Yes, dji mini 3. Here, yes, dji mini 3 there that this poor dji mini 2. Practically all of us have forgotten that it seems that it is no longer useful that either you buy the mini 3 or you buy the Autel evo nano plus, or you are not in the wave of consumerism speaking clearly and soon that we have mounted lately in This drone thing you already know that we are going to model for every two or three years. We get new models, and today this one left time and has stopped serving us this little one is no longer worth it. It has given me a lot of satisfaction since the first day I got it. That is, I bought it as soon as I went out to the time he took it out of there for sale was just there to give him the little finger to buy it. For me to be able to test this dji mini 2 to see what had changed, especially with the 1 that I liked so much first, that we had and hey then DJI took us out this mini two for a price of 450 euros. The version does not rmal with a battery; it already cost us 600 euros for the combo, which is the version that I took. You know with your transport bag with more service from spare three batteries, the multi charger charging hub, in which we can charge the three batteries and hey this little.

Drone Being honest, it has not given me more than satisfaction from the first minute that I have it. I no longer know the flight hours I have had with it and today it has stopped working. It is still worth it because we are going to see it in todays video. I love it about the entire design of this drone, which is the same as the one with a bikini soul. They only put the front led on us. They changed the color of the propellers and the motors, which are somewhat different from the ones we have in the sea and are theoretically more powerful, minis and such for being able to fight better against the wind, which was one of the flaws of the. Let time remember that the mavic mini had a hard time fighting against the wind and we were constantly receiving strong wind alerts that later it used to withstand. But it was quite annoying about the whole issue in the wind alert app constantly, because DJI with this mini 2 solve that problem, a drone that withstands winds up to level 5 more or less about 35 kilometers an hour. I flew it with 40, but problems. I do not advise you above all to the novices that you can use the drones with so much wind, because it affects them a lot and it can move you no matter how well it fights against the wind. It weighs very little less than 250 grams and you can have a minor accident in a tree against a wall against anything today that 4k camera has stopped working up to 30 frames per second, that we have to get materials of a fairly good quality.

With a resolution of 12 megapixels that this dji mini 2 had still has today today, it has stopped of being a profitable drone. What I can tell you is that it is a very hard drone, a very resistant drone, a drone that lasts a long time and for me, one of the best drones at the time of the start is a drone in believably good. I can already tell you that I have spent a lot of hours flying with it and hey, because now that Autel evo nano plus has already come out or this dji mini 3 comes out, you have to change your drone. You cannot buy this mini 2 and you have to buy one of the others in the end. I think a lot of it is based on the issue of consumerism in wanting to have the latest today, because most of the pilots most of the people who are in this for hobbies, especially with the time mini 2, They have a drone to spare. It is true that we do not have monitoring that we do not have anti collision sensors, which is good, that we can do monitoring and some other things with third party applications such as litchi. But we must be very careful with the issue of the guarantee of our drone, but hey we can do what I also give you one at the end, when you have been flying for a long time that type of uses such as tracking you do not usually Use it you end up doing all the plans manually if you are doing any work at the end, you follow the person if its the car or whatever it is manually unless were going to follow you, of course, then, if that active tracking can come in handy For the rest, a drone that gives you between 21 and 23 24 minutes of real flight time that he left tells you 31.

You know that they never give what the brands say that the Nano plus gives you between 22 23 – a time very similar to that. Given by this DJI MINI 2, one minute up one minute down on the other, depending on the circumstances, you already know how this is that this new dji mini 3 as it left it is there with the battery that makes it weigh less than 250 grams. It will give you 34 minutes of flight time that, in the end, will be 25 or 26 minutes 27 reais at the most that the difference in flight time is quite scarce, for example in the zino mini pro. If you notice it, because it is 30 minutes, 31 depends on the flight. What that drone usually gives you that you cannotice the difference with the others, but leave to a drone that gives you 27 to 26 28. As much as you already, I will say it when we bring it, because I will ask for it as soon as it comes out to be able to analyze the one that in the channel does not mean that you have to discard the polecat. The good thing about it is the dji mini 2 is that they implemented that ocusyn 2.0 apart, which makes it have a very robust signal, a signal that works very well, which is one of the most important things for me in a drone, because doing any type Of work, any type of panning continuously having the transmission cuts continuously that, for me, the mini 2 works better, even that the Dji Air 2 s – that yes, here in Europe, that we are in CEE mode.

You already know less signal power in emitter and receiver well, and I that they are going to put me in the mini three or three. But lets go with the normal control with or two that it is going to give the same problems practically sure that we had in. That two is that, if I want to get O3 in remote and O3 in drone, I have to buy the version that comes with the remote with screen. That is already 1200 euros of combo. That is the exact double of what the mini 2 costs for a person who is going to start for a person who is starting for a person who uses it for social networks who uses it for these things. It is not that they see the change as necessary, either its going to record the videos vertically, hey it records 4k. I go to the editing program. It happens, 916, very easy to do with the mini 2. I can do rells, it can do youtube shorts. I can do anything youve seen hundreds of them on my instagram facts with the mini 2. I advise you all to go through the leo surez lt instagram or look for it. You will find it very simple, because we are publishing everything that we are going to work on, why the mini 3 comes out. The mini 2 is going to stop being a valid drone. That is a very big nonsense. For me, the mini 2 is going to be practically.

We can say the best starter drone that right now, less than 250 grams, less rolls when it comes to having to get permission only with the operator registration in the eu clothes are worth it. We do not need to get out of the A1 A3 to be able to fly a dji mini 2 than with a larger drone like the Air 2S. If we would need this one at 1 to 3, that the issue of insurance today is still here in spain, we need both for the mini 2 and to read 2 s as well as for the drone that we have. The insurance is mandatory until the new royal decree comes out, in which surely or theoretically we will see because until they publish it, I do not believe anything. There will be no need for civil liability insurance for this type of drone of less than 250 grams, so that the insurance issue does not scare you, because in the cover drone or in another French one, they are very cheap. It is not 18 or 20 twenty. Something euros very little: what is worth a year of duration and for that money? The truth is that I am not going to stop flying my drone, also good, with civil liability insurance. That is always safer registration of that civil liability insurance. Today I can fly quietly. My min i two and yes complying with the legislation and ctr zones or zepa or others unless we ask for permission to coordinate and others, but come on for me, the minimum that allows you to do very good work.

The mini 2 allows you to make very good videos that I dont think the majority of people who have the mini 2 today need that mini 3 or that Autel evo nano plus, or that people who do not have any drone who want to start in this. Have to make a disbursement of 860 euros for the nano plus that I leave you the link of the description of the video, that is where it is cheapest right now for that nano plus combo, or that you have to spend those 1000 or 1200 euros. For that time mini, I hope that we will prove it that we will give it a lot of cane that we will see if its worth the money its worth, because when you make such a large investment, you already have to consider what, for a hobby with The mini 2, with the hubsan zino mini pro, with a zino mini with the Fimi x8 mini, or even with that dji mavic mini or mini SE. Better t, Still, the Marvic mini that fights better against the wind to the cameras are the same 2. With 7 k in both drones, it reaches you more than enough do not play dumb. Do not get carried away by consumerism. Think with your head, especially when the drone comes out. Wait so long when my video comes out when the videos of my colleagues come out that we will analyze it lots of people on youtube until it has been on the market for a while, so we can see that the result was that it is resistant.

It is that we are resistant, it is with a result. It gives, throughout of time at least a month that we test it thoroughly, because I think that a review, as God intended is when you have been a couple of months with a drone that has all the software finished, that has everything that works well to buy. It the first day what comes out because I have seen what or how beautiful a fantastic wonder the best in the world, but first you have to analyze the drone. Well, you have to try it a lot and see if it is worth it or not. For the price, it has especially compare Compare it with what we currently have on the market, with this mini 2 with that Autel evo nano plus with that zino mini, but they are very determined drones that work very well too and hey. I tell you for me the best initiation drone. I would stay with this DJI mini 2. I dont throw it away. I keep using it its one of the drones. I use especially a lot in the riskiest shots. I do when I have to go through a hole – and I dont know if its over there, because Im very confident when it comes to flying it because flown a lot of time with the one who ends up doing these shots with everything, because with the lite He did the goat with the nano plus he did the goat with the zino.

He did the goat today at the end, if you want to get good shots, you have to risk a little. I do not advise it to the others, at least until they have been flying for many hours. What you always have to have is patience and start with a drone with a more contained price like this one left time mini 2. Also, we are going to have a very good thing. How this minute comes out. I 3. You will surely find the mini 2 second hand to look at the charge cycles. Approximately 20 charge cycles is super good. The drone can withstand between 80 to 100 charge cycles. Each battery depends a lot on the drone model, but hey you calculate about 80, those and that they tell us the flight time because they have changed accounts. It may seem to you that the drone has been flying for 4 hours and it turns out that they have flown it for 80 100 hours of flight. The load cycles do not lie in calculating about 20 21 minutes per charge cycle and more or less you get the estimated time of the polecat. Look at all the charge cycles of the batteries of the pack. If you take a combo of three batteries check that it is good that, yes, I advise you all so do not buy online second hand, because they can always scam you or send you a drone that doesnt work well, but having it in your hand, you can Look at it calmly that your drone works well, that it doesnt give problems if you can even better and that you see that the camera is the gimba l and everything works well, which is one of the things that is damaged before.

I tell you that this mini 2 can withstand cars and carts. It is a very resistant drone and hey. It gives you a very good quality that for most normal people for the hobby more than enough arrives, I hope I havent bored you. I havent gotten too involved and see you in a next video here on the channel until a next video.