There weve got that one which is like a nation from our neighbors whove gone through the bell pepper over there. So im gon na keep mad at the frost that would kill them, and actually these can winter and start growing again next spring, so thats great anyhow. What i want to do a review today about is this dji mini se. This is the very cheapest drone that dji is selling out the minute, and i cannot believe how great it is. Its a was it 2.7 k, video and also it has 12 mp photo. So its got it all great stability, its got a three axis, gimbal and uh. What more could you want ill show you, when you see the video youll go? Okay, you dont need to have to buy any of the drawn after this. This is it so lets start off with what you get you get these manuals. One here is a little uh information you know were here, for you contact them if youre, just a new person on flying drones, ill give you some good information there. This ones called flying your drone for fun tips on safety, and things like that. This one is your quick start guide. I would recommend looking on youtube because theres not much information in here on how to actually fly and use the app uh. This ones fly the right way. You know consider the people when youre flying this one is in chinese id want to speak chinese, so its a bit redundant to me, and this one is the dji mini disclaimer manual, and it is quite extensive.

Next up, we have these two usb connectors here. One is ive written d on coil, so it was from the drawn to your charging brick that one here goes from the controller to your charging brick. I wrote d and c so i dont get the mixture because they are different. What you also get is some extra propellers, which is great. You also get a phillips screwdriver which must be for taking on and off the props. You get two of these that screw onto this controller here, theyre just joysticks, and you also get two extra ones. Why im not quite sure, maybe the fall off or something, but here you get spare props. No one here got these two cables here once for um, iphones ones for android, and this actually three theres another one which i dont know whats for, but this connects from your controller to your phone and, of course, weve got the actual drawing here. Bro lets look at this uh controller here, so you just take one of these little knobs. Then you just screws in like a regular right hand threaded screw there and on this controller here, you just open up the two handles on the side, and this is why you place your phone in the space here this wire here, closing the side of your phone And the other end of the wire goes into your controller. That controller way here this usb connector there you plug that in to your charging, brick via a cable and thats.

What charges up this controller because it doesnt have removable batteries? Okay, see our lights up there. Just to show you what weve got on this is very quite simple. Actually, youve got your forward backward. The right left movement of the drone. You have your up movement, your down movement and then rotate on your axis left and right. This button here is the power button. You press it once then hold it down and itll come on, so you go click and then hold it down there when you here did it. It tells you its turned on this button here is for the return to home. So you press that when you want your drone to fly back home, okay ill just turn this off real quick there you go turned off the cm where one press down and a long press. So continuing on here. As you see, there are two extra knobs in these receptors. Its got receptacles here so its there for the extra joystick knobs here now then, on this side, what have we got? Well that button there is for taking photographs its got a picture of a camera on these are the antenna that push up there and you try and keep them at 90 degrees to your drawn when youre flying so and what else weve got here. Weve got this button here its like a mod button that goes between video and camera this scroll wheel here it makes your gimbal go up and down so and thats.

Basically, it not complex, which is great. It keeps everything simple now coming into the drawing. What i like to do first is make sure that you take your gimbal cover off and thats nice that this drone does come with a gimbal cover excellent good job ggi. Now then, its got levels on here and one says you pull this out. First and youre. Getting ready to fly, you pull those arms out first, which are the front arms and then the back arms you press down and out. The board goes down and out just like that now. What do we have here? Well, i can see there is a ventilation wall. There and vents there and vents on the bottom, so the cpu on this probably gets pretty hot because of all the processing that it has to do and the imu as well. Now then, here weve got a event intakes there, so when youre flying through the air that also keeps the processor cool, weve got a three axis gimbal here and it takes 2k video also 1080 video, both at 30 frames per second very good photographs. This here is the on off button, so to turn it on you just press it down, and then you hold it like that, hold it down and then itll make the noise. Can you hear that and all these lights still lit up to turn it off? You press it once down and then hold it like that there, okay, good on the back here we have sensors.

I think these might be sauna sensors and that was the optical floor sensor right there, and that tells the drone how far it is off the ground. It holds it level and its. This is a really good system, because this is the most stable drone. Ive ever seen me like now then, coming around onto the back, we have an sd card holder there, so you can put your sd card record directly to it. Rather than transmit the images of video down onto your phone, so this is better here we have a usb and you plug your charging, cable and break into that and that charges the battery which is inside this compartment somewhere. Yes, here there we go and that just pulls out lets put that down there and you can see the battery there. We go its a 7.7 volt, so thats pretty good and it looks like its just two cells that just goes into there and that is the connector to the battery. So he makes you that connector, and that goes there, click it in and click it down all right. All all good a nice looking drawn next thing to do is uh, get it connected to the your android or your ipad, or your iphone im going to connect to the android step. One is turn on the controller. Ive got the android in there, but i dont have it connected into the controller itself yet so i believe the steps are short press and long press there.

We go those flashing lights, no tell you that its looking for the drone. So then we turn the drone on same thing, short press, then long, press, the lights, okay ill, probably do itself a little gimbal calibration and you see those flat when that stops flashing and you can see over there. Can you see that yeah? This is now solid, and that is flashing red there. All right next thing to do is to plug this audio sb into the holder. There tells you that the device is slowly charging, so this is charging the phone. I think i think thats whats happening and uh it says. Dgi fly yeah were going to open that one, and the thing is with this app is you dont have to go up to settings and all that stuff? That seems to do it all for you. It says: go fly now. I want to record a screen app, so everything will be easy for you to understand. Okay, the screen app is recording im, just recording the screen. All right next thing to do is go fly and well see this come up right and now what we can see now is through the camera of the drone itself, its facing towards us: okay, top right hand, corner. There are three dots and if you press those three dots it takes you under this window. Here now youve got max altitude. You can set that ive got mine, 182 meters, you can set it anything.

You want max distance return to warm altitude. You know – and here this part is important – it says uh compass, compass, normal imu normal and i think, once in the blue means its already ready to go its already calibrated and i am used but im going to show you how to uh calibrate the drone. So on here on the compass, at least here we go, it says start. This is clear of metal objects. We will do that and you will be above the ground. The distance between the aircraft is around 1.5 meters. That sounds about right, rotate. The aircraft, the drawn 360 degrees horizontally here so lets do that 360 degrees. Here there we go now. It says: rotate the aircraft 360 degrees vertically. So it just means like that, and you see – and you didnt notice, that, because i was telling that this got the flashing green light here that looks good must be successful. Now, then, it says the lightning environments too dark walk here. Well turn it like that hows, that is, that better we havent got our gps, yet so uh next sony. If you go to those three dots top right hand, corner weve gone through this menu theres. Also at the top is control, and that lets you know all the different positions you can be in like. If you wanted sport cine, i mean come on units in measurement in madrid or imperial thats, three inches um, gimbal mode, fpv mode, im, not sure exactly about that yet um, but rc calibration.

Okay. That looks good there. Then, on the top. Here you can press camera that tells you what your situation is once a ratio of 16 to nine there for the screen. What else have we got camera parameters? Okay? Now then your transmission frequency, and that tells you, those green color blocks there. That tells you a stable frequency and this here this long. This rectangle here is enclosing the weakest tree. You can see there, which is fine, but you can change that because you can go into uh its auto at the moment. If you go on the manual, you can change that so anyhow, at the bottom of the screen. Here it tells you were recording 2.7 k at 30 frames per second, which is great, tells you got 48.45 gigabytes of storage on the sd card. This red dot is for recording video or photo left hand side there is to make the drone fly up from the ground. Take off this one heres compass, you press that if you want compass, bearings and stuff like that now then up here at the top. Next to these three dots, it tells youve got 85 battery in that green circle there, and it tells you youve, got 11 youve got 11 satellites by the looks of it, and the signal is really good. Okay, great what else have we got well down here? Youve got your height how high youre flying and how the distance aware from the control of the drone is.

It says here at 6.4 meters which is uh it isnt, so im gon na press that upgrade firmware and see where that is well right.