This is really really small. Its also incredibly light around about the same size as my smartphone, its around about the same sort of weight as well as 249 grams, which is important because it puts it in the safest weight class for drones. And while, obviously, you still have to obey the regulations. And the laws – and you should always be safe with drones. It does put it under some slightly different regulations, and that makes it one of the most accessible drones that dji have made accessible to people who maybe want to get into using drones during photography, drone videography. But havent yet taken the plunge and another big thing which i think is incredibly important to talk about with something like this is actually the price well get into the spec in a minute, but this is coming in really quite affordable. Its about 269 pounds therell be a link down in the description, so you can go check the proper price, but that makes it much more affordable and again, just so much more accessible to anyone. Whos looking to get into drone photography, drone videography, but without such a huge expense, it means you can just get going with it and really see if its for you to really see the results that youre going to be able to get now. Ive had this for a little while ive been checking it out, ive been flying it around doing some various things with it.

Ive got to say its one of the easier drones ive ever set up. So you know ive used drones before ive used dji drones. Before all kinds of different ones actually, but this one straight out of the box, you know to set it up its very, very easy, the stickers actually on the drone to kind of direct you with what you want to be doing actually downloading the app was probably The hardest part for me ive got an android phone, so i actually downloaded it from the dji website instead of from the play store. But if you have an apple phone, i think its actually on the app store, so its super easy, but otherwise it kind of guides. You through everything you need to do to actually set up and use the drone and then actually using it with the remote control, which ive got here, is very very easy. Youve got the different cables to plug in either android phone or an iphone or whatever. It might be and set it up and get ready to go now. Of course, dji have videos on how you can do this as well and, of course, theres an instruction booklet that comes with it, but, like i say it is very, very easy and straightforward to get going, and i think for me that appears to be the central Message with this drone, its just ease of use, accessibility – this is definitely or at least it feels like a kind of obviously an entry level drone, but it feels like a gateway drone for people who have yet to try out drones, who wanted to get into it.

But dont want to spend, you know 500 pounds upwards. They want to spend. You know more like 269 pounds, which is, which is a much more reasonable kind of amount of money to spend. If you dont know whether its going to be for you its also a reasonable amount of money to spend, if you are unsure, if youre going to use it, for example, in a way that might result in the drone crashing into lets, say the sea or trees Ill give you an example. I have a friend who is looking to get a drone to film himself in his boat, and it would be much much better to lose 269 pound drone, rather than a 900 pound drone into the water. If something were to go wrong out at sea, so i think with all that in mind, it becomes a gateway drone to allow you to really try that out to see how it goes to see how you feel about it to get those results. And then maybe look to expand your drone kind of repertoire. Your drone arsenal now lets get into a little bit of the spec of this drone. So, of course, youve got a 12 megapixel camera here, so you can get some nice photos absolutely from up there. In the sky, 2.7 k, quad hd at 30 frames a second, so you can get some nice high resolution video. I think thats really nice to have above full hd available to you and, of course, your full hd at up to 60 frames, a second as well, so you can slow that down for a bit of slow motion.

If you want to do that, that might give you a nice cinematic, look to your footage, which is really really nice. Of course. This is all stabilized footage with the gimbal and the camera on the front of the drone here. So its always going to be very nice and smooth and ive got to say. One thing i was concerned about was because the size and the weight of the drone, how is it going to handle wind? Obviously i dont tend to fly drones when it is particularly windy because theres a lot of reasons not to do it its, not always a particularly sensible thing to do, but you know how is it going to handle gusts of wind, ive got to say. Actually, i was really impressed by how well this was able to stabilize itself in a bit of wind. Now youve got up to 30 minutes as a maximum flight time, thats really silly under perfect conditions, but even with a bit of wind. I was getting decent flight time with this drone, and i was really impressed with how it was able to handle that considering how light it actually is. Now, of course, youve got all of the nice things that come with having a dji drone. The dji drones are fantastic in terms of quality of life, things in terms of ui, the actual ui that actually then appears on your phone as the screen is really good. I really like the way its able to fly back to base ive, always loved that with dji drones and absolutely youve got all of that here.

So in terms of safety, you really cant go wrong with something like this. Of course, its not going to give you quite as nice footage as you might get from something like you know: the mavic 2 zoom or the mavic 2 pro. Those are beautiful drones that give you beautiful footage, but i dont think that this is trying to compete with those. This is a very different kind of product, so to kind of review it based on the fact that the footage isnt as nice as those would be a little bit counterproductive. I think i i really do think that this offers you such a great gateway option and such a great accessible option as a drone, and that really is what it feels like the whole time ive been using it. It just feels like a very easy to use and decent option for anyone looking to get into using drones, without maybe such a big cost outlay. Now, of course, theres links to the dji mini se down in the description, so you can check it out for yourself all of the spec everything you might want to know. Dont forget to like and subscribe as well.