What is up guys welcome back to another video. I hope you guys are having a great day wherever youre, watching this from great night, whatever time zone youre in at the moment, another day, another vlog another daily vlog. We are now on vlog number. Eight, we got past one week, Music, yeah, it hasnt been easy. The last few days have not been easy, trying to vlog every day, trying to think of something new to vlog. I mean i try to vlog what i think its like the most like highlights of my day. If youve been following me for a while. Now you all know, i love coffee and i cannot start my day without some coffee, so todays vlog is not about coffee, although you guys think i should do like a coffee, vlog, a coffee making vlog just a whole video just dedicated on making a v60. Let me know in the comment section down below but yeah im also wearing red, because today is the first of january, its a new year happy new year and apparently red is lucky in the new years anyway. Todays vlog is new year new things, including this, the dji mini se were going to unbox. This ive never used a drone before first time using it so im going to spend all day today, reading up on the manual seeing how the controllers work hopefully try to get some sort of test footage, as today lets get Music Applause Music, it all right.

Unboxing done so heres the actual drone, the controller, usbc, cable, propellers, another cable, another cable, i dont know what these are. Some attachment thingies another cable, more cable, screwdriver, okay, lets read the manual Music Applause, make sure you also install the app make sure you install the dji fly app Music. Okay, everything is mostly ready its a bit of batter in there. I think ill still charge it. A little bit this one doesnt have any battery life at all. So last part of the whole assembly of the startup is to check what your battery levels are overexposed, so im not feeling too well because of yesterdays. You know every inch of muscle in my body is super sore right now, its just looking at a tutorial on the beginners guide on the mini sc, the dji mnc, and were about to take the drone for our first flight. Hopefully, everythings fine and we dont crash it. Okay, remember this one thing as well: the box doesnt come with an sd card, so youre gon na get a micro sd card for this and its highly recommended that you use the sand. The sandisk extreme plus put the sd card in this and then rough Music, nope, Music, no Music. Yes, you scared of the drone. The scared of the drone. Are you scared of that? Are you scared of that Music? No, no! No! No! No! No goku! No dont! Dont, no Music, okay were about to do a proper outdoor flight test of the dji mini sc.

Here we go weve done a little bit of trial inside the house. Now we get to do a trial outside its really quick, so to switch on your dji mini se, the controllers, the controller and the drum one quick press. Then one long press and switch it on quick press long press. I dont, like the sound and propeller through itll, make that sound there you go lets get it Music Applause Music. So i need to invest on a landing pad. Do not land your drones, where the grass is a bit high, because your propeller is going to end up cutting the grass and its snug over your propeller ive got this crazy idea: Music, Applause, Music, so Music? Okay, so were gon na end. The vlog here love the drone. Only one thing about the drone is that i wish i went for the fly more combo, the fly more combo comes with two extra batteries and other accessories, which is only 120 more than what i paid for this. So i paid for this for a sale price of 449 trillion dollars and the fly more was just like 120 more. I wish i went with that. The battery life is not long. Unless i didnt charge it properly, i had to charge it twice to be able to do all those all the b rolls that i did. I got like a good 15 minute. The dji mini sc thats, something worth investing in is a spare battery.

I think that just one but two spare batteries anyway um im about to edit this video, but so far from what ive seen in this flight. So far from what ive seen on my phone, because you use your phone as your monitor for this and other controls. Uh 25 frames per second to give you that cinematic feel its not the most amazing quality, but its pretty good for vlogs its a great entry level drone just two things to keep in mind. You may want to consider the fly more. It is under 20. Australian. More but flies, but i feel like its worth a good old accessories that comes with especially the two batteries. I think a battery costs you at least like 60 70 already. This is from a perspective of a beginner drone pilot thanks for joining into this vlog guys ill see you guys in the next one.