Today, um, i picked up a new item for the channel, which is the dji mini se, its more of a low key drone, which i thought would be beneficial to the channel to get um some shots on a drone on a vlog when were in sort of Crowded areas and that ive heard good reviews, ive heard its very quiet. I heard its got a good battery life et cetera end up getting the fly more combo, which comes with three batteries, a little carry case and a few other bits and pieces. So im gon na do my first flight today with you guys so stay tuned: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So i hope you enjoyed the first flight uh. Basically, i went down to the first park that i flew the mavic a couple months back and i just gave a bit of a bit of a fly around. There was some very curious magpies in the gum trees in the park, so i didnt go up high today, but it flies really well. I love the way that it does some really low flying uh across the grass and thats very, very responsive to the controls. So its really going to be handy ive got an idea for its first use. I guess in one of my vlogs when we stay at the adelaide oval hotel um. I know that its in the cbd, so this is why i wanted to get this drone.

Its more of a low key one and so im hoping to get it up around that led oval, not too high, just to sort of show the hotel etc. As i said, i got the fly more combo, which came in a little cake im just going to give you a quick look at that now, so pretty cool um it comes with. I will try and show this so it comes with three batteries and a charger dock, which is awesome. It does sequential charging um, which is something i didnt actually know um. So i only charges one battery at a time and a controller as well, and you can actually plug other things into it as well. Usb and usbc. So um not sure if i have a game enough to charge my phone with it, but still its handy uh as you can see its quite a cool little carry case uh. It comes with the controller which i actually found a little bit difficult. To put my iphone 12 pro max into um, but yes, its different, i dont mind the control after using it, it seems to be fine and, of course, the uh, the main uh star ill show you a bit of a montage with it open, etc. So that all packs away quite nicely in there and you get some extra blades and a couple little bits and pieces there, so yeah its really cool. I like the idea of it being in a case.

Unfortunately, my mavic didnt come with one um. I only gripe with it thus far is that ive noticed on the two times. Ive put it up just to test it. Is it takes a little while to connect to the satellite, so it sort of sits there with a warning for a bit longer than the mavic that ive got uh the mavic sort of picks up satellites and its ready to go straight away. But with saying that its um, its a very, very good value for money for the for the price, um itll, be a very handy tool for this channel. So youll probably see a lot more drone footage within the actual vlogs, which is cool and thats, going to be its main purpose, uh and again yeah, i might take it out for drone flights etc. Um for my drone films uh, it does 2.7 k when the mavic does 4k so be interesting to see how it goes with editing. But i had a look at the raw footage um on the app after i did the flight and it looks fine. So im happy with it but yeah just so. I do a quick video to show you guys some new kit for the channel uh, so yeah looking forward to showing you a lot more see you next time guys. Thank you so much for watching and plenty more coming up on. Just that.