We already had the mavic 3 guess what which one is the next one? Well, this video is actually about letting you know if you still should go for the r2s or purchase directly a mini3 lets find out Music. Let me be honest: each year for me its kind of more complicated to do this kind of comparisons, because i have the feeling that the quality gap between the drones is always like more narrow right. I have the feeling that they give the top drone the top specs and then they just cross out some specs for the lower drones. If you have the dji air 2s, you should be interested in what the mini 3 can do weighing less than 250 grams, because your next step may be getting into that category. If you dont have any drone, i think this video can help you choose either the new mini 3 or the air 2s. We all know that the air 2s has a 1 inch image sensor and that the mini 3 is a little bit smaller, like almost 0.8 inches. But im going to show you some footage around here and i really want to be honest, and let me see if you see a difference in quality in this channel were really animal friendly. We make animals, while we do reviews – and i think its a good moment for you guys to leave the thumb. It wouldnt make much sense to keep talking in this video without knowing the actual price right now as of today, and these are the prices – and i know many of you are like what the hell dji, why is the mini 3 so expensive compared to the mini 2, especially, but it has a reason and guys im sorry, but i have bad news, because the price gap between these two models has been again closed, a lot which means that an eventual air 3.

You know whats going to happen with that price right same. As i said, on the mini 3 review video. This video is not sponsored in any way. None of the brands knows what im saying until the video is released. So this is purely personal and honest and again thank you for purchasing my sunglasses that i always use in my videos. They keep this channel alive and it supports me a lot. So thanks a lot for this guys. Let me quickly talk about the biggest differences among these two drones and, of course, we have to talk about the vertical shooting. The vertical shooting allows us to quickly do some amazing social media content without having to do some strange cuts in premiere or so and for beginners, especially its very helpful, the second biggest difference, and probably my favorite look at this, the controller. Yes, a controller with a screen: this is the old air, 2s and mini 2 controller and big and ugly. This is amazing, guys, no more phone, no more! You know nothing its bright. You can use it since the phantom 4 pro plus. Do you remember that controller? It was the best control that ive had in my life, and this one gives us the opportunity to not have to use our smartphone im happy. You can buy it separately or you can also buy the mini 3 without an actual controller. If you have the mini 2 or the r2s controller, and finally, the last difference.

Yes, the battery. We have an amazing pro battery for the mini 3, which i dont have because im in europe and the battery is not allowed in europe, which will give you up to 47 minutes of flight time from the regular 34 minutes that the mini 3 has with a Regular battery and the 30 31 minute that the air 2s have so we have a big improvement there too guys just to highlight a few of the top specs of both drones and their differences. Lets start off with the weight 595 grams air 2s versus 249 grams of the mini 3.. You know what that means right way: less regulations and problems. Overall. This is the future guys. This is the new drone markets. Battlefield still check your local laws and restrictions. Lets talk about the flight time, air 2s, 30 minutes new minute 3 up to 34 minutes and with the new pro battery coming up up to 47 minutes outside of europe. Of course, real images, 20 megapixels versus the new 12 megapixels of the mini 3. There has to be a difference, and this is probably the clearest one. The air 26 is capable of shooting in 5k, which may be helpful for, for example, reframing and both can now shoot in 4k 60.. What about the sensing system? The air 2s still has those top sensors, which are particularly helpful when shooting, for example, indoors both have front back and down. Sensors lets talk about the oq sync, because the new meter 3 comes with the o3, which gives us 1080p video transmission on our phone or the controller.

In this case, this wasnt like this before on the okay sync 2. We just have a 720p transmission tivo tivo. Can you please stop playing with us now? I know you dont live here, but well guys. I really know that uh, you may be going crazy because of the price of the mini 3 and i totally understand that its expensive. I must say in the fans of that price that the tech that youre getting and all the specs and everything that this drone has is that price worth i mean it is what it costs now. The question is youre gon na be spending. I dont know 900. 1 000 bucks for an entry level. Drone that is complicated, i do understand, maybe dji, could think of you know releasing the dji micro drone or something like this. I dont know, but honestly, if i wouldnt have a drone right now with all the good things that the 249 grams on this drone gives me, especially here in europe, all the exemptions and laws and regulations, and all that i think i would go for a mini. Three right, i think chiva, would go also for a minute three. Instead of the air to s the quality difference is not that big with this one you can travel lighter. You can travel easier regulations and all that stuff. So, overall, with all the respect for the air 2s, the mini 3 is a great contender for the air 2s and honestly.

Im waiting for the air 3.