It is a very enticing drone, 4K 60 frames per second D Cinelike mode and up to 34 minutes of flight time., Oh and its under 250 grams., But wait what about the DJI Air 2S.? It shoots. 4K 60 frames per second and a cropped in 5.4K up to 30 frames per second shoots D Log, and it is portable and lightweight.. This sounds like a DJI DRONE, DILEMMA. Alrighty. Welcome to my channel Im Brett Garamella.. I do my best to make great videos in order to help you fly like a pro and level up your photo and video skills.. There is so much new tech for drone pilots, filmmakers and photographers. So I try to give you the most important info without the fluff., If that sounds good, consider, subscribing and hitting the bell notification and lets jump into the video Lets start with the price. Since that is the biggest factor for some people., I always recommend getting the combo, because you get more bang for your buck and youll need the extra 2 batteries anyhow.. So the DJI Air 2S combo is 1300., The Mini 3 Pro combo will be 950 and the Mini 3 Pro combo, with its new smart controller, is 1250.. Considering the Mini 3 will have better flight time. You will likely need to buy more batteries for the Air. 2S, so the price is not that much different.. Therefore, the Air 2S seems like it is better value, since it has a bigger camera sensor and shoots D Log for the same price.

. But there are other factors we need to look. At. Lets talk flight time., Its no secret. The Air 2S batteries are horrible., So the Mini 3 Pro wins here. Next up is image quality, which I talked about briefly earlier.. I dont think there is going to be a huge difference. Here. The size of the camera. Sensors is similar., The Air 2S shoots log, video and the Mini 3 Pro shoots D Cinelike. So I think you will get similar image quality with either drone. Obstacle avoidance, focus, tracking signal, strength and other features seem very similar.. So is the Mini 3 Pro really worth it? If you need a second drone or a backup drone? Yes, its definitely worth it., Not taking up too much room in your bag for light, portable travel and great image quality.. If you have the Mini 2, it is worth the upgrade if you can afford it., If not just stick with the Mini 2, as it is a great drone.. This also applies for Autel Nano owners.. Now, if you have the Air 2S, I would stick with that. As well, unless the flight time really annoys you., If you are big into social media and need to shoot vertical photos and videos, then the Mini 3 Pro would be a better choice than the Air 2S.. If you really want a drone with a smart controller, but cant afford the new smart controller, then this stripped down version is a good option.

. But if you already have a bunch of DJI drones, the Mini 3 Pro is probably not worth buying. Since most of the features are already in their other drones., So I guess the ultimate answer to the DJI Drone Dilemma is. It DEPENDS. Let me know in the comments below which drone you like better or whether you plan to own them both.. I have a free, DJI drone training video to help you level up your drone skills and knowledge. If youre interested click on the link in the description, below.