Right now, literally, i found out that it can cause third degree burns with my flear Applause. I really have been looking forward to getting this drone took a while for it to get here, but finally it has arrived and im going to do my inaugural flight. I have not flown this yet i really should have done that before starting this video, but i wanted to share the experience of my first experience with this drone when i was setting it up back home, getting it registered and activated, it started getting hot one of The hot spots i saw right away was, of course up here at the 4k camera all 4k cameras run hot, but go towards the side here and it gets even hotter and then hotter still are these little vents on the back that reached upwards of 162 degrees. Fahrenheit, you can get a first degree burn at 118 degrees. Second degree. Burns occur at 131 degrees and at 150 degrees, 10 degrees cooler than i registered on this mini three third degree burns happen if you touch it for just two seconds, but its not like this is a hot potato and nobodys going to be sticking their finger in Here intentionally – well, maybe a kid kid might do that i did go for the smart controller, which upped the cost to over a thousand dollars with the complete package, but its worth it because you dont have to lug your phone around and worry about getting a phone Call during your flight, oh hello, im flying my drone ill, have more details on the controller and the drone plus a range test coming up in the next video.

By the way, this got a little bit hot too, the screens a bit hot over towards the right. There, where the power goes into the screen, its hotter and then on the back where the power supply is, it is hotter, still not enough to burn you, but just enough to keep you toasty warm in the winter, since this will be my first flight with the Dji mini 3. I decided to do it right over a large body of water, thats trust in the product. Folks, i trust you dji. I trust you, oh its quiet, its really quiet. Oh hello, youre, really quiet im like right next to you here and other than the stupid thing. Beeping at me the whole time all right. All right lets do it lets go over the water. I trust you. The screen is bright and the controller lends itself to pinching mo. Of course you can thumb it if you know youre a gamer, but if youre a cinematographer you want to pinch the controller put it in sport mode, see. If i can follow this, jet ski were going 36 miles an hour, no breakup, solid signal. The video is amazing on the controller im very impressed. All right lets go over and see if we cant uh mess with some swimmers, all right, so im gon na stay right here, its so solid. What a great little drone the antennas on this thing are right here. So you do have to kind of remember to point it at the drone, as it is now 4 000 feet away.

Im going to fly over this pontoon thing lets see if we cant pester them a little bit. The image is just amazing on this: oh, it flies so nice Music lets bring it back in here and ill ill. Try to hand catch you, hello friend, are you a good hand? Catcher? Yes, you are. I think i love you look at that face who couldnt love that face thats a good face, cool fun, give a little beans, get a little beans Laughter there you go all right. Oh this is so good. I love this drone im gon na come right up in your window, wave brandy permission to land on runway hood one. Thank you Laughter. I love you mindy tree. I love you so much. This really is a great drone but dji cave to the tick. Tockers. Look at this: oh tick, tock mode, normal mode for everyone else who eyeballs are left to right, but no for the tick tockers vertical video thats, the official name of this, its a thingamajigs. Do you believe me yeah whats? It called whats. It called thinking about something. Yeah thats right its a thingamasomething. You got the arachnophobia and of my food touching some kind of phobia food touching other food yeah like when i make my dinner plate like tonight. When i had dinner, i had two plates because i had baked beans and corn nuggets and then my burger and chips. I cant have my food touching its an its a phobia yeah.

I cant remember what the phobia is called, but because its a big long word, its called youre a whack job phobia seek therapy. The reason were out here on this is so that i can say well.