You can see it the whole way through how many times ive filmed something the things im aiming for theres a couple of important points i want to make about this, so these are the things that i want you to notice, while im filming and doing this stuff In actual application, i will go over examples of each when i get to that point, but i am using all of them all the time im on highway 1 in california and ive got other videos about this, but we use google maps and air map to figure Out a good spot to go film at that, has lots of scenery. I dont know much else about this other than what ive seen from google earth. I know theres a beach down here somewhere, and i know that theres a path that leads down to it. So it might look nice, so were gon na walk over there and see if it turns out good, either way were at the beach and because were at the beach in the middle of the day, theres a lot of angles and directions and structure. I can take advantage of this is the crazy thing about northern california youre walking down a hillside, thats completely empty, like you pull over to park and find a nice spot to to hike along the trail to see if theres anything you can get and then out Of nowhere, you have this, like planet earth discovery channel oasis that nobody cares about theres, nobody out here its just me, but i love the view over this uh over this clip as dramatic as that was for me, just walking up here thats what im trying to Replicate because this view im gon na try and show you came out of nowhere.

I mean when i came up like this and stopped and when holy smokes i got ta show my mother im going to try and duplicate that feeling. So lets find a nice patch of dirt thats not going to be super sandy, see if i can get my all new dji mini 3 pro to cooperate. The sun just came out to you right when i got down here all morning. Long super cloudy and thats kind of a gamble you take filming anywhere in california along the coast, were just going to get this up in the air and see if we can duplicate that look, so i want to give it some room. I dont want to hug the ground because i dont want the collision sensor to bump into a bush or something you can try and do this in normal if youre worried about crashing because then the collision sensors are still on im doing this in cinema, though, because I have to get the smoothest footage. I can and thats the slowest most cautious flying and i love how smooth it comes out. Im shooting in pro mode at the bottom right click on it. Itll put you in pro. You want to aim for a shutter of 60., its broad daylight, though so i cant get that, because i want to keep my exposure meter at zero. This looks like the best ill get so ill work with it, and here is a perfect example.

Point number one im flying very very slowly, just because the drone can go fast, doesnt mean you have to. You will be much happier with your footage if you treat it like its a slider, and you have a camera on the ground or its just a really long tripod were going super slow over this cliff so that theres tons of time to absorb the change. Then, once we get to that point that were passed completely over the edge of the cliff and you dont see the grass, you can push forward a lot faster, because now you need to give it a little bit more speed to show the scenery passing by you. Do have to ease into it, though you cant just ram it forward. Now that the cliff is going to the bottom of the frame, we need to adjust very gently tuck down really really lightly to aim the camera really slowly downward more as soon as you see it. Moving at all, you have to relax, though, and be really slow chill out, because otherwise, what you wind up doing is yanking it too hard, and what i am a little upset about is how dark that is, but with the data ive gotten from the mini 3, Pro so far, i know that i can recover a lot of those shadows, its also dramatic, just as it is with with all that that uh silhouette. So let me switch to normal mode and im just going to hold it back and fly right back to where i came from, where i started, which was oh here, comes all right.

This little guy im gon na try that one more time whoa now were on to point number two expect to do. Retakes im sure that first shot was fine. However, i dont want to leave anything up to chance, and i noticed in my preview that the cliff the side of it was a little bit dark. I dont know how the preview translate to the actual footage in the end, because im new with the mini 3 pro right now so just to be sure, im gon na do a second take of the exact same thing. However, im going to adjust the shutter to make it a little bit brighter to air on the side of the cliff. Instead of the background, you want to have something in the foreground, though, to give it perspective because, as i accelerate and just push it full throttle right here, you have all that going by underneath the drone so im going full speed now and im going to tug Lightly lightly down on the left wheel, see then it just popped up. I have my settings like way more cushioned as well, and while im floating over here, im going to try and save this and turn this into a a shot of the cliff im going to zoom right by because thatll give it some cool perspective. When you have something passing in the foreground and then im gon na hold on this, this little pool of rocks down here i saw there was birds on top of the rock, though so i decided not to bother them and then float backwards.

But when i gained some altitude and turned back towards the cliff it – oh oh thats, so nice were just gon na go to the left a little bit while were commit and do not adjust once youve started. You dont adjust two seconds in and then readjust and then change the angle again, a third time youre gon na wind up with two second snippets that are useless. You dont wan na do that im in normal mode right now it doesnt work as well as cine, and i cant adjust the gimbal without it. Looking obvious that im, a guy aiming the camera right now, itll just look unprofessional, but since ive already committed now. This is what were working with im, just moving right to left and thats a nice shot that ive already got going. Otherwise, youll wind up with footage that you hate, because you can see yourself adjusting in the middle of the shot and you dont want to use that if i was going to adjust. I should stop change the settings and then try to get something. Thats panning, while aiming down but im not going to do that ill. Just work with this thats, so pretty all right lets see where im at i know i was over by the trailhead. I got ta open up my little map up down here, because itll tell me all right, so i want to face this way and that will take me back to lets record this its me.

The content creator now im going to give it a second try and see if i can get something different, because i do really enjoy the look of this close up or far away theres tons to work with with a cliff thats. Just this vivid with this much texture on the side of it next to the ocean and that whole coastline background now that its lit up. Oh it just looks, super super good, so im gon na try and replicate what i had a second ago flying in normal. Now, im gon na switch over to uh cinema in a second the benefit of normal is that i can fly a little faster because, typically, i keep my settings slower when im flying on a cine, and that also means that the max speed is lower. Though, because i want to focus on it being smooth and not on, you know being quick with it, theres a guy over there and i uh. That does not delight me, but you know what can you do? There is a reason that i try to shoot all my footage with the same settings as often as i can its because, when im editing and i set the color settings for one of them, i can copy and paste those settings to all of the footage. And it works well after getting closer to the cliff, though we cant avoid it here, the cliff looks a little too bright and the clouds back there are definitely too bright, so either stop filming or make a mental note that youre going to stop and adjust the Settings before you start your next continuous shot that youre going for, or your next movement lets switch to cena and see if i can get a smoother shot here, you dont have to move much.

It can be really slow and its still obvious in 4k, when youve got something tall, its okay, to turn quickly like now, im turning tilting down a little bit faster and thats fine, because ive got a lot to look at theres a lot for the whoevers watching This to consume one more thing about this: cliff that no amount of settings are going to fix were facing into the sun, and you typically just dont – want to be doing this as often as possible. Unless you have to, you will see a tremendous improvement instead of shooting into the sun. If you shoot away from the sun – and you will see way better, more even lighting, no matter what youre shooting so, if were forced to look into the sun while were filming and even if it casts a glare on the lens or whatever were at least looking Further and further away from the sun, while were doing our movement so that we can get more even light. I do really hate bothering this guy, if like hes, spreading his granddads ashes or something and im like right here over there, but you know what else do i want to get here? I could spend all day up here on this on this hill trying to get like rocks and um take photos, and i just dont want to be completely consumed by one location, because ive got one battery to work with on this thing.

So its like, i need to choose where whats worth spending it on. That is really pretty, though right here, i kind of addressed this earlier when we were flying by that cliff, but a huge amateur mistake, most people make is flying way too high and filming way too far away. You will really enjoy the sensor and the cameras capability. If you get close up to things and fill up the frame, its an easel, you need to fill up the frame to show everything thats going on. You dont have to be a million miles away. So if theres a rock its a great opportunity to get just as close as you can, the drone looks like its much closer than it actually is, so you do have a lot of room to get close up to things. In the end, you dont know which of the 15 seconds you get youre going to wind up liking the most or when a big wave is going to come by. So you really should be getting a lot longer shots than you actually need. And while i am this close im going to switch over to photos with the 16 nd, i can get photos that are a relatively usable shutter speed. One over 240 is fine ill. Do 240, zero thats good, oh switch to normal, so i should do. I know theres gon na be cropping, because this is gon na be a manual panorama. I do so.

I should have one thats very low here with all that water splash right now then another like that, and then the final one like this, the panorama didnt come out exactly how i wanted so i actually just wound up using the still photo, which i like more But you do both because you never know i want to save a little bit of battery oh thats, nice. I want to save a little bit of battery for uh when i come back up here. So anything im going to do with this clip im going to walk over to and just get that myself while im standing next to it. I im not used to northern california because i grew up in san diego, so im used to a million cars, a million people, you find little pockets that you can fly at and ive gone back to film tons of times. You find little stretches 50 feet wide. That are safe with no people, but i do so mislike motors and anytime people are nearby. I dont even want to deal with it. So northern california is weird because every mile is something super scenic that if it were in san diego, it would be a monument theres way, bigger cliffs way more to look at nice, rolling hills. It makes me wonder if san diego was ever like this. At one point i know it was more like that when i was a kid in the 90s, but this is just like phenomenal, its april the weathers perfect.

It was super cloudy a minute ago, anyways im not used to having this much scenery with no people thats. Just super odd: we have tons of light over here and you get just enough beach haze that oh wow, oh my god, let me get up here, holy smokes! Okay! This is what im talking about. I got ta get this now too. It is so nice out here im so lucky to be doing this evening, so im just happy as heck that i can. I can do this. This is like a dream job. Do i want to take videos of that where its all nice and even exposed the cascading little coves, or do i want to turn around and get this super cool contrast with the blue and the green with the hills? I wish i could go stand on that hill back there thats what i really want to do stand against that cliff, because if you filmed me in the foreground with a shot rising and you could see the waves in the background with all the glittering, it would Be super cool it forced perspective on how far the horizon is how fast the drone is moving. Instead, what ill settle for is getting a shot against this cliff, because this is this is on its own. Is super nice ive got my state of the art high grade nd filter from my uh, my sponsors that funded that who can afford to get me the only the finest you have to be careful with grass, because if the ground is uneven and you tell the Drone to take off its going to lean and itll the propeller will catch on a blade of grass or something and then itll stop its not a big deal.

If it happens, just you just dont want it, because, obviously its not ideal turn on screen. Recording im going to get this in the air and then youll just have to see the result of what im aiming for. First, let me get this shot right here. Exposure meter says zero and i hope i dont clip some grass doing this. I think that looks really nice. I like the way this is while im here im, also going to try the 2x lens just to see how it comes out. You do not want to rush these shots. You should always hold it longer long enough that it starts to feel awkward. Then you have enough footage. I also stood against the cliff to get some photos using the timed photo feature just to help fix my crippling vanity. I did one more shot going overhead and then, when i came back, i had to try and do like three times to time this right, but i wanted to tilt down while moving forward so that these two move in sync and youre getting a perspective on how Far the cliff falls again. This is only doable with cinemode, so make sure youre using that, so that none of your movements are jerky theyre. All super super slow, so heres the finished video after using everything i shot in one location in one spot. You can do the same thing too. If the video is a little jumpy or jagged in spots.

That is because this was filmed in 24 frames. A second and my iphone footage – and this video is made in 30 frames a second, so it doesnt translate perfectly, but i think you get the point.