Today, weve got a little bit of a different video uh were not gon na travel that much but were gon na present to you, our new equipment for filming, which is this drone right here. This drone right here guys its a jai model mini se. Se stands for standard edition. We purchased this drone. When we went to turkey, we were lucky enough to be able to get it for a really really low price. This right here is the fly more combo for giant mini se, and normally it resells around 450 british pounds for the entire pack, probably 500 euros or around 600 in the us. But we were lucky enough uh because we bought it at the moment at which the british pound was a lot higher than the turkish lira and we paid a total of only 210 british pounds, and that is uh. That was just a few days before we left turkey in adana 210 british pounds, its a great price for the fly more combo right here by the way guys. I also have to mention that this drone right here, the jai mini se, cannot be found in europe or the united states. It is a cheaper drone, uh created by jai to be sold in cheaper countries pretty much in countries that dont have that much money and those are countries outside the europe outside europe and outside the united states. Obviously, with a few exceptions, so you wont be able to find this in those countries only in the cheaper one, so we were able to find it in turkey.

Probably a similar model for this one right here would be the jai mini 2. That would be the closest model to this one from my understanding and what i saw online. Its got similar components as the mini 2, but it is a little bit lighter. Its got a little bit more plastic, obviously because they had to make it cheaper for the public in those countries, but were gon na open it right now guys and were gon na show you what it is inside so lets get straight into it. We open the case this case right here also comes with a fly more combo, its one of the main components of the fly more combo. This is the drone right here guys and, as you can see, its got a code on it. This is because, in romania, in order to fly a drone, you have to register as an operator as a flyer drone flyer and have to know to tell the authorities that youre going to be flying drones in romania and also shooting on your camera. That is why, if youre in romania or in a european country, you have to register as an operator in only one country, and then you can go in all european countries and film with no problems. Just having that operator identification number with you and placed on your drone, as you can see right here, as you can see, it is a really really small drone, its got below 250 grams, so it is able to be flown in an open filming area, which means You dont need a test.

You dont need a certification. You dont need to do any of that stuff. You can just register uh pay the fee for registration depending on the country and then thats it youre free to fly were gon na open the legs as well. So you can have an idea of how it opens there. You go theyre right there, and these are just gon na come up with a flip there. You go guys – and this is literally. This is the drone you dont need to do anything else to the to the wings. They just stay like this, and obviously they got ta be sturdy when they spin uh is going to be everything uh as normal, so they stay like this. You also have the label of mini standard edition on the side right here and also the ultralight 249 grams label right there on the drone, the camera, its a 2.7 k, camera in 30 frames per second thats, the maximum. It will go its not a 4k camera. So that is unfortunate, but for the price i would say it is really really good and a lot of people prefer, including us, prefer to film only in full hd. So that is 1080p, which is great great shots, and i think in 1080p it goes up to 120 frames per second jai uh mavic mini 2 has the same camera, which is really great and a triple axis. Three axis gimbal is also included right there uh.

This is the protection for the camera alone, but this is the camera. Guys were gon na put it on the ground right there, and let us show you what lc comes with weve got three batteries and one charger that will charge all three batteries simultaneously, which is really really great. Uh weve got one battery inside the drone right now and two more right here. Normally, if you buy the normal uh drone without a fly more combo, it will only come with one battery and one normal uh standard. One normal charger were gon na, put this on the side and try it. So next up is going to be the remote control right here uh. This is where youre gon na place your phone. By the way. This drone right here works with any type of phone. When we bought it, we were worried that it would, it would only work with iphone, but it works with samsung. It works with huawei um it uh. It works great with that no problem at all, so its not only some its, not only iphone. So this is the remote control right here. These are the antennas. You can open them like this and, as you can see, youve got a cable on the side right here which goes inside your phone, so you can have connection between your phone and the remote control right here. A really good uh thing about this um drone is that it comes with multiple uh cables like this one, so you can connect it with iphone and other um samsung or other android phones as well right there.

The phone goes inside this case right here. This goes into your charging plug and by the way, your phone will also be charged uh by the remote control that is really great and the remote control charges separately. So youre gon na charge this and then your phone charges from the remote control. These are the joysticks for the remote control safely deposited right here there you go guys. It works like that, but were not going to keep. It were just going to put it on the side, so we dont lose them. You also got these buttons right here. This is to take a picture, so you operate the camera inside the drone from here take a picture, start recording and also the really nice function of come back home. You just press this button and the drone will fly up to an altitude that you set before flying it, and the drone will automatically come back to you back to the spot where you started were gon na put this down now guys. This is the remote control and, as i said, weve got plenty of cables. Weve got chargers right there and also multiple wings replacements right there, which is really really good. They come in handy if one of yours break youve, got a complete set to change them, and all of this right here guys coming in this really really nice box right there. So you dont have to have a special backpack or anything like that.

You just put them in there safe nice, perfect for travel and because we opened the drone already guys before we started filming this video. We actually uh played a little bit around with it, but we never used it fully uh as in outdoors. So i think that is what were gon na do next were gon na go outdoors into a park that is nearby and test it, and probably give you a view from the drone as well, and maybe uh well see how it works. Lets go Music right, guys were outside right now there are minus three degrees celsius outside it is freezing my hands are freezing anyways were gon na be flying. The point has been updated. Please check it on the map. Take off uh take off permitted. Thank you. Thanks for that, all right so were gon na be flying the the the drone. For the first time we never uh. This is going to be the first time flying it. Outdoors uh. We only played around. We did in the apartment, but were gon na. Do it uh for the first time right now and weve got the app right here you have to download the gy fly app. You obviously have the drone rider and were gon na, prepare it for lunch, its just one button sure the app will also tell you uh. If youre allowed to fly the drone in this area, make sure you check it out as well.

Uh perform authorization zone entering americas. Aircraft to exit, okay cancel so were not allowed in. This area were not allowed to go above 120 meters high, but were not gon na. Do that were just gon na play a little bit around with it, because we dont have a lot of experience. So, as you can see, i can control the height. You can already see the drone im going to start filming as well. Just so we get an idea there we go, so it is actually filming right now and let me turn around so we can see it by the way guys there are three flying modes. You can also see us right here. There are three flying modes. We are using right now, the cinematic mode, which is a slow motion kind of a mode, so you can take really really nice shots. There is also sports mode, which is really really fast and normal mode, which is going to be average speed. So just go around, you can go up. Left right is also filming right now there we go, we can spin around while we also climb again were not experts, while were learning guys. What do you think about this Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, and that was the flight guys my hands are frozen. It was a short one were gon na learn more obviously were gon na study and play around with it. But right now lets go back home and that was you guys were back home now.

That was actually a freezing experience. It was pretty cold outside and we didnt fly that much as you probably so, but uh. We are really excited to learn more about the drone, learn how to fly better and obviously you already saw the shots. They were not the best, but were gon na get better, were gon na improve and were gon na, learn about it and obviously bring all that experience from up there to you on this channel right here, but guys if you enjoy the video make sure you smash. The like button and subscribe the channel, so you dont, miss any of our future videos from romania, other european countries and even southeast asia. Sometime this year were gon na, go there and obviously were gon na. Take you with us and with that being said, check out the example description watch.