Music. What i love most about the mavic mini 2 is how compact and lightweight it was. It was an absolute breeze traveling with that drone. The image quality, the video and the photos, especially the photos out of the camera of the mavic mini 2 werent as good, but it was a sacrifice that i was prepared to make so that i didnt have to carry around an extremely heavy drone, such as a Mavic 3., so here we go the mini three, its fresh out of the box, so i just wanted to dedicate today to flying this drone for the first time and then just giving you guys my first impressions on it. I also went for the rc package with the remote control with the screen in it. So this is actually one of the things that im most excited about trying out gone are the days that you have to bring a phone with. You make sure its fully charged at all times like going through the whole ordeal of plugging it in and if youve ever used any of djis drones in the past. You know what im talking about im also excited to see. If this little guy is any better than the previous generation, i have a suspicion, it will be, but the question is: how much better is it also, if you are wondering i didnt get the fly more kit im, not sure why i didnt get it when it Got announced – i guess i just forgot, but i probably will pick up two extra batteries or just get the fly more kit really really soon and i was hoping for blue sky, but in the last half an hour a massive sheet of cloud has come over.

So i guess were just gon na have to deal with this weird glary overcast weather. We got to do a firmware update first, but it seems like a very important firmware update so um optimized flight stability improved image quality. I think we probably want those things right. Okay, Music, there Music, thank you, Music, Music, Music, all right, so i had to take a little bit of a break to charge up the single battery that i have for the drone took about an hour. Im gon na fly the drone again the weathers a little bit different, now its definitely more cloudy and theres a little bit more wind around so should be interesting. Music that framing is kind of cool. I didnt even intend to do that. Okay, two flights down with the mavic mini three and im really happy with this drone. I definitely will be keeping it. I think we already knew that the portrait orientation would be awesome. I think its something that, because we had it on the original mavic pro that we kind of just took for granted at the time and it took it away and now its back and its like well, this is awesome for everyone, whos interested in the quality of This drone, i will be leaving a couple of raw files linked down in the description and for the channel members. I will be giving you guys all of the raw files that you guys saw in this video now its not crazy windy.

Today, you guys probably could have seen when i took off that there was a little bit of wind, but the drone in the air looked really really stable through the camera. Usually, when theres a little bit of wind, you can see the propellers. You can kind of see a little bit of movement from time to time. I didnt get any strong wind warnings at all, despite going all the way to the 150 meter altitude limit – and i was just playing with these three modes on the controller, so youve got the cinematic, the normal mode and the sport mode on the mini 2. When you go into sport mode and you floor, it like you, go straight ahead or back uh. The gimbal. Does this like weird tilt when its uh tilted down um, so it cant quite maintain its tilt angle. I didnt notice any movement of the gimbal at all when using the mini three, even when i was in sport mode, even when i was going full throttle so thats actually really cool in terms of how long the battery actually lasts in the air. I think overall, i definitely got a little bit more flight time, whether or not you notice it when youre in the air with the standard batteries, not really it kind of felt like i got a similar flight time with the mini 2. im really excited to get My hands on those uprated batteries, the ones that can last for like 45 minutes or whatever it is so as soon as i get my hands on one of those ill be testing that out as well on the bottom of the controller.

Here you can see these two custom buttons now, just before i went and took off for the second time i was going to customize these because i didnt use them before. I was just using the screen to change the settings and whatnot by default. One of them is set to change from portrait orientation to landscape and the other is set to just recenter the gimbal, and when i saw that it was already set to that, i was like perfect thats exactly what i want. So i would just leave the control settings at default. That worked really well for me, but obviously, if you want to set it up a different way thats up to you also, i will say with this controller, it took me a little bit of time to get used to this dual setup here. So, on this side of the controller, you have the photo button and on this side the video so theres actually separate buttons to start video and photo and also when youre, switching between the modes. You just press either one that you want to select thats going to take me a little bit of time to get used to another thing straight out of the box is, i would definitely change the sensitivity of my gimbal rotation, its a little bit too fast uh. Thankfully, cinemate helps a little bit. I was probably using cinema. Most of the time when i was filming the video when the sun was out this morning, i had to have my back turned to the sun in order to see the screen, and while i was charging the battery, i made a mental note to check the brightness Of the screen and make sure it was at its maximum level, so when i got down here to the beach, i think on the controller you like pull down and then you swipe from the corner much like an iphone uh if youve got an iphone.

Youll probably know if you just swipe from the corner, you get like this control panel, its very very similar on the rc, and then there is actually a slider where you can increase the brightness im, not sure if thats automatic, but it was set to about 50 Percent this morning, i obviously put it all the way to 100. I think that you should definitely do that, because i dont think you need to charge this controller. All that often im fairly certain. This would last quite a long time so having the brightness all the way up is definitely helpful when youre in a brighter environment, and you need to see the screen so on the way back, i made sure i went and picked up one of these because the Controller can actually take a micro sd because you can record screen recordings to it, so i thought why not have one in there just in case its only 30 bucks. So why not im really excited to take this drone on my next trip, i will be recording all kinds of cinematic footage and photos and im really looking forward to making a montage of all those shots. So you can definitely look forward to that. Make sure you get subscribed if you dont want to miss out on that, i am going to enjoy the rest of the day down here at the beach.