The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin, the dji mini se has arrived and i am enjoying flying it. The other day i took the dji mini se up for a high altitude test, so lets roll that clip in its entirety. Okay were going to do a high altitude test with the dji mini sc. So without any further ado lets go ahead and take off here. Take off the home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. We are recording Music, almost a hundred close to 200. hitting 300. maximum flight altitude reach all right. Well, you heard that were at ‘3 feet so lets. Take it out see what we get here, adjust this here a little bit there we go just a very slight breeze, probably maybe less than probably about five five to six miles an hour here, 900 feet away 1200 hitting 1400 okay were going to stop here, were Going to go ahead and turn around well what a great perspective from almost 400 feet up here: maximum flight altitude reached landing see if we can land this time without a suitable area here, gon na land, on the concrete, but were good question of the day.