tv and im, really excited to announce that ive just launched a brand new drone course for beginner drone pilots. Its called the fearless drone academy and its the ultimate online drone course for beginners. Im really excited about what im bringing in this drone course here. There are tons of insights and guidance and resources for all of the beginner drone pilots out there, ive just compiled all of my knowledge and all of my experience into the one drone course to ensure that you have the best experience with your drone. If youve just bought a drone, i know how terrifying it is so thats why ive made this course ive made it for people out there who are feeling really scared to fly their drone and they want to build their confidence up so thats, why its called the Fearless drone academy, by the end of the course you will be a fearless drone pilot to celebrate the launch of the fearless drone academy im, giving away the dji mini se to one lucky audience member. It will come with everything included in the box, its the newly released mini drone from dji, its extremely capable portable and compact, as you can see its tiny, but its just so capable 2.7 k. Video 12 megapixel sensor its a phenomenal starter drone, and you can win this by literally just going to the website going to the giveaway form and typing in your details. Youll then have a chance to win a brand new drone, its honestly that simple.

When you go to the fearless drone, academys website youll see theres a video at the top theres a little bit of a description and some details about what the course is. What youre going to get out of the course so definitely check that out. If you are interested in the course let other people know if youve got other friends who have just bought a drone but theyre terrified to fly it. This course is all about educating and helping people build their confidence in the drone space so definitely share it around and literally as you scroll down, youll see a giveaway form and thats all you have to do type in your email, your name and then you will Be in the running to win a brand new drone, also, on top of that youll actually get early access to the preflight checklist, which is one of the resources thats available to pilots once they buy the feeler strong academy course, but ill. Give that to anyone that signs up to the newsletter, just as a massive thank you for all the support and amazing encouragement that ive had through the years on youtube. You know from creating content, for you guys. Ive had some amazing support, and i just want to give back to you as much as i possibly can so thats why this giveaway is here thats? Why im giving away the pre flight checklist to people who sign up to the newsletter and thats? Why theres going to be a ton of other giveaways and events in the future to celebrate the drone course and just the drone community in general so make sure to enter your details as soon as possible.

This giveaway will be running for around two weeks. Ill. Have an announcement video that i post on my youtube channel, as well as an email blast that ill send out to people so if youve signed up to the newsletter, if youve put in your details on the website, youll then receive an update in the coming weeks. To let you know, whos won the dji mini se. I cannot wait to give this away to one lucky person and im very excited for this drone course. So again, if you do know anyone that might be interested in picking up an ultimate online drone course, which really is packed with value its over two and a half hours of content, tons of resources, you get access to a private facebook group and theres tons of Other stuff that will be happening in the future giveaways and events and uh fun offerings from the feel of strong academy. So thank you so much for watching guys.