of wants to grab, but that would be sweet.

Maybe moment should make an adapter comment below if youd like to see that, so i had the privilege of getting my hands on this gimbal actually a couple weeks ago, so ive spent a decent amount of time with it. I brought it down with me on a trip to california all right, sam kolder. If youre watching comment below how was this shot? Okay, om5? Here we go Music Music. You can definitely do a little bit of everything with this gimbal, but where i think it really shines is going to be just in that online creator, space where you might be wanting to gimble for tick tock, you might be wanting it for short form, content, more Instagram story more home videos where i dont think the om5 is gon na knock it out of the park is in the pro level. I want every accessory. I wan na rig out this gimbal and get like buttery smooth motion with a bunch of you know: gear attached to it. Okay, so lets talk moment lenses with the om5. We have our case, which is pretty thin. We have our lenses which are kind of heavy and then, if you want to add filters and everything on top of that im, just going to say up front if you want to use lenses and filters, this is not the gimbal for you, its too heavy, even With the counterweights, these are the counterweights we sell has a spot where you can connect them right here.

As a counterweight, however, its just still not enough to counterweight a heavy phone, you know with a lens and a filter, it all starts to add up, and i just think youll be better off using a professional gimbal, something for an slr because thats a lot of Weird weight that youre going to need to counterbalance this is an iphone 12 pro, not the max just the regular right here and you can rock r anamorphic lens. If you have the counterweight setup. Also with that said, it is too heavy with this setup and a filter, so a lot of the times if youre, if you want to use our anamorphic lens and youre in super bright conditions, and you want that nd filter. Okay, so here you have another option. This is our tiny filter. 37 millimeter filter mount that just goes right into where the lens clips on on our cases, so you can get different stops of the filters on nd. This is an nd 64, which is super good for bright conditions, so this is kind of my minimalist setup. If im going just on a quick trip, i know i dont want any lenses or big filters. I just bring this little tiny guy keep the case on and then youre getting good nd which helps get that motion blur. So this is our wide angle, 18 millimeter lens and even with four counterweights, it still likes to just kind of fall. Im, having you know, come on buddy yeah, its kind of struggling, even four counterweights and just the lens.

This is even with the filter on on the 12 pro so ive gotten away with it um on the 12 mini with the wide lens, but thats no filter. So i just wanted to show you guys kind of straight up and tell you what to expect just because youre not going to have a good experience with this gimbal and some lenses and filters. That is not to say i am not interested in the om5. I am very interested in this gimbal for myself. Im gon na, hopefully keep it for a little bit longer and keep shooting with it, because ive been having a ton of fun. I feel like a lot of people, think gimbals are pretty cumbersome and because theyve made this so small when you fold it all up, you can throw it in a fanny pack, a backpack pack, it in your kit pretty much take it anywhere or leave it in. Like a car glove box, if you want – and i just think that access is pretty sweet, whereas gimbals in the past, you feel like you have to make that a special occasion to bring it. What up. Just out here on the top of uh the mountain, and i got recognized fellow film shooter photographer yep. What was your name again: darian darian from jersey, sick anyways, just meeting people out here, filming with the selfie. This is why the selfies – oh im, not in the frame this is where the selfie stick on the gimbal, and then you can use that part to like extend it yeah its super long.

You can put a monopod Music. So another thing i feel like i should mention is the actual you know: are people gon na ask, is it more stable? Is it smoother? Does it make your footage more stable because its a newer model, or anything like that and id say no, i mean it looks i feel like with gimbals as an operator theres a lot more to learn with your technique versus letting the gimbal do all of the Work so theres going to be a little bit of bumps if youre, walking up and down just naturally so make sure you bend your knees, bend your elbows and like if you walk as smooth as possible and hold the gimbal super smooth thats. How youre going to get the best results? I feel like the gimbal itself is theyre great. They they do their job and they like counteract the shaking and the motion that you put in so if youre smooth, it will be smooth. So i definitely cant. Do a video on my impressions on the om5 without mentioning the dji memo app and the memo app while i dont use it as my main shooting app you totally can, because it has. You know it has professional features as a shutter speed, control, iso control. You have your exposure, things that are awesome or it has auto, but you also need to get the app because it unlocks so many more features of what this gimbal can do.

Music. So there we go. The choice is yours. I hope youre doing your research im. Just some guy on youtube who luckily, i really do feel like i have the privilege of using this early and can help you make a decision. But i hope you just are doing your research looking at what works for you pros and cons. But if you do want to buy this, please click the link below were selling it on our shop. It would mean a lot to me if you bought it from our shop and uh make sure to subscribe.