Beginner pilots make – and this is one of my favorite drones – for beginner pilots. This is the dji mini 2 and actually, i think the dji mini se might be the best beginner drone. There is in fact i gave it to my dad, a beginner pilot and he crashed it. Yep he did broke an arm, maybe messed up the gimbal. You want to see the crash dont you all right before i get into the mistakes he made lets take a look at the crash. Actually crash is uh multiple. Here you go okay, so my dad is building a house and hes doing some work. He dug this. Ditch he wanted to show me uh thats, why i gave him the drone, so thats whats going on here now were flying a little fast to be moving sideways. Next to these trees. Dont, you think weve got this giant open field. Why are we not out there flying backwards up, oh into the tree branch? Yep there there it is, but it doesnt end there folks nope uh. He wants to get this thing back up in the air and film. This ditch that he dug and uh didnt inspect the drone for any damage and uh. Oh yep yeah, coming apart there uh yeah, not not good right, thats crash number, two um. You know if youre wondering why is this not super high quality? He sent this directly from his cell phone. Instead of from the sd card, we lost that file lets break down exactly what went wrong Music.

He made five mistakes. Actually, probably six and im gon na tell you what those were. So you dont make them lots of people. Do all right. Mistake number one make sure youre flying in an open area, soccer field, football field, corn field field without trees. I dont know if you know this: if you are a beginner pilot, drones are magnetically attracted to trees. They will find them theres one tree on the property. It will be in that tree before youre done flying thats just the way it works. I dont understand the science, but for beginner pilots, its a hundred percent, true so fly in an open area without trees. Number two make sure you scout the area. There can be obstacles. You know once youre comfortable flying around things and you kind of know where they are then go ahead and fly, but you got ta scout it first. Are there any wires? Are there tree branches? Are there things that you need to avoid? Make sure you know where they are so that you can avoid them number three grab a visual observer, somebody to help you watch right if youre just staring at your phone screen, youre gon na miss things, especially if youre flying sideways or backwards. You cant do both and if youre flying backwards and youre looking at your screen, thats recipe for crashing number four know your drone know the app know how to change modes know how to change speeds know how to do things so that you have to do you Dont have to stop figure it out.

Leave it up in the air killing battery know the app know. The drone know everything inside and out before you fly and number five make sure that you fly slow, slow, yes, cinematic, slow and smooth thats. The way to do it now, if youre flying too fast youre going to crash the drone. Now, if we look at my dads video, he made all of these mistakes. He was flying near trees. Thats problem number one number: two: nobody was helping him. He couldnt see it. He was flying sideways backwards. Boom hit the tree he wasnt in tune to the app and how to quickly change from normal mode to cinematic mode. So it would fly nice and slow. The last two problems. Now there were two crashes right: the last mistake he made not inspecting his drone always inspect your drone before you take off and after any crash that is incredibly important, especially after a crash if your batteries are damaged that could be potentially really really bad right. Fires, bad things things falling out of the sky. You dont want that, and that is what happened. Thankfully, no one was hurt here and we learned a lesson now. My dad is super handy hes, going to take this thing apart, repair the arm and put it back together, well make a video on that as well, so stay tuned for how do you repair your broken mavic mini its coming your way. Hopefully this was helpful and hopefully you wont make the same mistakes that he did.