Today we are going to introduce a drone. The name of the drone is dgi mini s. E camera, drawn with three axis: gimbal 2.7 k: camera gps is 30 minute flight time and reduced weight. Less than 0.55 lbs for 249 grams mini drawn improved scale 5. Wind resistance, gray, color, lets see the specification of this drone. The price for this drone is 289 dollars, so the brand is dgi. Color of this drone is gray. Control type is a remote control. Media type micro sd card: our batteries include yes, item weight is 242 grams; remote control, yes check the ratings of amazon, 118 and 53 ratings and 222 answer. Question have been saved for this drone amazon choice for dji mini 3. Pro lets see the picture of this drone, so this is the entire view of the drone wow. This is beautiful, the wings and the drone gambles. So there are the charger. The batteries, the accessories and a remote control is very amazing for this drone. So the weight of the drone is 249. It means less than 250 grams, which is good quality of this drone. So next we are going toward this picture, so this is the daytime picture where the ground is on the sky, and this is the very interesting picture of this drone that it flies in every weather. You know in cloudy weather, in rainy weather, also and focus of the drone is remarkable. So this is the 360 picture of this drone.

Yes, so very, very beautiful drone for a daily use and for adventure. You can use this drawn as well. So next the main theme of this product is about this item. So light is a smartphone where less than 0.05 lbs, it means 249 grams, ddi mini. He is roughly the same weight as the smartphone in the united states and canada. You can fly this camera drone without the need of register. You are drawn with the local government. Next is capture on the geo. The light weight and powerful ddi m mini he camera drone is the ideal for creators on the move. The ultra portable design allows you to effectively capture moments in unforgottable ways. Next, one is more time in the sky: ddi mini s e words allow it to stay in the air longer than similar consumers capture the detail. It supports 12 megapixel aerial photo and 2.7 k. Hd videos, a3 axis monetized gamble, provides surprise, camera stability and engine clear ultra smooth footage. So next view is upgraded. Wind resistance, ddi mini se, can resist 29 to 38 kph wins and take off at a max attitude of 4 000 meters. This is a very interesting thing in this drone that you can fly it for 4, 000 meters wow. What a great remarkable drone this is, so your footage is stable, even if this is in flying alone, a windy coastal line are high above an elephant protest of the forest. You know the garage graceful forest, so this is important thing in this drone and next one is too easy to use a smartphone at the temple.