tv and today ive got my full review of the mini se from dji. Now this drone is basically a rebranded mavic mini ive, released a few other videos on the mini se, so check those out on the channel as well, but this drone itself was released like just over a month ago. Now, at the time of me filming this video – and it really is just a mavic mini slightly rebranded its got. You know very very minut changes, basically, its got different batteries, its got the batteries of the mini 2 same charging hub as the mini 2 and its also got the same wind resistance as the mini 2 as well. But besides that its literally just a mavic mini in the body of the mini 2., you know it: doesnt have the 4k camera, it doesnt have the changed controller or the improved range or anything like that, but it does have the body of the mini 2. So you get these grilles at the front here that allow for more airflow youve also got stronger arms compared to the original mavic mini and, like i mentioned its got, that improved wind resistance as well so thats. The biggest thing that i have definitely noticed with the mini se, the wind resistance is a must have compared to the original mavic mini Music. The mini se controller is identical to the mavic mini controller theres, no difference there. Its still got the four kilometer range. It doesnt have the improved range like in the mini 2 model, its literally the same controller, no difference at all.

I didnt notice any changes when it came to the controller itself and the range i was getting out of it. I did notice, though, that with my original mavic mini as you let go of the controller inputs, it would trail it would kind of keep moving and the mini se. Doesnt have that issue at all. So, for me, thats a major win for the mini se, and on top of that as well, it has that improved wind resistance that matches the mini 2s wind resistance. So that is a major tick. On top of that, its also slightly cheaper than the original mavic mini, so its already got a few things over the mavic mini and its cheaper. So i guess that kind of answers that question. If youre in the market for a mini drone, the mini se is significantly better than the mavic mini just due to the fact that its cheaper and it has improved body design, it also has improved like wind resistance and its just overall. Why would you not buy something thats slightly better and cheaper, so yeah that answers that question Music when i originally started making videos on the mini se, just over a month ago, now it wasnt actually available to the rest of the world. It was only available in like select countries which was odd to me, seeing as its like, i said just before, cheaper and better than the original mavic mini. I was surprised its a whole rebranded drone that would sell really well to new people getting into the drone space, but for whatever reason it just didnt have any sort of marketing budget.

It didnt even really get promoted by dji at all, but recently its become available to a few other countries, including the us, which is obviously a large target for dji. So thats really exciting. So i will actually have a link in the description below to check out the mini se on amazon. If you want to check that out, i also have a link to check it out on the d1 store, as well so check that out, if youre in australia theyre a fantastic company. So i think overall its like that answers that question. You know if youre brand new into the drone space and you want to get a drone, the mini se – is your go to drone 100. No questions. In my mind. This is the perfect budget drone of 2021.. One of the biggest calling cards for the mini drone series is the fact that its under 250 grams – and that means that a lot of people in different countries can use this drone without having to worry about the scrutiny of drone laws and regulations. Now still fly. Your drone safely and carefully, but this is kind of technically classed as a toy drone, because its under that 250 gram mark this is 249 grams, so that doesnt change compared to you know other larger drones that are on the market. This is the same as the mini 2 and the mavic mini its under 250 grams and thats. Why? This has so much appeal to people all over the world thats, why? Its like the best portable mini drone on the market, like thats one of its biggest calling cards its also got a 30 minute flight time, which is insane.

So if you buy the fly more combo youre easily getting over an hour of flight time, i would say an hour and a half but thats just unrealistic youre, not getting 30 minutes per battery. You may be getting 25 minutes per battery, but at least youre getting over an hour of flight time, with the fly more combo, its a great deal extremely capable and that 2.7 k camera is actually great. You know, like most people are going to be wrapped with it theyre going to be extremely happy with what they can get out of the mini se, and also the mavic mini. If youve originally got the mavic mini theres no need to upgrade to the mini se. At all, you might as well get the mini 2 or something better again, but if youve got the original mavic mini its still everything you need in a mini drone, its more so if people are looking to get a new drone and theyve never owned a drone. The mini se is definitely the one to go for the charging hub you get with the mini. Se is the same as the mini 2. Its a great charging hub. The batteries are great. I actually prefer the design the improved kind of design of the mini 2 batteries and the mini se batteries. The charging hub itself is also a lot nicer. It just kind of matches the theme, its just got: a nice gray design across the board, its not like the black charging hub for the mavic mini and then a grey drone, its like everythings grey.

Everything follows that theme and the improved batteries here are a nice bonus. Its definitely another reason why id recommend the mini se over the mavic mini if you dont have a drone moving on to the video and photo quality. These are probably the more important aspects of a drone or a camera. The fact that it can capture nice, video and capture nice photos, one of the more important things, and i would say that you know the mavic mini and the mini se. Dont differ significantly. A few people have commented in my comparison, saying that the mini se is slightly better than the mavic mini. They believe that, like the post processing is better its slightly sharper, the image like actually pops, the colors pop a bit more im, still a little indifferent to it. Its definitely pretty much the exact same to me. It might be slightly better, like slightly better in the mini sc, compared to the mavic mini, but i mean you can check that editing program and create whatever you want anyway. So kind of what its producing out of the box is pretty much the exact same as the mavic mini, but the mini se. You know it does capture amazing video and photos ill pop up some photos right now. Actually, the 12 megapixel photos are great, theyre, extremely usable theyre. Great, no one would notice any different like when ive shown people photos from the mini sc theyre like thats, really impressive.

That looks great like what was that captured on, and i show them the drone and theyre like what, on that tiny little thing like theyre blown away so to the average person 12 megapixel photos are fantastic and 2.7 k. Video, which youll see popping up as well is great as well like 2.7 k is phenomenal for most people in the market. Right now for a drone, and what i mean by that is that a lot of people care about 4k. They think they need 4k. Its. This thing that this anomaly they have to have it, but its not really the case for most users like when you ask yourself what am i going to be using this footage for its probably just youtube social media sharing with friends and family, like they dont care That the video is 4k if its 2.7 k its still going to look crispy its going to look great its going to be something that you can share with people and theyre going to go. Wow thats awesome footage, looks great theyre, not going to think you know about it too much, because they dont really have too much knowledge of what a 4k drone looks like or a 6k or an 8k or whatever were going to go up to next. So again, i think the average consumer, especially someone whos, buying a budget drone theyre, going to be more than happy with 2.7 k, and you can see the footage it looks.

Great ive got no issues with 2.7k from the mini se and even with the mavic mini. Like i said, theres no major difference, it looks great on both drones, Music. You still dont get any tracking modes with the mini se, nor do you with the mini 2 or the mavic mini. Although there are third party apps now that can actually utilize, waypoints and tracking modes for the original, mavic mini, apparently its coming soon to the mini 2, but thats actually up to dji whether they release the sdk and whether developers can then create things within that ecosystem. So the mavic mini you can track and you can create waypoints, but you have to pay for like a third party application and then youre going to be using something thats, not dji um like authorized. It is like backed by dji, but its, not the official dji app its coming from a third party and even though its trusted by dji and they check over the code and they make sure its like reliable and stable youre. Still not getting that certainty that you would get from using the dji app and then using a tracking mode, like you can, in the higher end drones from dji but thats kind of besides the point, the mini se just doesnt have any tracking modes. Its got very basic mode, similar to the mavic mini the stock standard. You know default drone itself without those third party apps its a very standard.

To the point drone its like, i can do a few different, quick shot modes, i can take photos and i can capture video. It just does everything you need in a drone in a basic filming drone, its pretty much everything you need. You do get a few quick shot modes with the mini se. You get droney rocket circle and helix and theyre great quick, shot modes, its basically everything you need in a selection of quick shot modes. A lot of the time i dont even touch them. I just like to manually fly and capture the shots that i want to capture, but for a lot of beginners that you know might not be as confident or cant get that smooth movement just yet, then these modes are great and the fact that you get them On top of photo and video, it just means its really. The perfect budget drone its not over complicated its, not overwhelming when you look through the application, its very minimal and basic and easy to navigate. But you do get a few special quick shot modes, which is a lot of fun to someone whos just purchased the drone and is excited to try a few different things. It kind of creates that novelty where theres a few exciting things to try out every time. You go and fly the drone, the mini se does a great job of hovering and holding its space. It also has the vision, positioning system underneath here, so its really like.

I keep mentioning the perfect budget drone its everything that most people would need, especially people getting into the drone space for the first time. This is the one really. This is the one theres no comparison. I cannot even recommend anything outside of the mini se or the mavic mini if youve already got the mavic mini. Just great drones really reliable, consistently give you exactly what you want, and you know i flew this a couple of days ago and again, looking through the photos, im really impressed with the photos. They look great theyre, sharp theyre easy to share online people are impressed by it every single time and the videos themselves are fantastic as well. I have no issues with videos. It really is just everything thats kind of marketed on the box, its just a really solid. All round starter drone, so thats the end of my mini se review. I think honestly like if you want to go a little bit further. The mini 2 is a nice upgrade getting that 4k camera getting that improved range. If youve got the extra money, then i think the mini 2 is the best like 4k starter, drone or 4k budget drone. The mini 2 is great. If you really think you need 4k go for the mini 2, but if youre going to be happy with what footage youve seen in this video and the other videos im sure youve seen as well. If youre happy with the photos and the videos and the quick shot modes, if youre happy with the flight time and the price, then the mini se really is kind of everything you need like.

If i was starting out again and i was going to buy a drone for the first time, it probably would be the mini se, i dont even know if id go straight to the mini 2., the mini se is great. It really is a fantastic all round. Starter drone so love your thoughts in the comments below. Let me know what drone youre going to pick up and ill chat to you in the next one guys.