Is this the right room for you? Is this one lets find out Music? The sub 250 gramstone category is the next battlefield in the world of drones. Ive been telling you this for a couple of years now and seeing how drone brands are developing the drones, the resources and investments theyre putting into this category tells us were opening up a new niche inside the drone business. These two drones are below 250 grand strong, which means they are exempt of many many laws and drone regulations. Not all of them, though, and the only time at this video that im gon na be talking about this is right now so make sure to check your local laws, and you know whats going on in your country, because it may be different from my country. For example, same as i said on the mini 3 review video, this video is not sponsored in any way. None of the brands knows what im saying until the video is released. So this is purely personal and honest and again thank you for purchasing my sunglasses that i always use in my videos. They keep this channel alive and it supports me a lot. So thanks a lot for this guys. A few months ago we reviewed the nano plus, and i must say i was impressed – weve gone a long way since the first release of the dji mavic mini, which was an absolute revolution but didnt film in 4k, no manual, video mode, the hotel evo 90 plus Offers us a decent 4k video quality with its 0.

8 inch image sensor, an aperture of f 1.9, which works very well in low light, with a 100 megabits per second bitrate 12.5 megapixel dng images, flight time of 28 minutes and a range of 10 kilometer on the Other hand we have the brand new dji mini 3, which weve been reviewing, comparing versus the r2s and a bunch of other videos. We have 4k 60 with its very similar and size. 1 1.3 inch image sensor, f, 1.7 aperture, making it also a beast in low light conditions. A 150 megabits bit rate 12 megapixel camera a flight time of up to 34 minutes and a range of 12 kilometers with a 1080p image transmission. Well guys its clear that specs on a paper, we have a clear winner and i honestly didnt expect one drone to be that much superior to the other one. But one thing is what the spec says and another what our tests say so lets go and get some breathtaking footage: Music, so Music. What about the feeling in my hand, because these drones, in order to get below 250 grams? You know they have to sacrifice a little bit materials and stuff and, i have to say both feel kind of plasticky. However, i do think with our famous crash tests, of course, that they both would resist a good hard impact. I dont feel like the arms can break so easily of neither both of drones and honestly, as they weigh the same.

They are kind of the same drone. I dont see too many differences among these two drones. Ive been pissed with this ever since hotel started, making drones its you need a micro sd card in order to make the updates and everything and its sometimes you know, i dont have my christie with me that precise moment or so, and it takes so long on The other hand, dji drones, dont, usually take a micro sd card for updates and are much shorter. I had to say it im sorry. Finally, i want to talk about the sensors because mini three has this three uh sensing system like front rear and down and the autel evo nano plus as well – and i must say they work, i havent really had any problem. I mean they see buildings. They see big trees, um weve been flying now for a couple of days with the mini 3, and i have not had any issue with that so thumbs up. For that. This little tiny drones can make that as well, very good Music. The biggest win for dj in this case is my in my personality in the controller and ive said it in all the other comparison versus the r2s, the review that weve done about the mini 3.. This controller is a win. It reminds me of that phantom 4 pro plus um, that we had controller that we had back then and not having to attach your phone cables or whatsoever its its amazing, and i mean the hotel controller – is its okay, its decent.

It feels solid and everything, but you just cant beat this im. Sorry, what seems clear now is something that seemed impossible just a couple of years ago, the drone market is heading towards the sub to 50 grams drone category. As long as people with power dont decide to destroy also this category, it seems to me that well be having a nice battle in the next few years. It seems obvious that today, hotel is the biggest dji rival in this category. Talking a little bit more in detail about the image quality, which is at the end of the day, most important to me. I do see that the hotel footage is a bit over sharpened, its true that the mini 3 looks also a tiny bit too contrasted, but nothing that cant be solved with the flat color profile which, by the way i havent been able to test. As i am filming this video, i guess at the day of the release, it will be available as the mini 3 came a few months after the hotel drone its clear that the spax battle has been won now by dji, i mean when you can allow yourself To release a product after your competition, you can always give it that extra punch, just you know, to make sure youre superior and then about everything surrounding the drone, such as the controller, for example, included in the bundle and not just being a super expensive extra rc.

Pro or something like that is a big win, of course, vertical shooting for tick, tockers and instagram reelers is the biggest win as well, plus the pro battery, which me as an european im, not able to test um or to enjoy well thats a big win as Well and summing up, i do believe that the gap between dji and a rival brand such as hotel has never been so narrow, so tiny – and this is good for us – the final customer, because a direct battle will make dji put out the best and not hide Some of their top specs plus it will be a price battle as well. Im really excited arent. You hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a thumb if this was helpful. Leave any comments.