I think i uploaded it where i kind of talked about some range problems that ive been having with the mini 3 pro and its. Not just me, there are many other people who are having signal, strength and range problems as well. Now the really complex thing about this problem is that not everybody is experiencing it and theres, probably more people not experiencing it than who are, but there are a significant number of people who are. I even made a poll on my youtube channel, basically asking if you own the mini 3 pro. Have you been experiencing range problems with it and, as you can see there 52 say no. The range is perfect, but 48 are saying they are having range problems, so that is actually a pretty huge number and signifies that there is indeed a pretty significant problem. So i just want to kind of maybe demonstrate this problem further for those who still arent quite understanding whats going on this morning, i went out and did a range test with the mini 2 and the mini 3.. I flew them about to six minutes apart. The exact same flight path, the same altitude, my mini 3, was disconnected somewhere approximately about 650 meters, whereas my mini 2 was out 1500 meters. Now i stopped it because i wanted to retain visual line of sight, but at 1 500 meters i still had full single strength. This drone probably could have gone a couple more kilometers and youll, see here in the video.

When i run them, the mini 2 was starting to get into more of the thick of the city, but yet was still retaining full connection. Now, theres a lot of people being very dismissive about the problem, saying: what do you need to fly three kilometers for, but whats surprising is theyre not really thinking it through. When i fly my mini three and say i get disconnected at 400 meters long before i get disconnected at 400 meters, the fpv feed starts to break up it freezes and really for the most part. You cannot see what youre filming so its not about getting out. Three four: five kilometers its about maintaining a good, solid connection. The mini two ive never had a problem with ive flown in the same location. Numerous times like too numerous to even count and ive never had a problem. The mini 3. In that same location i cant get more than 5 600 meters, sometimes less sometimes more, but it always disconnects, and the fpv feed coming back to the controller is just horrible. So im going to go ahead here and im going to run the videos for you. So you can kind of judge for yourself and then at the end of the video i have a few other thoughts and then ill. Let you know how dji has responded back to me about this issue, so here im doing the mini three. First now, as mentioned, both drones are flying at 100 meters.

Now, im – probably going to speed up the video here. Just so were not gon na have to watch this all day, but as you can see its not long before we start going into the orange and even the red for signal strength and then, of course, then we get a full complete disconnection. So after that flight, i brought the mini 3 back. I landed it and i put the mini 2 up right away, so were talking, maybe about 5 minutes after the flight, with the mini 3. to keep everything as fair as possible. I put it up to 100 meters as well, and i flew in the same direction but, as you can see throughout this video, i maintained a good, solid connection. I think at one point for about a second. I lost one bar, but it came back right away, but i was able to fly out 1500 meters and then i stopped the test because i wanted to retain visual line of sight, but at 1 500 meters i still had full rc strength. I could have continued flying for at least another kilometer, so that comparison shows you that there is definitely something going on with my mini 3.. As mentioned, i know not. Everybody is having this issue. Some people are having phenomenal range with their mini 3.. If you take a look at mikey from philly drone life, he did a range test in the city of philadelphia, which is buildings and wi fi everywhere around him, and he was able to fly like eight or ten thousand feet.

And in that video like he said he could probably have gone even further, so its definitely not affecting everybody and again its not about range. You know i dont need to fly five or six kilometers with my mini drone, but what i do need is a nice solid connection. So, for me, the way its performing right now, its completely unusable now, a couple things to mention here, because some people might be curious – is that i actually bound my rcn1 to my mini 3 and did some testing as well, and the results were very similar. So its definitely not a range issue because of the controller i was having poor range with the rcn1 as well. I also want to mention that i have the fcc version. This is the same version that all of north america uses. So the signal strength is quite a bit more powerful than the ce version which many european countries use. Now i also want to mention that im not trying to throw negative light at the mini 3. In fact, i love this drone, its actually pretty incredible. This thing has outperformed even my expectations, the video quality, that this thing can capture. It has beautiful natural colors. The photos are quite impressive and, of course, it flies like every dji drone. The control of it is really nice and it even performs really well in the wind, and then you pair it with all the new intelligent flight features, obstacle avoidance so other than that range and single strength that im experiencing its actually quite an impressive little drone.

I actually do have a full review of it coming up, maybe perhaps on the weekend now. One last thing i do want to address here. I get that some products have glitches and manufacturer defects. In fact, i ordered a new keurig coffee maker about three weeks ago from amazon and it came dead on arrival like just wouldnt power on and that doesnt mean that all keurigs are bad thats, just one random unit that had a defect. But when it comes to problems with drones, if they start to trend in facebook groups or forums, you know generally that theres more of a serious problem. If somebody was to post something something random about a drone, a problem that theyre having those posts tend to disappear. Pretty quickly, some people will give them some responses, try to help them out, but you dont really see too much about it again. But when theres a problem that arises that multiple people are experiencing as weve seen with the mavic 3 and how long it took to acquire gps, those problems start to trend. You see them on a daily basis. You see them on facebook, youtube forums. We also seen it with the autel nano how there was jello in the footage and it couldnt fight the wind very well again. A lot of people had those problems, so they start to trend. So again, that shows you, because that range issue is trending its a widespread problem that many people are experiencing now.

As for djis response to me, unfortunately, havent been too terribly helpful, ive gotten the standard, cookie cutter responses, like make sure youve pointed your controller at the drone. Also theyve just mentioned that certain areas have better range than others. You know just their standard stuff, but yeah. So they havent been too terribly helpful. What im hoping is that they do acknowledge that there is a problem. So i encourage you if you are having a problem, make sure you let dji know because its up to us as consumers, dji is not going to know. Theres a problem unless we make it known to them. I also encourage you if youve experienced problems with the range of your mini 3, make sure you make a comment explaining it down in this video dji did watch my last video. They did make a few comments on it, so the more people they see that are having problems. Hopefully sooner than later, they will recognize and acknowledge that there is an issue, and perhaps we can get some resolution. Unfortunately, for me, im – probably just going to end up sending my back because the way its functioning right now is pretty well unusable. For me, i dont know if im just going to get a refund or get a replacement. These are kind of in demand right now. Theres not really a lot of units available, so i may just have to wait another month before i can get my hands on another unit.

Well, folks, thats, basically it that was my range comparison of the dji mini 2 versus the dji mini 3.. Hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up if you did its always greatly appreciated dont forget to subscribe to my channel, so you dont miss any of our upcoming videos and well see in the next one: Music. Applause.