I want to talk to you guys about a new drone from dji well kind of new its been out internationally uh for a few months. Now i think, but just here in the us, where im based out of the dji hang on the dji mini se, was recently released and ive been having a ton of fun. With this drone and uh ive been really impressed with it. Yes, there are way better drones out there than this, but the kicker for this drone that just blows me away is that this drone is only 300 here in the united states 300. My first drone that i bought way back when might have been 300, but it wasnt nearly as good as this one, and the fact is, is that this drone is so teeny tiny. Can you believe that look at this little guy look at it this and whats crazy is the fact that it flies really stable and really solid in the air. I thought that this little guy would be hard to control, but it actually flies really smooth and really responsive and uh ive learned to trust it so past few videos on my channel that you may have seen uh have actually been featuring. This drone all the footage that ive been able to capture with it, and i probably pushed it to its limits. I was filming this right on the edge of a storm. It started getting kind of windy. It started to even rain a little bit which i wouldnt recommend uh doing, especially if you want to keep your drone around, but it totally it.

It did great, and there was one moment that it lost rc signal, but it did just like it was supposed to do. It lost rc signal, it said returning to home in 1098, and i said yes, please and it started to fly back and it regained signal, and then i was able to pick it up, cancel the return to home and continue flying with. That said this little guy, i truly believe, is the perfect beginner drone for anyone out there whos wanting to learn how to fly a drone and not make a huge investment of even 500 or a thousand dollars, or up that can be really intimidating, especially if you Have genuine interest in wanting to learn drone, video and photography, but this is a perfect little gadget to uh, to introduce yourself and to see if its worth your time as you can tell ive, actually had a lot of fun with this little guy. I didnt think that i would uh, but this is a pretty cool little drone lets get into some key specs and features, so the dji mini se weighs in at 249 grams. Some of you may be wondering why does that matter its pretty light? Yes, it does matter but why they even put 249 grams on the side of the drone, because in many countries that means that you dont have to jump through as many hoops or red tape just to fly. Your drone, it flies under quote, unquote the the weight limit for a lot of regulations, so that makes it easy for anyone to pick it up and start enjoying flying a drone.

Its got a 30 minute max air time. Its got up to a four kilometer transmission signal. This is flying off of wi fi and that is thats. Probably why i lost signal when i did, whereas my other drone that flies off of occusync wouldnt have lost signal. But i was in the mountains and there was trees and different things around and wifi, just isnt, quite as strong, but if youre in a wide open area with not a lot of interferences, then this thing can have up to four kilometers of distance. So as far as the camera specs go, it can shoot in 2.7 k at 30 frames per second, as well as 25 and 24 frames per second, and then you can shoot in 1080 up to 60 frames per second. So you can get a little bit of slow motion uh when shooting 1080 at 60. 2.7 k does great, and in some of my past videos i actually upscaled that to 4k and it held up pretty good. It looked pretty, it looked fine, you can shoot in auto mode or in what they call pro mode, which is more of a manual mode which allows you to control your iso and your shutter speed or you can use auto, and you can also use auto exposure. Lock in both video and photo and as far as photos go, you can shoot 12 megapixel photos, but you cannot shoot raw images. Everything is going to be jpeg.

Its got a handful of pre programmed quick shots built into it, and so, instead of needing to manually, fly some of these maneuvers, you can just push a button, and the drone will pretty much do everything for you to make a cool clip for you, like the Droney the rocket circle and helix, which i plan hopefully to share with you guys in some future videos how to utilize those you still have cine, smooth sport and normal modes to fly in. So if you want some smooth cinematic, looking footage put it in cine smooth and it flies at a nice, slow, smooth, consistent pace so overall. I truly believe that this is the perfect drone for anyone, whos looking to get into aerial, photography and videography to learn on. Oh and by the way, this whole video is not sponsored in any way i bought this myself. I wanted to see what this guy was all about and share with you guys my experiences and so far its been a good experience with the dji mini se. So if you are interested in learning more about this drone, i will have links in the description below to djis website, as well as some more videos coming out soon on how to get professional. Looking footage out of a budget drone like the dji mini se and some getting started guides and stuff like that, so make sure to subscribe to the channel if youre interested in seeing more content like that.