Now, if you haven't seen this feature before it's a great way to inject a little bit of fun and a little bit of whimsy into any photo, you take, and i promise you when you show those photos to other people, they're going to be scratching their heads. Asking you how you did it now, one of the things i love so much about stabilized gimbals like this, in addition to the fact that they actually deliver buttery smooth footage is that they're controlled by software and because they're controlled by software, the companies can build autonomous Modes into them that help them do things that are really difficult to do with the camera by itself. For example, panoramic shots are always tricky because if you're using a standard, camera you've got it on a tripod and you've got to kind of point it in a direction. Move it a little bit. Take another picture, move it a little bit. Take another picture and hope that you've overlapped those pictures enough that later you can manually stitch those together to give you that panoramic shot when you're using a smart gimbal like this, the programming, the autonomous programming, is already in there to deliver those kind of panoramic shots. All you have to do is set it up on a tripod push a button, and it captures that panoramic mode now, dji's built three panoramic modes into the om4. The first one is a pretty standard, panoramic mode known as three by three and essentially, what that will do is when you have that camera in there and you have it set up on a tripod and you push the start.

Button it'll take a series of nine photos. It'Ll take three photos: drop down a row. Take three more photos: drop down. One more row, take three more and then stitch all nine of those together into a beautiful panoramic shot of whatever you're. Looking at and it's a great way to get really a breathtaking shot of any vista, you happen to be looking at the other mode they've built into. It is a 240 panorama which means it's actually going to move 240 degrees as it's. Taking pictures to give you an incredibly wide panoramic shot of that beautiful beach or forest or wherever you happen to be standing, and that is breathtaking. When you look at that type of photo later on the new mode, which i think is really good and it's clever, because it's not that complicated but again, dji was the first ones to come out with it is called clone me and what happens here essentially, is The camera will take three pictures, one here, one in the center and one off to the right, but it delays five seconds between those pictures which gives you time to run from the first position to the second position, to the third position to be in all three Pictures so when they're stitched together, it looks like you're in three places at one time and i think that's so cool. And when i first saw that feature i played with it a little bit and i thought that's kind of cool it's like a bit of a parallel trick like what's the big deal with that, but honestly the more i use it.

The more i show it to people we're just having so much fun with it. So i think it's a great feature that they built in now i'm, going to take you outside and i'm going to show you how i actually do a shot cause there's. A couple of things you got to keep track of and then i'll come back with some final thoughts. The clone me panorama is one of my favorite features on the dji om4, because it opens up so many creative possibilities and it's really easy to use. Essentially, what dji is doing through software is telling the gimbal to take three pictures in a row but it's going to move the gimbal as it's taking them. So take one over here, one over here and another one over here and create a panorama. The key is they're waiting five seconds between taking those pictures, so you can essentially be in the first position if you're quick, run to the second position and then run to the third position, and the software will sew all those together to make it look like you're. Essentially, in three places at once and it's, just really a cool feature to use and really easy to use as well. So what i'm going to do is show you how to do it. It is pretty straightforward, but it's important. You set the shot up correctly now behind me, i've got a yellow hat over there. I'Ve got a, i don't know a lime, green hat over there and i'm wearing a white hat.

So what i'm going to try and do is i'm going to line up the shot first, to make sure that i get that in the first shot. I get this in the center shot and then i get the third shot over there and i'm going to start in the first position, i'm going gon na put on that hat it's gon na take the picture and i'm gon na run like the dickens to get To the second position, take the picture and then run to the third one and you'll see me in the picture three times, and you can just imagine if you were out on vacation how much fun you could have with this with friends. So stay tuned and i'll show you how it works to set up the gimbal for a clone me panorama. You'Ll want to start on the main screen of the dji memo app and on the right hand, side you'll see the different modes that you can use for. The camera right now, i'm in video mode you'll, want to scroll down to pano mode and once you're in pano mode, on the left hand, side there's, an icon that lets you determine which of the panoramas. You want to use so tap that the first one is a 3×3 grid that's. The current setting i've got now the one to the right of that is 240 degree panorama and the one all the way on the right is the clone me so tap that and you'll see you're in clone me mode.

All you have to do at this point. Is tap the record button and the unit will automatically take three photos and stitch those together: okay, here's the picture that came from that clone me panoramic setup, and you can see that i'm in the picture three times there. I am on the left there. I am in the center and there i am on the right with that goofy green hat on, and anybody looking at that picture is going to wonder how you did it you're going to have a lot of fun, explaining it and i'm promising you the minute. You explain it they're going to go, let's go outside and try it. I got to try this thing and they're going to have a lot of fun with it and what i love so much about it is. I know that photographers can do this right. Anybody that's, decent photography, can say rick. I can take a picture. There, take a picture you in the middle, with a goofy hat on and take a picture over here, juggling some balls and stitch them together on a post production software program. But that takes a lot of work and what's perfect about the om4. Is you hit one button and the gimbal does everything for you, including sewing the pictures together and allows you to immediately post it to social media? So it's just one more feature that the om4 provides on top of all the other amazing things it does, and i know i rave about dji all the time, but something like this, where they've got innovative features they built in to make it more fun, is really What separates them from a lot of other companies on the market because they don't just sit back and go okay, we can program the gimbal to do panoramic shots.

We'Ve got to do a 3×3 grid, that's pretty standard. We can do a 240 that's pretty standard as well. What else can we do with the panoramic shots, and somebody was sitting in the labs going hold on a second? If we delay at five seconds between the shots that gives the person a chance to run around and get these different shots done, we can sew them together and really make it a fun experience. Now the only the only complaint i've got dji is that the five seconds isn't long enough for old guys like me to get from point a to point b to point c: i'm, killing myself running that distance. So maybe update the software to allow me to vary that speed right. Give me 15 seconds if i wanted or 20 seconds to kind of wander over to the center shop before you take the picture and maybe that's something i'll update later on, but anyway it's a ton of fun and i'm telling you the minute. You show this to anybody under 18 they're not going to give you the gimbal back they're, going to keep it they're, going to set it up and they're going to get really creative with it and come up with some cool stuff. So anyway, it's a lot of fun for me. Hopefully you found this clip helpful i've got a lot more of these quick tips coming on the om4 and some of the drones that i'm flying just to spend a few minutes on one specific feature: to explain it and answer any questions you may have about it.

So if you have questions on anything, i've covered today drop those in the comments below and i'll get back to as quickly as i can. If you're interested in the om4 i've got a link below as well on that i've done a full review of it. I'Ve got more clips coming out on it. I just think it's a wonderful product. I know the holidays are coming up. If you've got anybody, that's got a a phone that wants to have a stabilized gimbal.