5 times more money over dji mini se? Im not sure lets find out whats good guys. My name is alek nikiti and youre, watching no limits on channels. So lets dive deep into the comparison and step by step, decide if the mini 3 pro worth that much cash starting with image. Sensors dji mini 3 pro has one over 1.28 inch sensor and 48 megapixels versus 1 over 2.3 inch sensor and 12 megapixel on mini se, so youll get sharper photos from the mini 3 pro and slightly better low light performance with pro drone mini 3. Pro has 24 millimeter lens and f 1.7, which is great versus also 24 millimeters and f 2.8 lens on the se, so well have the same field of view, but better low light. Of course. To be honest, i wouldnt shoot at night with any of those drones with less than 1 inch sensor. Dji mini 3 pro can shoot video up to 4k 60 frames per second, but there is no hdr mode after 30p. Hdr mode combines two iso values and you get better image in good lighting conditions in low light, its doing the bad job versus dji mini s. E has only 2.7 k up to 30 frames per second and only 40 megabits per second bitrate and also 1080p up to 60 frames. A second i dont recommend using 60p due to soft image. I didnt find the low bitrates on mini sc to be a problem, as you can see, the shots, look pretty decent, considering its price and a tiny sensor so now lets talk image quality after watching a dozen of reviews and sample footage from dji mini 3 pro.

I can say that the image is still looking over sharpened and it reminds me of mini 2 or even the original mavic pro. The main issue is that its still 8 bit footage and this sensor is still relatively small. In my opinion, this footage is much worse than you can get with dji air 2s, for example, with its 1 inch sensor, 10 bit color and 5.4k resolution. So if you want to get the best image quality for the least cash air2s is still the king mini 3 pros image is ok, but i wouldnt use it for any commercial work only for vlogging and home archive and if i would choose a drone for work, Ill get air 2s, mavic, 2 pro or mavic 3. thats just the way it is guys. Dont expect crazy, good image quality from the mini 3 pro by the way, guys tell me in the comments whats the most important factor for you in a drone, great image quality or the weight under 250 grams limit for the first time in dji, drones, mini 3 Pros gimbal has true vertical camera orientation for stories: tick, tock, youtube, shorts, etc, which is a handy feature because its now getting more and more popular speaking of gimbals, i had no issues whatsoever with mini s. E 3 axis gimbal. You still get perfectly smooth shots. Also dji mini 3 pro has 40 degrees of upper tilt for creative shots, whereas mini sc has only 20 degrees, so i do enjoy those types of shots and they open a lot of creative capabilities.

Mini 3 pro has two color modes: the normal and the dc. Like which is still 8 bit so its not giving you a huge boost, and i would still recommend shooting in standard mode to avoid color batting on the sky, for instance, and on the other hand, mini sc has only the standard. Color option lets talk, obstacle, avoidance, mini 3, pro has rear front and bottom sensors, which is great for this tiny and lightweight drone mini ac, has only the downward sensors for landing. So you got ta be careful, but also you have to keep in mind that a ton of good drone shots contains moving sideways. So you got ta keep an eye on the mini 3 pro as well, since it lacks side. Sensors smash the like button. If you do take a lot of sideways shots with your drone, the jamie 3 pro is slightly faster in ascending descending and the top max speed. But this difference is not that dramatic. A few words about smart features: mini 3 pro has a ton of those so focus track. We have active track 4.0, spotlight, 2.0 and point of interest 3.0 great modes. Also it has master shots as in dji air 2s. So you can get a big variety of shots, basically doing nothing. The drone will make everything for you. We have a time lapse, mode and hyperlapse videos, 180 degrees, panorama mode, wide angle, vertical and sphere, and a bunch of quick shots.

Droney helix rocket circle boomerang and asteroid mini se has only some quick shots, as you can see from this example, so the mini 3 pro is winning in this category. The battery life is stated as 34 minutes with standard battery and up to 47 minutes with extra capacity battery on the mini 3 pro you can buy this extra capacity battery separately, but remember guys. Those times are only in laboratory conditions. The real usable flight time is more like 25 minutes on a standard battery and 35 minutes on a bigger one. Mini c, on the other hand, brings you around 23 to 25 minutes of usable flight time, so its more or less the same with the standard batteries and the biggest difference, in my opinion, is the remote and the flight range and signal stability. Minioc has a small plastic remote, which has very poor range and signal. So basically, 500 meters or even less in the city is the limit for this drone and you have to keep the line of sight with the mini sc. I would say that the mini se is a drone on a leash. Mini 3 pro has much bigger remote, which reduces the portability a bit, but you do get a beautiful and stable image transfer and crazy operating distances up to 12 kilometers. Without any obstacles between you and the drone, of course, but its more of a marketing thing since three kilometers is a very rare distance.

Most pilots operate at drone. At least i dont fly that far often. So if you do know that youll need to fly beyond 500 meters and you want to keep your nerves safe due to no losses of signal, go for mini 2 or mini 3 pro. But if you are ok with shorter distances, mini sc is a great value for money and now the most interesting part. It is the price dji mini sc retails for only 300 on official djis website and around 450 to 500. If you want to get the fly more combo kit with three batteries and a very nice case, dji mini 3 pro – has a lot of options to choose from only the drone without the remote will cost you six hundred and seventy dollars with the basic remote dji Rsn1 760 dollars so its 2.5 times more expensive than the mini ac based kit, and also there is an option to get the dji rc remote with 700 nits built in screen for 909 dollars, which is pretty expensive in my opinion, because for only 90 bucks more, You can get the best kit of air 2s, which is a much superior drone and i just loved using it, of course, its more than 250 grams. And you can have some issues with the drone regulations in different countries. But if we consider the image, quality and overall features, i would hands down go for air 2s also. We have two options of fly: more combos for mini 3, pro with two extra standard batteries charging hub and a bag for 190 dollars and with two flight batteries plus, which will allow you to fly around 10 minutes longer on each battery for 250 dollars.

So if we compare the standard batteries fly more combo and standard remote for mini 3 pro for 950 dollars in total and 450 dollars for fly more combo with mini sc mini 3. Pro is still two times more expensive and it will go all in with mini 3 pro youll end up at 1160, which is almost the price of dj air. To ask fly more combo, which, by the way, has the d filters pack in the kit and the nd filters are not included with the mini 3. Pro fly more combo, so guys lets conclude. There are three key scenarios that will impact your buying decision. First, if you are on a tight budget, i cannot justify paying 2.5 x more money for mini 3 pro, especially if its your very first drone or you just want to take it with you for a trip three times a year. Second scenario: if you do care about image quality and want to get the remote with the screen in this case, i would pick dji air 2 s for almost the same cache. Trust me, the image quality differences is big and you wont regret buying air 2s and overall, the iphone, for instance, is much brighter and a better screen in my opinion than the built in one. Third, if you absolutely need a drone under 250 grams and money is not an issue for this particular case. Dji mini 3 pro is the best drone on the market, and you will hardly find a better mini drone.

I hope ill get an opportunity to review the mini 3 pro myself, but as for now its pretty hard to get it unfortunately so whats your opinion, guys, which drone would you prefer minia c mini 3 pro or even air, to ass, share your thoughts in the Comment section below here is a couple of videos for you to watch next.