Hawk 2 hd it’s come in this packing. Ah now in the spec list it says that you get a spare set of the 3.5 inch. Scimitar props and let’s see what we’ve got here. This is two stairs that i’ve got here, and those were just on the package like that now i don’t know if this is something that they are doing or if it’s something that they are sending to reviewers you see, 3.5 inches is a new size and for Now these scimitar props are the only 3.5 inch prop, and i think this has been a problem so i’m, not getting this guy the same time as all of the other reviewers i’ve been sent. This the same time, you could buy it and i believe, there’s been a problem. Getting these props, but anyways we’ve got two spare sets there, so perhaps they are sending that with the package. Now, let me know if you got one of these recently. If you got two spares outside of the box, but the box, it has come sealed and on the rear of the box, we have got a warning and then all of the emacs social media things the emacs baby, hawk 2 hd and as far as i’m aware, You can only get this hd version, which doesn’t mean that it’s got like a hybrid camera on it. It means that you have to have at least the dji digital hd, fpv goggles, and then your own separate transmitter to bind to this, and i think there’s going to be a lot of emacs followers that might be upset by this.

Because up till now, all of the emacs models have been analog and i would say a good 60 to 70 percent of hobbyists are flying analog, so this cuts them out of the picture all together. So hopefully, one day we will see an analog version. If not at least you can buy the frame separately and the motors, in fact everything. So you could make your own one up, but you know i would much prefer it if emacs came up with their own one that you could buy let’s take a look in the box. This is first time opening it. We have got some foam on there. We’Ve got some emacs stuff, so stickers, we’ve got the manual by a qr code, and what we’ve got here is just the is that the vista, the codex vista manual, i think it is so we’ve got the quad in here. We’Ve got to put the props on anything else. No it’s, quite minimalistic in here for emacs, so we’ve got some screws there, and this is just one set of these scimitar props in here. So you get one two three. So three sets in this one: emacs usually go for a props out configuration. Of course you can look in beta flight to see what direction they’re going but i’m just going to stick the props on for now, so that it looks like a quadcopter. This is just the life of a youtuber when i’m going to beat a flight later i’ll be taking the props off anyways.

Before i stick, the props on let’s see if a four inch by blade will fit see if we’ve got the clearance. Oh clearance, there yeah let’s try the back. I think this is where it’s going to struggle. Ah, okay yeah, i did wonder whether they made this guy for these blades originally but it’s, actually, the vista that’s getting in the way. I think, though, if the vista wasn’t there, these props would clear if you’re looking at doing your own build, but not with the vista in place, a tip for putting on these propellers to this type of motor, where we’ve got these screw. Threads is not to put them on the shaft first, because these are tight, fitting and quite often, you’ll put the screws through here and you either won’t find the thread you’ll be trying to line up with your eyes or you’ll, find one thread or start screwing, and It ends up screwing into the actual metal and not finding a thread which is no good because you’ll mess up all of your motors. So you put the screws in first so that they poke out of the other side like that and then put the center shaft in, and you don’t even need to look. What you can do is push the prop down and you can twist them into a thread like that and that always ensures that the screw will just go directly in and it won’t bust up your motor okay, so let’s see what i think about this guy.

I’Ll start off with the frame that actually looks quite weak and brittle, but it’s not just look how thick this carbon plate here is so it’s a unibody on the bottom plate. So, if anything does break, then it’s an entire plate to be replaced, including the electronics, but that is fine, because i don’t think it’s going to break very easily. What i think we might get is some prop wash from it. I’Ve never been a fan of these multiple struts for arms. It tends to mess up the airflow. We are a little bit of a bigger prop here, 3.5 inch, but it still might be a problem. So the camera is the codex nebula pro. It is almost as good as the original dji camera just struggles with the white balance a little bit, especially when it’s overcast the blues and the sort of warmer colors. You can see the white balance flicker between the two but other than that it’s, a good camera. If this is all we had i’d be fine with that don’t like how they have mounted it in tpu, however, it seems like it’s really stiff tpu, so we’ll have to see if i get any jello through there. So we got the vista mounted at the back. Here and it’s actually part of the standoff there and there’s no standoff underneath here. We’Ve got a middle standoff there as well, and you might not be able to see. Maybe if i make it look, all shiny we’ve got a just it’s.

Actually, i thought yeah is it part of the frame? I think it is, however, it’s not very thick so that’s just to really protect this board underneath from water. I would say more than anything because i can bend this material here, there’s not really much to talk about in terms of electronics. With this guy, but let’s start with the motors. They are the emacs eco budget brand and they have a status size of 1404 and they are 3700 kv. Then, moving to this all in one esc and flight controller, you can see it easier from the underneath. Actually so the escs are 25 amp four and one bl halle s and not bl heli32 and an f4 flight controller we’ve got a beefy capacitor in the middle there for any noise, it’s 35 volt, 470 micro farads. So, as with any emacs model, they tune it themselves, they give it to their pilots, and i imagine that it is going to fly nicely with the recommended battery, which is 850 milliamp hour 4s. If you start messing around with lighter or heavier batteries or start sticking, i know say a gopro on there or a naked gopro, then you’d have to look at changing the tune. Potentially, however, the emax pilots, they do stick a tune on there. That is kind of changeable to weight slightly because they know people will mess around with it a little bit rather than just making it a completely tight tune for this battery.

So you might be able to change it up a little bit, but the thing with emacs as well as they tell you not to touch any of their tunes or any of their settings whatsoever if i’m being picky, then i like how this antenna is mounted it’s. Really sturdy, actually they have developed a plate for it to sit in, however, it’s a little bit low. So if the battery is on top there and you are facing towards yourself, then the signal is getting completely blocked. I’M, so used to these long range models. Now, with these huge antennas, which give you amazing reception, that’s – something that i would change also these wires here that are soldered into the all in one board, they’re sticking up a little bit now just looks a bit messy that’s. All we’ve got some of the emax tape around there: medical tape, whatever you want to call it to sort of keep them in check, but yeah. Let me just stick up a little bit there. This is the pnp version, so you get a little connector tucked inside which you can connect to an s. Bus receiver, however, it’s also connected to the s bus from the vista unit, so i can bind my dji transmitter directly to the vista and i’ll get the same range as the video out of it. So no need for crossfire, no need for extra antennas. I think it’s the best way. Personally, they do a d8 version just stay away from that, because you’ve got about 80 meters of range with that i don’t know why they’ve even made that an option, but there you go so let’s, get everything bound here.

I’Ve got the goggles turned on i’ve got my controller turned on. You have to bind the goggles first. Otherwise, if you bind this first, then you’ll lose the bind from the controller. A little bit. Annoying i’ve got a cocktail stick here and on the red button. It’S, just a short press get the beep beep beep plug the quadcopter in wait until the red light goes green on the vista there we go so now, press the bind button should get a beep beep on there. This is the tricky part. You have to press the record button, this button there and then the scroller down, and then that goes blue and starts beeping. Then we have to press this button again. There we go and we are all bound up next i’m, going to plug the battery in and again wait for the green light on the vista to show. I’Ve got a usb c cable here going into the computer, and this is to see in the dji assistant fpv series, whether it has already been activated or not so plug that in there usually takes a second or so okay it’s, showing up as a unit light. So it needs to be activated, start activation and then what i’m gon na do? You won’t see this bit, but i usually stick a fan on the thing because it can take a while to download and update activating is quick. But then, after that, it will ask for a survey and then it’ll ask me to upgrade this firmware and it can get quite hot and if it keeps resetting, then that’s, because it is overheating, so you need to get a fan on there.

So i’m gon na do that now: okay and once that’s done just in case it’s got your region wrong or you want to unlock it. I’M plugging the quadcopter back in to the computer and it’s brought up this internal drive here. We just do new text document to call it n a c o and go inside and type the number one file and save, and that gives you the full power of the vista. Okay, let’s take a look at the setup in beta flight now emacs say that you’re not to touch any of their settings, but you at least need to make sure that you’ve got the props on the right way around and to see. If your controller is working correctly and mapped correctly, so if i press connect we’re on b to flight version, 4.2.5 it’s fairly recent version let’s check out the ports tab. So we have got the s bus on serial rx on the uart two and up one is for the msp on the vista, so no spare uarts but that’s fine, because we don’t need any. Obviously you can get a crossfire version of this, so there must be enough pads to do the tx and rx on there. Let’S go on to the configuration tab. It is props in how about that. We have got d shot 600 and we have not got rpm filtering motor idle at six is fine motor stop off is fine. We’Ve got a board alignment correction in there arming set to 80.

I would set that at 180 that’s a safety feature so that it doesn’t arm when you are carrying it, but you should always disconnect the battery when you’re carrying it anyways. Then, when it’s set to 180. That means, if you get stuck in a tree, you can arm it at any angle. So we’ve got s bus here and serial base receiver. That is all fine. We’Ve got some personalization there for potential on screen display, got soft serial, enabled there, but nothing in the port tab. So maybe, if you get the crossfire version they’re using a soft serial for something, but this isn’t that version telemetry on ammo permanently on on screen, display and dynamic filter. I wouldn’t change anything. There. We’Ve got rx loss and rx set for d shot commands. I would have those on there as well, so save and reboot. Okay. Well, that’s, not doing it so let’s. Try again did it save my settings in here? Yes, it did right power and battery. You shouldn’t touch any of this, but 3.3 for the voltage sag. So save that appeared tuning let’s have a look. What we’ve got here so we’ve got profile. One profile two and looks like we’ve got just two profiles. Then those are high, pids aren’t they one and two so probably in the manual. They have got two different pid profiles for doing different things. So just looking at the instructions here, doesn’t say to use different pid profiles.

In fact, it says we do not suggest you change any of the pid settings, so maybe either one of them isn’t in use or if it detects a different number of cells. It switches to a different pid profile, let’s check out the rate profiles. So that looks like stuck to me stuck interesting, all stuck okay, well i’m, going to put my own rates in there, so i go seven, five on the rate and then 16.16 on the expo. Some people like to look at the filters, so there we go. If you want to see the filters let’s go into the receiver tab taer, this needs to be completely different for my dji transmitter, so that actually is set up for a taranis. But mine is a t e r, just a confused thing. That’S because my dji transmitter is mode one, so i have to do it in that order. Rssi actually don’t need at all because that feeds through to the dji goggles rc deadband for my dji transmitter it’s a little bit loose around the middle, so i’m going to stick seven in there. So if i just save that that should do me, then let’s turn the dji transmitter on. Oh, that is a bummer i’m, actually not getting any control through beta flight. So either there is a setting wrong or it’s, not actually soldered up to the s. Bus from the vista damn look at that s. Bus isn’t, connected up on the vista in this one, it’s gon na, have to come apart.

Okay, so it’s, actually pretty easy to take apart. We’Ve got two screws underneath these back two standoffs, one there and two at the front, and this just lifts off like that. Leaving these things here in order to get to the s bus y i’m gon na, have to take the antenna off, which it does just slide through here, like that looks like actually there’s some damage to the coax that’s gone on there, getting it into this slot, Which isn’t ideal it’s not looking very plug and fly now? Is it suppose they are hedging their bets that people will want to connect to receiver to there but i’m, not sure what kind of receiver would suit that plug there’s some d8 receivers that that would plug straight into using a d8 receiver on this is a complete Waste, so maybe an xm plus, but even then you aren’t going to get full use of the range of the vista using an xm plus i still can’t reach those solder pads very well. I think i’m gon na have to take this part off as well. Hopefully, it’s just a long screw yeah, so these things are threaded and it should just come off. I mean it’s, a nice design if you are just building it. The once watch out for these washers here that are on this side of the vista so that it doesn’t come in contact with the carbon plate for the antenna so time to get soldering up.

I suppose so. The quality of the soldering on this board is a little bit messy. Even for my standards, because i’m, not great at soldering i’ve, got the s bus wire, going in here now to the s bus wire on the vista and also the ground, i’ve removed. The 5 volt from there i’ve also added a naked gopro power connector. At the same time, in case they ever bring a mount out for it. While i’ve got all of this in bits. Yeah that was fun wasn’t it not exactly plug and play for me. Anyways let’s go to the modes tab so arming i’m, just going to go auto on this, so that’s aux 1. for me, i’ve got the props off here. Remember so, for the most tab, we’ve got angle and horizon i’m going to take a ryzen out and let’s. Just do auto again, so i like angle here then we’re going to go acro over there. Beeper let’s go auto on that one, and i usually have this one for my beeper yep, so that’s, the orcs too, and they’ve probably got flip over after crash run, which i’m going to get rid of. So that is all of the modes. Let’S go into the on screen display to see what they’ve got here so they’ve just got the average battery cell voltage, which is fine, i’m gon na get rid of that, because it confuses me, but that is fine, because we’ve got the full battery voltage.

That comes through to the dji goggles. You know what none of this is useful to me: rssi value, and neither is the craft name so i’m, just going to get rid of all of that let’s see if we’ve got anything in the video transmitter. No, that is fine, because this is the dji system, that is the long winded beta flight setup. All right, let’s go for a quick line of sight flight with this guy man, i’m got that much more sunlight left thanks to all the messing around with the receiver, but here we go so just to see how much power it’s got line of sight and how Noisy it is, and you know, tell straight away: it’s very quiet. Oh yes, very quiet! Indeed now i know there’s going to be some people who say why didn’t you just leave the props on reversed and change the settings in beat flight. Well, there’ll be some people, that’ll say: ah you didn’t fly as it was intended to. If i have any complaints of how it flies so that’s. Why ah feels like it’s got so much oomph wow yeah plenty of power, really quiet Applause? Oh yeah, really nice for freestyle Applause, oh yeah, can’t hear any flutters or anything like that feels really smooth that’s, a guess. It’S designed to fly with this battery and this weight Applause see if we can get a close up to the camera. Shouldn’T get the props in shot with this one it’s another thing i’m.

Looking forward to with it, i mean it’s, perfect for this kind of field. You know it’s, not a big field, but it’s very quiet feels very safe. We’Ll have the props out of shots. So we could actually use the footage from the vistas. The hd recording and you know, it’d – be a decent recording, of course, no stabilization or anything like that, which we expect of these days, but back in the days of the session five, you know you get a similar sort of view and shot. Then you do with this camera that’s, better dynamic range with this camera than a gopro for sure Applause, yeah flies, nice line of sight. Okay, let’s go for an fpv flight with this guy before the sun goes down very smooth, yeah, nice and smooth do a bit of a dive, see the color balance changing see if see. If we’ve got any jello let’s go over this side of the field. Just point to the sun a little bit of a wobble, i think, and also it’s a little tiny bit of the props in shot. Actually just a tiny bit. You can only really see it when facing the sun. No, maybe it’s, not maybe the props aren’t shot. Actually, it might just be the reflections of the sun. Oh it flies nice. This does, though, it was worth all of the effort it’s, so quiet can’t even hear it it’s a a calm day today, as well just stay away from the people just standing in the middle of the field, as they do got a spotter there.

So it is fine, oh it flies so nice let’s see. If i can go over here and just standing right in the middle, where i need to be, of course, they are let’s, get a bit of height on and let’s see if we’ve got any bounce back or anything like that. Oh no, really snappy, yeah flying lovely! This thing put maybe a 10 degree camera angle on it. Uh let’s see what a voltage you’re doing with that 15 volts seems to hold the voltage quite nicely when just cruising around, which really that’s what this thing’s for let’s go off on the throttle. Yeah it sags into the 13s pretty standard these days. Okay, now they have moved tend to find that people slow down immensely when you’re just standing there. You know looking like you’re trying to summon et’s spaceship. I think we’re going to get a decent flight time. Out of there son, this would be a great candidate as well for one of the long range lion batteries. I think the shame the four inch by blades don’t fit yeah. I have no complaints with how this thing flies. It is superb, and you know you can fly it around. A small space like this i’ve had to stop flying here ever since covert 19 hit because people working from home number of dog walkers the number of people just constantly here you just you can’t fly anything big anymore, actually very quiet here, but i’ve waited maybe an Hour and people are still just constantly walking across they put these lines in here.

Social distancing lines look, but what can you do looks like a four minute 20 flight time and still nowhere near Applause, the battery life being depleted at all 14.7 volts, that’s, really good. That is so. This is a 850 milliamp hour, a line 4s yeah. I think you know other than the fact that i had to mess around with the receiver there’s, not a lot else to complain about uh. Maybe it’ll show you that you know things aren’t, always as straightforward as they seem that’s. What you know i’ve been guilty of that in the past, because it takes so long to film. It would have been just easy to say. Oh i had to mess around. You know taking the thing apart, but i think sometimes, when you show that it’s a little bit more real, no prop wash at all yeah emacs are very good at that. Is it the tiny hawk freestyle? I forget the name tiny hook baby hawk nano hawk there’s. So many hawks this is the baby hawk too right, yes, but other models with these type of arms they’ve done well on before, and you know not having prop wash and stuff okay we’re getting to 14 volts now so i’ll come in for a landing. It’S. Look at that it’s gone back up, that’s amazing, six minute flight time. This is a fairly new battery. It’S only had three cycles through it. You know got to be transparent about that, but it’s ready for a landing.

I would say so there you go. That is my review of the emacs baby. Hawk 2 hd i’ll put a link in the video description as well as a pinned comment.