7 camera excellent photos and videos, especially in low light. Then surely nothing can be wrong with this drone. Well, after flying this drone now for several weeks. Yes, it is a fantastic drone, its a drone, i recommend to everybody, but there are a few little bits. I would either like improving or things that you should know before you go out and buy this drone, and luckily majority of these could be solved with firmware. Updates. Lets go okay. Surprisingly, the first one is this: the new rc controller. This is awesome. I love this. I love how its lightweight and goes hand in hand with this, a small lightweight drone and a heavy controller wouldnt really work like the rc pro. This is perfect because its so small lightweight its great for travel. I love the screen. The screen is bright enough for majority of situations, its good, the only gripe ive got with this is the way it handles the wi, fi and hotspot connections, and i would like this to be updated with a firmware update im sure it can. What i mean is so when you go and take off and you say lose signal, the drone will automatically come back to you, return to homeworks, absolutely fine as normal its a great feature. We all love. However, if youre going to be moving about so say, youre on a bike and your location is changing constantly, you want to update your home point in the settings regularly, so you go and do that and you cant unless you connect to a phones, hotspot location, because This has no data, no wi fi, nothing.

It relies on a connection to wi fi, somehow either at home, or on mobiles like this. So when youre out and about you want to connect to your phones hotspots, and you can then update your firmware. You can update the home point and you can see all the maps thats absolutely fine, and it will then save your phones hotspot as a saved network everythings going great. But what id like to see different is this in my homes, location when i turn this on, it automatically connects to my home wi fi, perfect, but when im out and about it, doesnt it doesnt connect to my phones hotspot, even though my hotspot sharing is on All the time, what id like to see is an auto connect feature, so it automatically connects to your phones, data, or at least a prompt to say. Would you like to connect to your phones, data that means youre not going to then forget to connect the two together and youre going to be up in the air and youre going to update home point and you cant without going into the settings going on your Phone making sure thats turned on correctly and then doing it that way, its a lot better to have all this done before you go out and fly, and i think an auto connect feature will just solve that im sure it can be done. I hope it will be now. This drone has no sideways sensors on the side of it at all.

Its got front, which covers a bit of an angle to the side, but not fully, and it has back and down it. Doesnt have full sideways sensors. So smartly. This drone can disable sideways flight altogether and when you first turn this drone on, you might find in your settings that this is automatically checked on a lot of people say: oh, my drones broke its knackered, it wont fly sideways and thats, because that is turned on. So if you want to fly sideways turn that off, but this drone has no side sensors. So when you are doing quick shots or tracking as a main one, be super careful, because if this drone is tracking you and it swerves or to actually keep you in the center of the frame which it does a lot, this could go crashing into something and Its not going to end well so just be careful now. What i think could be made better with this is that when you first turn your drone on you do your first flight, a pop up to tell you sideways flight is disabled, and then you can then go. Oh right. Okay, i cant fly my drone sideways and then it will give you the option. Do you want to enable it? So you know a lot of times. You turn this drone on and think about. Someone whos never had a drone before, because this is marketed still as a beginner drone. You never turn the drone on.

You go to fly sideways and its not moving. You know them settings going to be really daunting to. You might have been looked at the settings yet so just a prompt to tell users first of all sideways flight disabled. Do you wish to enable it, and then the other option, maybe is, is that if youre frantically pushing to the one way or the other way trying to fly sideways and nothings happening, maybe a prompt on the screen to say sideways flight disabled? Do you wish to enable it? You know something something to tell people who arent then just going to go. My drones broke contact, dji care and send it back, and then really it was just one setting they had to change. Okay back to the rc right, i get this question so many times and i understand why so you go and take some fantastic photos and videos. This screen now is perfect for reviewing them photos. So you go look at your photos. Oh thats, a nice photo that oh theres, a little download button in the right hand, corner ill click on that, and it says please connect to your phone to download so like i want to use this i want to. I want to download the high res images and photos videos on here you cant now, thats fine youve still got a couple of choices with that. You can then just load up dji fly on here and then you can do the dji quick transfer and then it will quickly transfer the photos and videos to your phone.

You can dial them on your phone, then and then thats one option, thats fine, and that has improved recently. So thats got better. It means that the cooling and the way this works doesnt overheat, like it, was doing it transfers them pretty quick thats a good option, but what im really curious about is why does that button even exist to say? Oh, look, you can download it. You click on it, it doesnt work. Why is it there? Is it going to be activating the future? Is there going to be another option? Maybe come in? I dont know, but currently no, you cant download on here the hi res videos and photos to play them back. You can put an sd card in here and that at the moment, is just for screen recording. So i use a lot of screen recordings on for most of these videos, so scream record on here and save it to the memory card, and then i can transfer that to my computer to play it back um, but regards to actually everything else. No, you cant get the photos and videos off here onto here and then download them and save him on this, not at the moment anyway. I would like that option, but currently you cant okay. What did we always want on these small drones? We wanted focus track and we wanted obstacle avoidance, and we now have both the apas 5.0 on here is perfect. It avoids obstacles really nice and smoothly and calmly, not like the mavic 3, which does avoid obstacles and is a lot better now, but in a more aggressive stance, whereas this is just effortless avoids all these problems.

Even branches recently super impressed with this. However, theres a few things you need to be made, aware of so when youre, actually in the settings, you can set the a pass on here to either bypass an object, break or just turn them off altogether, and this works perfectly as long as youre. Up to 30 fps, if you go into higher frame rates, like 48 50 60 fps, the a pass 5.0 doesnt work. What does that mean? Well, it doesnt turn it off completely, but look at this video here, so this is in 25 fps. Now, as we go towards this tower, it will see the object and it will swerve around it, not a problem whatsoever. However, if we switch it into 60fps as we get towards it, the drone slows down, but when it gets near it it will not go around it. It simply just stops and stamps its feet like a moody teenager and will not move forward now. This is a good thing. It shows that it still works, but it doesnt work in the same way, so it wont bypass obstacles, so apas 5.0 is for 30 fps and lower only and thats, even in 2.7 k as well. So, no matter what frame rate you use the fps to work, it fully properly has to be 30 or lower. This brings me on to focus track now, and this works brilliantly on here. Focus track and spotlight modes on here are perfect.

I love using them all. The time ive used them on myself, but in a car on a boat, everything works great and you can use this in both normal and d cine like profiles, which is great, and it works really good ive found it to be again nice and smooth and calm, And gets good results even from quite a far distance away, so make sure you go out and use spotlight and focus track on here and focus track. The active track is awesome as long as youre using 24 25 and 30 fps just like before. If youre using higher frame rates it doesnt work, so you will get the option on the screen. It doesnt work in these frame rates, so in 48, 50 and 60 fps. This doesnt work with active track, wont track you or anything else. You have to use the lower frame rates now its not a massive problem, its probably due to the processes and everything thats going on in in here lets not forget. This is a small 249 grand drone. They had to put everything in here whilst retaining it under 250 grams, which is impressive. If we can get you 48 fps, though even just that would be awesome, wouldnt it. That would be really good if we could have that please vertical video mode. This is awesome. This is a game changer on here for sure, high res photos and videos that you can get off the drone and post straight to social media.

Normally in the past, what you had to do is get your normal, horizontal shot and crop in quite a lot. Losing a lot of detail to then just get it onto social media. I know not. Everybody wants or needs this, but it is huge right now. Instagram reels and tic tocs sharing this content, and i think this is the first drone to be able to do that, which is awesome. There are a couple of limitations. You cant currently use focus track. We talked about before in any frame rate on vertical video, and i would love to see that and im sure so many people would im not sure why it doesnt work in vertical mode at the moment, im hoping it will if it works normally in the horizontal Mode, why does it work in vertical mode? That should come with a firmware update and i really hope it does now. This feature is actually from this guy here, so right, so the mini 2, so the mini 2 had this awesome feature, which was when you put it into return to home mode. As the drone would come back. You could control the orientation of this drone and the gimbal, and you could get these awesome michael bay, looking cinematic shots as the drone did all the flying coming back to you and then you could actually do all these pans and moves and everything it was awesome. We cant do it on this. It doesnt work on here.

Even if you turn the sensors off ive tried loads of different ways and all it does it just comes back to you. You can turn the gimbal up and down, but you cant turn the orientation. It just comes back to you, so this mini 2 still has something over the mini 3.. I would like to see that that wasnt added on here straight away, that was added into the future after about four or five months. I think it was after release this. This came as a firmware update lets. Have it on here as well, come on lets, put it on there now, when you first get your drone, the propellers are pretty fragile and i find, when you put in this drone into say, a pocket or a camera bag breaking these seems to be quite easily Done it doesnt come in the box with like the mavic 3 that this mask this came with. This was awesome and it kept everything all in place. It doesnt come with anything in the box as a paid option either. So what you can do you can get something like this, which is a propeller holder, and this goes onto your drone – holds them in place ill just put this on and show you this now just goes onto it like this, and this holds them all in place. So i use this personally, i find its really well made and it just holds it all in place.

So i can now just put this into like my jacket pocket or throw it into a bag and everythings nicely held in place, or you could just use literally like everywhere band if you want to go for the the retro option. But this is good its about ten dollars, so ill link the description if youre interested, but it doesnt come with anything id love to see the mavic 3 mask option for the mini 3. That would be cool so just be aware of that. Now lets not forget. Majority of drones, like the mini 2, the mavic 3 – they all got firmware, updates during its release and made it better. So if this can get even better than it is by, hopefully some of these ive just listed that would be fantastic and make this drone even better thats going to be the only drone you need soon. This is awesome. I love this drone, but let me know be really interested. What would you like to see change on here? Is it nothing you think needs changing? Do you agree with any of these ive said, please. Let me know in the comments down below im, really interested to hear your feedback. If youre new around here like and subscribe, will be awesome guys id be really appreciative of that and ill see you on the next one.