Ever since it was released. Dji did a great job with this drone of designing something that would allow a new flyer to enter the hobby, not spend a lot of money, but get a ton of sophistication in a tiny little portable package. The mini ses got some of the features intact from the original mavic mini that came out a couple of years ago and its got a couple of features in tech that are in the new mini 2, as well in a package that most people can afford. Now i get a ton of questions from viewers on the channel about what accessories im, using with the mini se and honestly anytime, a new drone comes out. We start thinking about what accessories we need for that drone and well. Look on the market for manufacturers that release accessories well buy a bunch of them well bring them in the team will go out in the field and theyll fly with them like crazy to test them out and, quite honestly, a lot of the accessories that are on The market dont measure up youll find out that a lot of them that look really good on a website, youll buy them youll bring them home, put them on your drone and a couple of weeks later theyre on a shelf, someplace youre, not really using them. So i want to try and do that homework for you and when we find something that we like, like this product ill talk about it on the channel now a landing gear kit in general might not seem intuitive.

You might think well if they needed it. Why didnt they put it on the drone? It was released. Well, you got to remember its a bit of a catch 22 to design a folding drone like this, because your main objective in this case is to build one thats small. It folds up really small under 250 grams and theres, not a lot of room in there for extra stuff and the challenge with that. The catch 22 part is making it small also means that it hasnt got a lot of ground clearance. So if you look up front, that gimbal assembly is almost touching the ground and when you first power up the drone, it goes through a power on self test where it rotates the gimbal through three axis of rotation, to make sure that its got freedom of movement And that close to the ground, if you put this thing down on grass its gon na hit the grass, the gimbal looks down like this, its gon na swipe across that grass, and you may pass the power on self test, but think about that. If the grass is the least bit wet or its got debris on it, youre swiping your camera lens across that wet grass on the bottom. If you put it down in soft dirt its going to do the same thing, and even if you put it down in a parking lot, im a cattleman concrete, its so close to the ground that when you spin up the props that down wash from the props, Is gon na kick up all kinds of dust and debris its gon na get up inside your gimbal assembly, so having it a little bit higher off the ground, gives it some air ventilation underneath it to move that dirt away from it.

It just is a better situation, all the way around and quite honestly, i use a landing mat now. I know a lot of people out there, especially with a small drone like this like to hand, launch it and hand catch it. I like using a landing map because i feel like as a pilot one of the most basic things you can master is the take off and the landing and nothing excites me more than ending a flight coming back and trying to land right dead center. On that h, but even with a landing mat because of the weight of the drone, it sinks down, especially in grass itll sink down on the landing, mat and ive had occasions where the gimbal actually rubs along the landing mat. When it first starts up – and i get a gimbal error, so what this does, is it snaps on the drone really quickly you can unfold in a couple of seconds? It gives you a little bit of extra height and the beautiful part about it is youre still into the 250 grams. So what youve got with this on? There is about 244. I think the drone and it varies a little bit, but the drone weighs about 234 grams. These add about 8 or 10 grams to the weight so youre still into the 250. You can leave them on. The color is the same as the drone. So it looks like a stock product. You can fold it up, put it back in the case and not have to worry about it, but anytime people ask me rick if you had to pick five accessories to start with on a drone.

What would that be? Pretty much not in any order, i got a landing mat. I got especially like this ive got a landing gear. Kit ive got a good case for it. Ive got a good charger for it, and ive got some other protections for the gimbal up front. Maybe im using a set of nd filters if im flying in different conditions, but anyway for the landing gear, kit, thats, thats number one or number two, because when you put this thing down, youre going to want to land it in the grass in the dirt. In a parking lot and that junk is going to get up inside that gimbal and thats, nothing, you can fix on your own so over time. All that grit and dirt and goop up in there is going to cause problems with that gimbal and youre, going to have to send it out for repair so im not trying to scare you im just talking from experience so with me. I use it every time. I fly one of the first things i do when i get a new drone is find a set of landing gear, snap them on the drone, especially one like this and then fly with it and use it every time i go out. So what i want to show you next is how to put these on, because the beautiful part about these guys is, you can put them on the drone and leave it on the drum when you put it away for the day, so theres no reason to pop Them off one of the things we had a problem with with some of the other kits, is you? Can you couldnt leave them on the drone? They were just too big to fit in the case.

You had to pull them off every time and i feel like that. Putting them on pulling them off is going to eventually wear whatever plastic or material theyre made out of and theyre going to be loose on. There and the worst thing that can happen, is to have a set of these on there go off and fly and try to land with missing a leg, because now youve got kind of a wonky drone to land that gets kind of scary. The other thing i like about these is they match the collar, so thats kind of cool but, more importantly, theyre not going to scratch the legs, some of the other ones we looked at when you put them on and took them off a couple of times. You could notice little rivlets or should say little little cuts if you will in the legs. I didnt like that because now im messing with my drone, so these go on they stay on. You can take them off if you want, but theres no need to do that, so stay tuned, ill. Show you how easy it is to install these its pretty intuitive and then ill. Come back with a couple of final closing thoughts inside the kit. Youll find four extensions, two for the back and two for the front. The back extensions are different, so you got to make sure youve got them on the right arm of the quad. The front ones are labeled different, but theyre interchangeable ive had no issues putting them on either leg.

Now, to start with, on the back, you want to make sure youre looking at the drone upside down, and these legs extend up like this, so its pretty obvious that this is going to snap on here and then cover this pivot point. The way i install, that is to snap it on the leg and slide it up till it clicks same thing on this side, snap it on the leg and then slide it up until it clicks now with the front legs. I always want to do this on a flat surface, because youre going to push pretty hard against this and by having the motors on this surface, you can push down and not have to bend the arm and youre going to look closely inside. There youll see theres a flat side here and theres a curved side. There same thing with the foot. You can see a flat side here and a curved side just line up the flat side and push down until theyre all away seated down like that, and if you look closely at it, the feet are actually on the inside and theyll fold. Out like this, you can do the same with the other side. Push down like that now, once theyre fully seated youre good to go to open them up, youll just pop these, and when you open them fully, listen for the click, theres, a click right there that holds them all the way open. You want to make sure that theyre fully open and the same with these guys when youre done for the day you can fold them down and theyll snap closed, hear those clicks and lay these down flat, and then you can fold up the drone.

So you can fold up the back two legs like this. You can fold up the top legs like this and they close up nice and tight. Now. The only thing i will caution you about is its really tight in here and ive. Had some people ask me about well gee thats gon na hit right there, just lift it up a tiny bit or fold these legs down and fold it up like that. It works just great and again theres no way to make that shorter inside there, but ive had no issues with it and ive been using these for the for the duration of the mavic mini product line from the original mavic mini through the mini 2. And now the mini sc, the one thing i will mention, though, is they are different, so this set fits the mini sc and the mini 2 theres, a different set for the mavic mini both of those are available. Now you can see just how easy it is to install these on the drone. I think that whole process took about 30 seconds now heres a couple of final thoughts. For me, a landing gear kit is an absolute essential, especially in a drone. This small, because ive flown these drones for a long time going way back to the original mavic pro, and it always worried me that that gimbal and camera assembly is just so close to the ground. Im, not a hand catcher. I do it on occasion, but by and large i take off and land on a mat, but even with a mat, sometimes especially with these smaller drones that gimbal can rub on that mat during that power on self test.

So i dont like any kind of errors that pop up on the drone and ive had a couple of gimbal errors when i put it through power on self test, where that gimbal actually rubbed on the mat. What i like so much about this kit as compared to some of the other ones, that we looked at number one, the color, i know its a small thing, but a lot of the kits out there are black – i guess its, maybe less expensive, to make it In black than gray, but gray matches the drone, you cant even really tell its on the drone when you look at it. The other thing i like a lot about this kit is the way it fits the drone. The way they clamp on the drone theyre gon na stay there and ive flown this thing. I probably had a hundred take off and landings with this and pretty pretty good wind too and nothings ever happened. Theyve never worked loose, theyve, never popped off. I like that. They stick on the drone. I also like that, if i take them off the drone, i havent got big scratch marks on the legs, which is something that youre spending a lot of money on the drone you dont want an accessory to sort of you know, mess up your drone when youre Putting it on there and then the last thing ill mention is that theyre lightweight, so the drone again 234 grams, with a battery in it ready to fly.

You put these on yet another eight or ten grams to it, youre still well under the 250 grams. So theres other room for things. If you want to stick stickers on it or whatever. So for me, this kit really works and again weve tested a ton of them on the market. Im not going to talk about the other manufacturers that weve tested because im, not a big fan of doing those kind of you know my dad can beat up your dad comparisons on the site and talking about the ones that didnt work out. Well, i talk about the ones that i like and the ones that we use so anyway, if youre interested in this kit ive got a link below we offer it on the website. Again, we support everything we sell. So if you ever buy something from us and have questions later on or problems just email, us and well take care of it, we ship these every day from new jersey. I can get them to you faster than amazon can and again we stand behind our products. So well always be here in case you have questions, and that was pretty much all i had for today.