So, if im honest for a while, i kind of thought these sorts of gimbal tools were kind of useless. That is until the smartphone video quality got like actually pretty good through computational photography and all this ai craziness that theyre doing to make the image look so much better. That, in turn, has made tools like these much more valuable. I would have killed to have this when i was younger, filming skate videos that boy, you remember, filming, skate videos back in the day, uh tv tapes capturing that for hours afterwards, you literally had to like watch through the footage and find the stuff that you actually Wanted wed always touch the lens to show that yeah. We would literally mark the clips when you would actually land something good with with one of these, so you would know that there was a one there you had to catch hours of capturing. Imagine if we would have had this back in the day. Imagine, as is often the case. Some of the features on the om5 are really great, like really nice and then others id say are a little bit. Gimmicky lets start with the things that i like, for example, this iced coffee, quite delicious. The gimbal is a nice design, its small, its foldable, its actually a third lighter now so thats going to be really easy to carry around, and i like this little like magnetic clamp system. So you can just put your phone on there slap it on youre, ready to go super easy super fast and they actually have some different versions.

Now uh this one has a wait for it, wait for it a light on it thats pretty interesting. So i clearly have uh quite of a quite a light setup here already lets see what it looks like without the light. Oh, you can actually change the brightness of the light i mean if youre out and about and its dark, and you dont have good light. You dont have a giant soft box, the things thats like six foot, big uh – this could be nice itd, be nice to have a little light on your your phone. If youre doing some vlogging like this, but the best new thing by far is the extension rod. Its just really handy having this like ability to get different kinds of shots and just to have a little bit more. I dont even know what you would call this before youd have to get like. You know really close to your subject. Here you got ta. You know you can kind of, i dont know be lazier and get cool shots. I like it. I havent seen this done before and i wouldnt be surprised if we even start seeing it on some of the bigger gimbals who knows uh and then especially when you pair this with the the tracking system, the active track 4.0 thats, the new one, its even better, Its just a really easy way to get some cool shots. You just literally on your phone, drag around an object like my brother and then i can do pretty much any movement and the gimbal just does all the tracking for me and im not having to like you know twist around as im moving around and its really Hard takes multiple tries with the active track, its literally like first try every time, and now you have the ability to track up to three times zoom, i believe im, not sure i i mean i dont need to do that, but maybe you need that and theyve Also made it faster, so it follows around faster how whats this theyre saying the speed of the track is up to five meters per second, which thats pretty fast.

Then lets talk about the more gimmicky things shock guides. This is a new thing: um its under the story, part in the app and basically its kind of trying to like merge this tick tock world way of making videos straight on to uh the gimbal and app itself. And so you can choose a template and then itll tell you how long of a clip you need to film. So maybe three four or five clips and then itll plug those in put the song on. Do some gimbal movements – and i i mean its its interesting, but i just cant – see people using it that much. I think where something like this would actually be good and useful is if you could upload a song and then it would analyze where the beats are, and then you would just film clips and then just like fill in the blocks and youd. Have this really cool edit in like no time at all and that that sounds like it would be really useful to me, but having these kind of generic templates that everybody would use the exact same template it just i i cant see it being that useful to Be honest on any any product that ive ever used: they have these template things, ive, never used them and maybe im wrong. Maybe for like a really basic beginner user. It might be helpful, but i think itd be just so much more handy if you could just upload any song into the app it analyzes.

The beats and itll tell you: okay, you need to film 10 clips and itll fill out this section of the song, and then it just exports and youre ready to go. That would be really helpful. Can you can you guys make that happen dja? I think you guys can you guys can probably do it also. My second gripe is that the gimbal movement is actually quite limited. So in terms of tilt you cant go too far up or down thats the furthest. I can go up and thats the furthest. I can go down so theres, not a lot of room for like the gimbal movement. Now i can pull it out a little bit and you can actually tilt this part, so thats thats nice, but i kind of just wish that the gimbal itself would be able to tilt the camera a little bit more up or down, and there therefore youd have More options in terms of movement, especially when we were rollerblading, i think we were hitting that like edge pretty often uh so yeah. I think thats thats a bit of a downside, and also now we were, we were pushing it to the edge rollerblading and like the wind and the movement it doesnt seem like the gimbal is crazy, strong, i feel like we were getting some shake even with this Iphone 12 pro so its not a max its, not the biggest phone, its its pretty beefy, but its, not the biggest phone um, so yeah i feel like the gimbal motors, especially when youre you know, extending it and then youre tilting.

This part. I feel like the gimbal motors were a little bit strained with what we were doing now, if youre just walking around town and kind of filming some cool clips on your travels or something like that, i think youre, probably gon na, be just fine but uh. If youre trying to do extreme sports, that might be pushing it a little bit. One thing that really bothers me about the gimbal is that it doesnt actually spin all the way around. It only goes about halfway, which is quite a bit, but i like to film on the ultra wide camera that is like my favorite camera. I feel like you can just mix that in with all sorts of footage and people wont even realize, but now i cant do that unless i physically actually take off the phone and flip it around. So i can film myself. Otherwise, you just have to use the selfie camera, and that, to me is, is a bit of a bummer i feel like you should be able to just flip around the gimbal and then film yourself pretty much all the gimbals nowadays do that i feel like they Should be able to do that also now this next one i dont know if this is a gimmick, just because im me and then for some people. This is like super useful, but uh. Let me actually do a screen recording for you guys here. So this app has the ability to change the way that i look.

You can literally turn this filter on and you can choose to slim down your face. You can choose to smooth your skin lets just put them all on. You can choose to lighten your skin. Enlarge your eyes brighten, i guess mo oh im, not sure what the brighton is doing. Uh make my cheeks rosier, theres literally okay, lets see this is uh the after uh. How do i okay? This is the after before after before i dont know, it just seems really ridiculous to me. Maybe theres, maybe theres people that really would enjoy this kind of thing, but i dont know i think thats just a little too over the top uh to me. Thats. Definitely a gimmick, but again maybe for some people thats a really helpful thing. Oh man, thats ridiculous. Double lets see what you look with with the with that here you hold it. Oh there we go. Oh all of a sudden thats thats like thats like you when youre a teenager, everything that makes you look like youre, a teenager uh. How do you feel about that that bro? Well, i guess im getting older, so yeah for me, thats a little bit over the top uh the hyperlapse and time lapse. I feel like those could go either way. They can be really handy at times. Uh. Probably the time lapse more than the hyperlapse. The time lapse is super easy. Essentially, you can just put like an in and out point, so you can have it pointing that way and then itll slowly point to this direction, so you can do really cool time lapses, really easily its like so crazy how it? How easy it is and how hard it used to be to do something like that um, so that can be really cool, except for the fact that theres no motion blur on the time lapse.

I feel like. If the time lapse had motion blur, then it would be just like a really really cool feature without the motion blur its like a its like a pretty cool feature, the hyperlapse um again, i feel like it could be a really cool feature, but it is a Little bit harder to use than you think uh to get a really cool hyperlapse effect. You have to move really slowly and then, if youre walking its kind of going up and down so its a little bit trickier. Maybe if youre on, like a boat or a car or something one wheel – and you can just like ride around – you – can get some really cool shots. So i feel like those can go either way. They can be really great features or they can be kind of gimmicky. The dolly zoom thing that thats definitely a gimmick, youre youre gon na maybe do it once and then youre never gon na. Do it again, uh do not buy this for just that feature now. Before we get to the final thoughts, i just want to say a thank you to the incredible people at epidemic, sound for sponsoring this video and if you stick around itll, be a nice little bonus for you, whether youre a content creator a freelancer, any kind of Filmmaker epidemic sound is the best place to get music for your videos. Why? Well, first off its an affordable subscription to over 35 000 songs and over 90 000 sound effects? We use their sound effects all the time and i love that they constantly have new music to choose from, because, if youre like me and youre, making a lot of videos, you kind of get bored of listening to the same songs over and over again, you want New music, fresh music, it inspires you to make different kinds of videos pro tip, something that you might not know uh.

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It is convenient that is the biggest strength, the quality isnt, the craziest, its pretty good nowadays, but its not the highest quality, but it is the most convenient camera you will ever have and then pairing it with something like this. A gimbal makes it a little bit less convenient youre, getting better quality, better stabilization. You have all these cool tools inside of the app, but at what cost? How much does it hinder the convenience factor? I think if you use something like your smartphone, a ton for filmmaking, if its like your main camera, then obviously youre gon na love. This thing its gon na, be really handy and helpful to you, but if youre not using your smartphone as your main camera, if you use your smartphone more like i do, which is not as my main camera, but as the most convenient camera. So if i dont have my big sony camera on me, i can just pull this out. Use this to film then for those people i feel like its less useful, just because youre not going to have this in your pocket all the time, but you will have this. So those are kind of my final thoughts, but i guess thats kind of with all smartphone gimbals, not just this one specifically, but if you are looking for a smartphone gimbal, this is probably the best one out there.