My name is alekney kitchen from russia with love youre, watching no limits on channel, and i brought dji mini se to turkey to my vacations. Yeah, im working on my vacations as well and tested out this drone right there so lets go. Lets start up with the size and weight of this drone. Its a tiny, tiny little machine, as you can see, and this drone weighs only 249 grams – means that you dont have to register this drone in most of the countries, and it comes in this box. If you buy fly more combo, this box contains, or this bag contains, two more batteries, also the special charger for all three batteries, and it can work as a power bank as well, and also you get the remote control. All the extra propellers extra sticks a little screwdriver, even and this whole case weighs a little bit over one kilogram, which is great for you, guys who are traveling a lot, and i really enjoyed using this drone in my travel in turkey because it took almost no Space in my bag and almost no extra weight as well so a big thumbs up for this drone for size and weight. Why do you even need a screwdriver? Because this drone has little screws right here where the propellers are and you adjust the strength and the tightness tightness. How do you say tightness of the screws on the propellers and when i bought it? Actually, i took it from a company that lent me for the review of this drone and i had to unscrew a little bit one of the screws because it was too tight.

So that is why you have a screwdriver inside and now lets talk about the flying capabilities, the activity of this drone, while its in the air. It holds the wind pretty straight forward and you know its pretty stable. Actually, it wasnt that windy, like eight meters. A second wind, but it handled everything that was in turkey pretty good. Also the cinematic mode is very, very smooth and i was able to fly uh. You know through some small objects like under the bridge or through different. You know sun shields and all that stuff and the sports mode is very fast and it becomes like a little. You know stinging bee that flies around and sounding like, and the propellers sound okay, its a little itchy and eerie, but i can say that its okay and if you fly like up to 25 – maybe 50 meters. You cannot almost hear this drone, which is nice. The video quality yeah, this drone has only 2.7 k video up to 30 frames per. Second, i have a separate comparison of this drone. The mini sc, with the mavic 2 pro, which is 1 000, is more expensive and actually ive asked my subscribers in instagram, which drone is which and only sixty percent of my subscribers said that the mavic 2 pro is a mavic, 2 pro and basically more expensive. Drone, that is why this picture quality is pretty okay for your social media. For your, you know, vacation trips, for your family stuff and even a little bit for some commercial things.

If its not like a you know, michael bay movie, its pretty okay, you can have a look at the footage and if you set the white balance correctly, you get a very nice picture quality by the way, the picture quality in terms of stills is okay. It has 12 megapixel sensor, almost the same size as we have in our smartphones right now. In the same resolution, 12 megapixel is the most popular resolution of the smartphone, and also the photos are okay kind of. If you were taking your iphone to the air and taking a picture, and maybe like iphone 8 or maybe iphone 10, i dont know and yeah. Basically, its okay for your instagram for your facebook pictures and uh for your family or archive archive archive. As i said before, there is no picture profiles, so you kind of have baked in look in terms of video and also you dont have raw photos in here. So its kind of more towards amateurs, low light performance id say this drone is good during the daylight, but when it comes to low light, you better not use it. Iso 100 is okay, and on this shot you can see that it has one over 50 shutter and iso 100 and its kind of limits of this drone you can up the iso up to 200, probably but further. I wouldnt suggest. Of course. This drone has no sensors or obstacle avoidance only on the bottom.

We have some sensors for landing and also those sensors work when you fly kind of across a little object too low to the ground, and you can see that i was flying uh. You know above a bush, and the drone did like whoa raised a little bit. Also, it works when youre landing. You can put a hand like so, and the drone will define your hand and land correctly be careful with catching a drone with your hand, guys. The real flight time is really good. I was using it on the beach and when i came to the beach and uh was starting to fly a drone, i shot a little boat. I shot the pyre. I flew under this fire. I shot some, you know, sun, how do you call those sun protecting covered things? I forgot the word write down in the comment section below. How do you call those things that protect you from the sun when youre laying on the beach and yeah? After all that, i did all the smart modes, the intelligent flight modes like joni rocket, uh circle and all that stuff took a couple of pictures and i was flying all over the beach and shot a hotel as well, and i had 25 percent left. So it means that if you have the fly more combo with three batteries, that youll be able to shoot throughout the whole day and kind of on five or six locations and have a lot of footage after it, which is great.

I really enjoy the flight time of this little baby, also because this drone is that compact, you almost always want to fly through some little objects or under the bridge or through the bushes and all that stuff, because its that tiny and pretty stable in the air. In the cinematic mode, especially, i was able to get some cool shots, i guess and yeah if you want to kind of be nervous a little bit when youre flying a drone. This is a great thing. When you fly through objects, you have a droney, a rocket kind of a spiral. I forgot the name of it. I guess its spiral and circle. They are okay, but the spiral has some jerkiness in the footage. As you can see right now, the rocket and the droning is okay and also you dont have active track here, but you can kind of a fake, an active track because you can make it to fly a circle to the same side that you are going and For like 10 or 15 seconds, it will be looking like its a active track. I think it will be especially good when youre using it with some faster objects like cars, because i was moving not that fast and it kind of made a circle around me very fast. But if youre moving pretty fast like on a motorcycle or car, it wont be able to kind of keep up with you, itll be looking like active track more and now the most interesting part, which is the remote control and the strength of your remote signal.

So the remote control is made out of plastic, it kind of looks like dji mavics, you know without the screen a little remote control and it has detachable sticks, which is nice, also, the home button, the power button and the photo button. The record button and the gimbal adjustment wheel – and this is it its very compact and very lightweight, which is good for this little drone, because the whole compactness of this kit is great. For instance, the mavic mini 2 has a bigger remote for better signal, but its overall bulkier and its kind of you know the same size as an unfolded. Drone like this size, which is weird a little bit and now the signal strength. The signal strength is really weak. Guys. 500 meters is kind of the limit for this drone. In my opinion, in my case, because it was losing the video signal a lot, it was stuttering, it was not comfortable to use at all and from time to time i was losing the signal at all and only you know, go back return to home function saved This drone from disappearing somewhere in the mediterranean sea also when youre flying kind of a little closer like 20 meters high and 100 meters away from you. It can start having some problems with the video signal and all in all, you have to have some pretty strong nerves to be operating this drone properly. And if you are not that kind of person, this drone is not for you or, if you need something like one or two kilometers of reach with stable signal.

This drone, unfortunately, is also not for you, its a pity to say, but it is what it is. Also, this drone doesnt have internal memory. Youd simply insert your microsd card right here from the back. It doesnt even have a cover. You have a little light right here, also the little door for your battery and the usbc port, which is used to charge the battery itself, which is nice and about the price of the dji mini se. It costs only 350 dollars, which is a great price. In my opinion, for the base kit and a little pricier like around 500 for your fly more combo, maybe even less – which is a good price in my opinion, because the mini 2 by itself, the base kit costs almost the same as this 5, more combo, which Is cool so pretty good price guys and if we consider this its a chinese company, of course dji is a chinese company, and but we compared to the chinese drones like no name companies for a little less like 50 less than this gel youll definitely want to Pick this one up because its a much more stable, much better drone in terms of picture quality and overall, a better machine, in my opinion, so guys this is my review of the dji mini se, and lets conclude this is a great, very affordable, small and compact Drone kind of a selfie drone, let me say, and if you are okay, with 2.

7 k instead of a 4k which is in that video, i showed that its not that huge of a difference, and you want a small and compact drone for your travel things. For your family archive for instagram and all that stuff, this little beauty is pretty okay, guys and i do recommend using this joke if youre, just starting out if youre an amateur or you just want a very compact, the most compact drone kit available from dji right Now on the market for the best price, so guys, if you did enjoy this video, please smash the like and subscribe buttons.