This could be the dream drone that everybodys been waiting for and uk retailer argus of accidentally or on purpose posted these leaks on their website. Theyve taken them off now, but the fly more combo is still on there. For some reason you can check it out ill link it in the description down below, but from these leaks and weve got the spec. Somebody actually picked the specs up off the website very quickly. This looks like the drone that weve all been waiting for, particularly myself as a creator, somebody on youtube that uses drones every now and again i did have the original mavic mini and although it was under 250 grams, you could fly it anywhere. That was a good thing about it. It had no 4k, it had no smart tracking options. The range was disappointing. The overall thing was not very good, so dji have seemed to address all of those issues in this new drone, and i think what theyve done is sort of combined the mavic air, together with the mavic mini and created this one called super drone. So anyway, without further ado, here are the specs that have been leaked. First of all, the price 859 pounds or 1080 dollars in the us thats a really compelling price and even more compelling by the pictures on the website. It looks like its coming with djis new smart controller with the screen built in and if that really is the case now, this is a real bargain, because their other smart controller is like 872 pounds in the uk, whatever it is its ridiculously expensive with the screen Built in this drone comes with that kind of controller built in if thats true.

This is the bargain of the century, not only that the specs look phenomenal as well, so keeping within the mavic mini sort of specs that weve had in previous versions its 249 grams. So thatll allow you to fly it anywhere without any sort of restrictions and thats a must when it comes to this day and age, because theyre, just stopping you doing from everything its got a one on one third inch cmos sensor, which is good its going to Be hopefully better in low light conditions, a 48 megapixel raw photos it can take and it will be able to record in 4k, ultra hd with hdr support as well. So 4k 60 thats um a must 4k for a drone. Really, when you get it these kind of shots, you need thats. That kind of detail 4k is a minimum. That was what we were missing from the original mini. It only had 2.7 k and it just the picture. Just didnt look good, so 4k, brilliant edition. 4K. 60, 1080 at 120, as well, so its got that ability to shoot slow motion, apparently as well thats a brilliant feature: 16 meters per second top speed, which in english is 35 miles an hour. So its quick range was a massive issue on the original mini. Now this has got a 4 000 meter height band, so its going to be able to go high, like the original mavic pro i had back in the day, so its going to go high as well.

The range on the mini was just terrible, so hopefully this will go a bit further with the new remote. I expect to be up to 10 kilometers at least so lets hope for that. An improved 34 minutes flight time, thats pretty decent. If youve got the fly more combo, you can have three batteries included in this as well. So youre gon na have over 90 minutes worth of flight time, thats brilliant um apparently like i said it includes a new remote and if it does its going to be really really impressive, its got the new screen built in ive got some pictures to overlay on Here so you can see it really really impressive, specs so far the fly more combo will be about 159 pounds or 200. So then you get two more batteries. Like i said, and propellers and a case, other new features is going to have optical avoidance by the look of the design of this. Its got big cameras on the front and bottom so its going to be able to avoid any obstacles, hopefully youre, not going to crash in any trees. Its got. The tracking features built in, which is something else. Weve been missing from the mini in the past. Those tracking features where you can do the smart loops and the boomerang or whatever you want to do its going to track the person as well thatd, be really handy for me for electric bike videos, i can ride down a lane and i can track myself with The camera, so hopefully that will be built in as well.

So is this: the dream come true drone that everybodys been waiting for. I like the fact that sort of looks like theyre, combining the mini and the air together to bring one super drone. Weve got 4k weve got obstacle. Avoidance weve got tracking weve got a better range. Weve got a better battery life. Not only weve got those specs its under 250 grams, which helps you fly it anywhere without any kind of restrictions. Apart from near no fly zones near airports, obviously stick to the laws and be careful where youre flying your drone. But to have this all these features packed into one little tiny package if its true and the price is right, im definitely gon na be getting one. So if youre new to the channel, please do make sure you subscribe down here, press the bell, so you dont miss any future uploads because were gon na be covering more on this drone coming soon and other tech uploads every single week. So yeah stay tuned, really appreciate it. Give this video a like as well. It really does help hopefully were going to be getting the dream.