Ive had this for a few days, managed to get it early. So ive had a chance to test this out and i can show you guys the good and the bad talk about very quickly in here and then well. Go outside and ill show you some demo footage of this gimbal. So the dji om5 is lighter and smaller than its predecessor. This is 290 grams compared to ‘0, its also small and compact, and it folds down really easily – and this is a really good point that you can just stick this in your pocket or your bag and youve got a gimbal with you, whether you need a gimbal. These days or not well discuss in the video but as a actual size of it thats definitely an improvement. The gimbal to get it started you just fold the top bit extend that up and then you are ready. Youve also got the clamp here, so you can put this onto your smartphone. You just attach this on via magnet turn this on and away you go. You do have a gimbal ready for any footage that you wish and its as easy as that 10 seconds and youre ready to go. Obviously, the new feature with this is an extendable stick now, so this extends up to 213 millimeters. The top of it also extends, so you can turn this down and up so this swivels. So if you are doing a selfie picture or a video and youre using this, then youre gon na have to tilt this up and down.

Because a downside to this is that the new rotation of this the only extends backwards this much and to tilt down to yourself youre only going to get that much tilt, thats, full and thats tilted forwards. So not a lot! So when youve got it extended, you will have to use this to tilt down and then youve got a little bit better of an angle so thats, something to know it would have been a hell of a lot better if this tilted forward and back more, if You also like using your smartphone to use the rear camera so the better camera. When filming you cant on this, because it doesnt rotate 360 degrees only 180. You cant really hold it like this comfortably. I mean you could, but you cant really see any of these buttons everythings back to front so youre going to have to use the selfie camera, which means then the quality is not going to be. As good comes with this tripod stand. This is great. Its really really lightweight, and then you can use this either as an extension to this, or you could just set this up for time lapse in hyperlapse, so its great to see that this comes with it as well as this travel pouch now do you need a Gimbal these days, i would say that this is an iphone 10.. If youve got an older phone, then certainly having a gimbal like this makes your footage super stable and youre able to get some really nice shots, whereas the phone stabilize racing isnt the best.

But if youve got the latest phone, so one of the latest iphones iphone 11 upwards same with samsung huawei oneplus theyve all got perfect stabilization. Now, im going to show you very soon the difference between using this gimbal and using your phone as just handheld and see if you can spot any difference, but certainly if youve got an older phone, its definitely worthwhile having a gimbal if youre getting into filmmaking cinematography Or you like just making videos for youtube and theyre to a decent quality. I always recommend having some kind of gimbal for b roll. These are brilliant for tracking shots for time lapses. Hyperlapses, you can lock onto a subject with this, walk it to it, and it will just produce fantastic results, so its always great to have some kind of gimbal whether you need a 1’ pound gimbal were going to discuss today. Any gimbal can kind of do that. So it is lightweight thats great, it is really compact and you can store this and just get this out easily and the biggest point about the owen floor was this magnetic clamp on the back of it, but weve already had that now. So this now has this selfie attachment here. So this selfie stick now having this selfie stick attachment, although you may want a selfie stick, but the battery life is hampered because of that youre going to get six hours out of this compared to 15 hours on the om4, and you also cant charge your smartphone With this anymore, it has no ports for that.

It only has the one usbc port thats a charging, the gimbal only so, unfortunately, that option is gone. So if you like, charging your phone or use it as a backup, its gone all right, so the selfie stick. Ive ive been using this a bit now and i think its pretty gimmicky i cant see when you would use this, maybe for low down shots if youre on a skateboard or something then thats great to get that extension. But you could just use this on the normal gimbal youre, only getting 213 millimeters its not much to have a poor battery life and some other things which well discuss in a second now on the promotional advert. They showed this couple at a nightclub uh with this gimbal and they got a high up shot now thats great. But when, when comment down below, when did you last take your gimbal to a nightclub or a pub? I i cant remember ever doing that. Dont be that person at fireworks show or a really busy event with a selfie stick, because everyone behind you hates you if youre blocking that view theyre going to hate you even more, if you take a gimbal on both of you with a selfie stick. So, although its cool and its something to have, i really dont think youre going to use it much. So why get the om5 when the om4 is cheaper? It has better battery life, its also a magnetic clamp im, just struggling with this at the moment.

I really am so. The other good point about this is that the clamp is slightly bigger now, so this will fit some larger phones but im demonstrating on an iphone 12 pro max and once you put the clamp on it, doesnt stay on perfectly, so it still wont clamp around an Iphone 12 pro max with a case, so you have to use it caseless same with other bigger phones as well. The actual memo app has improved that now supports hdr 10 video, so thats great to see that just been updated in the last couple of days. But i find personally that this is weaker by far than the om4 having a larger phone on here. Certainly in that case, i had so many issues with this just spatting them out all over the place it wouldnt work. I took the case off and then even when ive got that on here you know the results: werent brilliant. It was a bit shaky still and what the alarm bell was is im sure youve seen these youtube reviews when this first came out, im gon na mention the channel, because his channel is fantastic and i absolutely love him as a youtuber. So, im not going to mention who it is because its not a negative on him its this product, but the alarm bell for me was some of the demos of this product. Had final cut stabilization added now. Why would you need to add final cut stabilization to this, so youve got an iphone 12 pro max.

It already has inbody camera stabilization, which is perfect. You then added a gimbal which should make it even better, but then you need to add final cut stabilization. Why? I might as well just not have this use my phone and then put stabilization on myself as an extra. If i want so, you have any three things: youve never had to do that before so for me, using this bigger phone on this, this footage wasnt great ill, show you some demos while im talking about this, so that is 100 a downside. Could it be fixed with a firmer update – probably yes, but it needs to be now if youve got a larger phone. This has been affecting me. Youre meant to put this onto the back of your phone clamp this on just like before turn it on and away. You go, but the phone is constantly unbalanced, sometimes by just one or two degrees out, but its not always straight, which means you, then have to go into dji memo app, calibrate it do an auto calibration on a flat surface and then its all right. Yes and its fine, it works great that until you stop recording you maybe take this off your phone and you might record later on in the day, put it back on what happens its one or two degrees out again, so you then go back and calibrate it. If youre, not a flat surface, if youre just out and about get this out, the the ground might not be level you cant use that option, so youre gon na have to manually, calibrate it you shouldnt have to do any calibration.

The whole point of this is that youre meant to just put your phone on here and away you go. I have tested that on smaller phones like the iphone 10, and it handles this a lot better, most of the time its level straight away. So again that brings back to my point of with larger phones. This doesnt seem to be powerful enough at the moment. So lets talk about what this is like. So i went outside and then i used this just to do a normal tracking shot from behind and it is good, but lets just show you now so im going to show you three examples. One im going to be using this one im going to use my iphone 12 just handheld and the third one im using this, which is just a joby tripod, its a magsafe tripod, its pretty cool, actually im. Just using that handheld again walking im going to play all these three now Music, okay, so not a massive difference is this lets just jumble them up a little bit ill. Take the text off put them side by side and ill just see if you can tell which one was filmed on this Music again, not a massive difference, and there was no final cut stabilization added to this to the phone to the joby one, nothing so thats. Just straight out of camera, this is perfect because in this next shot here i trapped onto my daughter and i ran after her while she was on the scooter going away and from a running perspective using this, it was so stable.

So if you like running – and you want a gimbal on your hand and then this is perfect, you know there is no doubt that this does stabilize footage. But if you just want him, for this were just walking around for some say, travel documentaries, vlogs youre all going to get great stabilization anyway, out of your phone, we also use some of the features built into the memo app. You can use this with your native camera app, but you cant really do anything aside from change orientation and stop and start recording. So the memo app is what you need to use. Now we liked chloe pano. That was quite a lot of fun, but the other features like the dolly zoom youll use that once and probably wont use it again and then the features where it allows you to create your own edit. They are pretty cool. But again i cant see your username much. What this does is having a gimbal makes. You automatically think more about your shots and thats a good thing, its going to make you more creative to try and get those cinematic shots. So i do like gimbals im, just not sure about whether you need this one at the moment. So what i would do is recently amazon had a sale, and you could pick up the om4 for 99 pounds, which is a great price, and i would still get that black friday is coming up its going to be on sale again for probably similar price.

With this being the latest gimbal dji make the best gimbals for sure. Definitely whether you need one and when you need this one im, not too sure, so i would get the one fours got better battery life yeah its 100 grams heavier, but you dont need that. Selfie stick, and if you do, please comment down below some examples of when you would use it, and that might change your mind. But at the moment, if youve got a large phone and you dont need a selfie, stick then go and grab that om4 youll get everything on here. Theres, nothing different with any software nothings been added. Software related any features. The only difference between this and the om4 is that selfie stick and the the size of it so get about a battery life, get the same features and save some money and get that om4. So i hope you found that helpful guys its an honest review. I love seeing these reviews and the these fluff over some some things, but ill just give you an honest opinion. So, if youre around here like and subscribe, itll be excellent.