Nano plus lets go, so both of these drones share similar features and similarities. Both are also similar on price as well and both are under 250 grams. The dji mini 3 pro is 909 dollars for the top package and then the auto nano plus is 1099 again for that top package lets remember those figures were going to test. First of all, the autel nano plus im going to concentrate on the camera quality between both of them and also how each one performs and the wind resistance. So it is about 25 mile an hour winds today, flying in these conditions and straight away, the nano plus doesnt seem to be very happy. You can see its struggling quite a bit already, however. Look how stable the mini 3 is, but lets talk about the first fail, so the nano plus filming here in 4k, 25 fps, like i always do, and when i got back and looked at the footage. I was like that looks awful. What is going on here with this footage, then, when i put into final cut pro its actually filmed in 720p, so again, ive not had the best of starts with the nano plus. With this software ive mentioned it quite a few times about it being a bit hit and miss, and this is a major fail, second fail, so the nano plus, if we just take a look here at the speed here, you can see as its flying into the Wind and lets not forget its 25 miles an hour wind, so the last video was much stronger than this.

Its hardly moving at all its going about two kilometers an hour and it will not go forward. It isnt strong enough to continue through those winds and again. This is the footage that i got when i got back now. Also, stop recording start, recording, stop recording its no joke every time you stop and start recording you hear that so the problem about the performance with this is the confidence that you will have in your drone. Again, you can see the drone is getting blown back here. This is in sports mode or what also calls ludicrous mode and standard mode. The drone is getting blown back, so the only option i have here is basically just to change course: theres, not enough power to get back with this drone in ludicrous mode. So having here to change the course and the altitude to get it back, so what do we think about the confidence in your drone in that technology that you have so again power, wind resistance and trust from this flight? Zero, big big fail there. So, in the same wind, same conditions lets take the mini three pro as well. Im going to take this off and then see how this performs and its got gps lock. Both it did have gps lock, and you can see already it looks a lot more stable in the winds there, its not wobbling around its, not really having a lot of problems just yet, but keep in mind.

This is where the dji flash shows the speeds were. Gon na head over and basically try and follow the same flight path as before. If the auto footage came out well but stick around to the end of the video, because im going to do a comparison the day after so this is in normal mode. This is not even in sports mode, and you can see the mini 3 pro handles this wind, like its just not even there. Its incredible ive, not even put it into sports lets. Look at some photos and lets not forget these in the same wind conditions that the auto nano plus couldnt even fly in and im able to get footage, jpeg and raw images like this really stable shots, nothing blurred nothing out of focus. Super sharp images, its absolutely incredible and thats what its all about, not only the camera performance but the confidence in the drone and the software. So for this package you also get the controller, so i can see clearly on this really large screen exactly what is going on. So the controller is a huge upgrade of what you would get with just a standard non screen model on the nano plus but critically being able to fly in normal mode, not even sports mode. In these strong winds, while still being able to get this quality. Just ticks even more boxes on this mini 3 pro Music Music. So i hope you agree that theres only one winner there on the wind test on the performance who actually came out the winner there.

Well there was only one winner. It was obvious, but the next day i wanted to try this again so lets get the nano plus back in the air, along with the mini 3 pro and lets do a comparison on the actual footage and this time the footage worked. So what do we think now? Both of these drones are the best in their class for under 250 grams, and the cameras on both of these drones are really good. Its outstanding on both, i think, personally, the mini three, the colors look a lot more natural. If you look into the clouds, theres more dynamic range there, the nano plus, although the colors, are really nice. You do find a lot of over sharpening on these shots, so it doesnt look as natural, the mini three them colors on the grass there. That just looks beautiful. This is straight out of camera, so this has got no editing on here. This is the mini 3 pro and then the nano plus also straight out of camera. So what do you think? Let me know comments down below which footage do you prefer im gon na have a quick look at the zoom now so presuming youll notice that the nano plus zoom its quite pixelated its, not as good. I think youll find that the mini three on the left is a lot clearer, but again both of these drones for the 150 grams. They are the best you cant go wrong.

I just personally find myself in my opinion, is that the mini 3 pro the colors are nicer, more natural and not as overly sharpened Music Music. These two drones dominate the 250 gram drone category, but from the test today, there is only one clear winner to have the confidence in the drone that you fly in is key. You have to trust that technology and weve not even touched upon the other features on the mini 3 pro, so that wind performance, the remote control, the trust and the power in this drone, i think, is more than worth it now lets not forget. The nano plus is actually more expensive at 1099. You can pick up this model. I was flying with today for 909.. If you want to pick it up, ill link in the description below dont forget were also doing a giveaway by free wells. All you got to do is comment down below why you would want to win a mini 3. Make sure you subscribe to this channel subscribe to free wills, channel im going to be doing the draw for that drone on may 20th. So good luck to everybody there. Just a quick note to anybody here, whos commenting, please dont reply or respond to any comments that say telegram and then my name. These spammers seem to be all over youtube at the moment. So be really wary. I will never ask you for any details and certainly never anything on telegram.

So please be wary about that, but i cant wait to show you another test with these two drones, which is going to be a nighttime test, well see just how close that is, but thanks so much for the support and ill see you in the next one.