The unboxing and review of the dgi mini sc. Drone lets get right to it right. The dji mini s e. Now this is really an upgraded version of the dji mini its got. A lot of the features of the dji mini 2, its had the upgraded motors, the upgraded propellers, but it only comes with a 2.7 k, video camera, as opposed to the mini 2 having the 4k camera, but lets unbox it and see what we get in here. This is the flyby combo pack, so it comes with the extra batteries and the multiple battery charger, and the carry case lets have a look. What we got in there, oh its like christmas, every time just flip this open, so we can see, lets move it out. The way so theres the box telling you whats all inside it, so youve got the case. Three batteries multi charger, some replacement, propellers and your remote control and the drone itself lets see what weve got theres the case nice fabric case with the dji logo on there carrying handle thats very neat, actually its really very neat im trying to film with two cameras. Today so im trying to keep everything in center here for the overhead views and that on the face, views new technique and trying that, if its going to work, but there you go theres the case its quite sturdy. So that will protect your drone and its very nice very stylish, see what weve got inside it.

Music. Look at that thats beautiful, so first things, weve got is a little pack of crystals, so cut the moisture, thats great and then here weve got in the cellophane everythings, sealed with little logos on all barcodes. This, i believe, is this: is the rapid multi charger and it comes with two spare batteries, so you get three and all i can get the batteries out ill. Show you what they look like Music. There we go thats. These are lipo batteries. These are the same batteries as the dgi mini 2. This takes the same batteries as the mini 2, and so youve got two of those in there inside. This is an intelligent, rapid charger. So what it does, it will actually charge the lowest battery first and then go on to the next battery and so on until theyre all charged there you are so youve got the rapid charger with two batteries. Then next we have a little box inside. This is its oh, my theyre, tiny. These are the spare rotor blades. This drone is a lot smaller than other drones, i own, but its beautiful. There got three sets of spare props. What else is in here all sorts of goodies in here charging cables, the usb cable usb to usbc thats, two of those yep get two of them. These are your rotor blade. I think these are the bolts to bolt the blades onto. If you can see that. Try and do this for both cameras.

These are the phone connectors, so you connect your mobile phone to your controller, so youve got different types there for iphone and android phone little mini screwdriver help you put the propellers on what else weve got in here, trying to do the boring stuff. First, the warranty user manual dgi stuff here quick reference cards, for that this, i believe, is the remote control there. We go weve got that there. So this is the dji controller. Weve got two fold folding antennas on the top. Here i can get them to unfold there. We go its the two folding antennas. I believe that these arent functional uh theres no actual wires running up the inside of these. I dont believe these are functional on this on this drone itself on them the more expensive drones they are, but i believe on this mini sc theyre, not the the antenna is actually inside the controller here and then youve got right, see which way up it goes Now here this should pull down Music to clip your mobile phone into pull that out without breaking it. Oh right, i see flips sideways like that and that will clip you can see that clearly and then, if you can see that clearly let me get that in shot for you there. Your mobile phone goes in here. In that section there your phone will clip onto that, and then it gives you here. Youve got your thumb, controls and thats.

Actually what those little screws were. These little screws here go on the top here. These are your thumb controls they screw in the top. There see i can get one out show you tiny little thumb control that screws in the top there there you go. This is for doing your pitch and your yaw etc, not sure what mode its set in, i believe its mode two, but id have to check that once i started and theres the the other little thumb screw on there, there youve got two of them so thats Your controller youve got various buttons on here. I think this is record video. This is take a still shot, still snapshot. It records a 2k video 2.7k video. I believe the photographs are 12 megapixels. The stills is 12 megapixels, but still very, very good. Drone compared price. Wise to the mini 2, its about uh id say about 200, maybe 300 pound cheaper than the mini 2. Its got most of the same features as the mini 2. The mini 2 has an upgraded controller with a lot more features on it, but the drone itself theyre very, very similar. Apart from it doesnt shoot. The sc doesnt shoot in 4k, its only 2.7 k, but when we do a flight test and ill do a video using the 2.7 k im going to try and upgrade it to 4k, which you can do you can upscale it or to 4k, which ill try And well compare them side by side with a 4k video as well, but thats.

The controller youve got um its got a three axis gimbal on the camera, which is controlled from this look switch here. Lets have a look at the drone itself. Shall we its a beautiful little machine? Look at that look that is just class build doesnt, it so tiny, its lightweight its 249 grams, which brings it in under the legal requirement to have a operators license. However, i do do recommend that you still do the online course for flying drones and get your user id and do the operator license as well. I think its nine pound a year for the license is worth doing, but, however, you dont actually require it. For this drone at 249 grams, you still require the id, but you dont require the operator license now im sure thats right at the time of this video, but please check it out online with the civil aviation authority check it out, and the rules and regulations for Your area just in case im wrong on that point, but here we are. This is a beautiful drone, its a folding drone. So obviously the legs fold out lets try and do that without breaking it front runs forward. Oh theyre, just lovely, i just love it its. So tiny, oh right, what they got. I think theyve taped these together. Let me undo these, but there we go. They rotate to open thats. It look at that dinky little thing to think the amount of technology thats packed into this tiny little drone its got gps tracking on it.

Its got sensors for landing it. Its just marvelous piece of technology in such a small unit lets just have a look around the drone. As i say, youve got a camera here lets just peel. All these seals off youve got camera protection to stop the gimbal from flying around when youre not flying it. But if you just remove that before you start flying, you can see. Weve got a three axis gimbal and you can see that in the top camera this camera its a 2.7 k camera on a three xs gimbal, which is just fantastic for the price of this drone. These motors, so theyre upgraded from the mavic mini. These are actually their mini 2 motors, so its got improved performance on these motors and also the blades improved performance on the blades on the rotary blades. Now, if we look around here so theres, your camera around the back end here is where the battery goes in. Just remove that seal and youve got your little battery door there. There we go all right, just being so careful not to break it. Theres the battery doors open there and you can see theres the other battery in there. So, with the fly more combo pack, you get three batteries uh flight times about 30 minutes its nice to get three batteries in there. It just slots in there, and also in the back here. Youve got your memory card for recording your pictures and videos.

Um youve got a usb port, so you can actually charge the battery in the drone. You can leave it in the drone and charge it um ill. Be a bit cautious about that, because when youre charging these batteries they do get very warm, so i wouldnt use it charging it in the drone itself. Id use the charger to do it in there just in case thats, all thats, just my opinion, and that is the drone, its absolutely beautiful. Do you get the carry case, which is quite protective fairly solid? That would save your drone if you were to drop it. Nice for the dji logo, all the items fit lovely inside the case. There you get the with the fly more combo pack, you get two spare batteries and the multi charger get the charging leads Music, various phone connectors for android and os three sets of spare propellers Music mini screwdriver. All your gum, which is your warranty, your quick start guide, etc. The remote controller, where your phone clips in there and your little thumb, controls and foldable antennae. This again is rechargeable, bring that back there we go, but most of all you get this beautiful piece of technology. This tiny drone, which is so packed full of features. I just cannot recommend it enough, his delightful to think back over the years of uh how these things started out. Im ive been ive, been doing a remote control, aircraft rc aircraft for many years and the problems that you had and the things that have come into this.

I mean this. This drone practically flies itself and it uses guidance, technology, satellite guidance technology. I mean to me that is just fantastic. I just cant emphasize that enough. How clever that is from a tiny little drone that you buy from your local store. All that technology is built in here. Its got 30 minute run time flight time on it. It takes 2.7 k, video 12 megapixel still photos it the features in it. It does certain camera shots by itself. It does spirals. It does follow me, so this drone, once its locked onto you, will follow you that i find is absolutely remarkable return to home. So it knows where it took off from so if this flies out of your signal range, if it loses signal for any reason, it can guide itself back to where it took off from some of you might think yeah what, but to me that technology is incredible.