Some people report no issues. Some people report a ton of issues, im kind of right in the middle here, so i wanted to touch base on the range some of the tests that ive ran and my experience so far dealing with dji and addressing some of these things. So obviously, on paper this is a fantastic drone. The specs are just fantastic and the quality that you actually get a lot of. The the features are fantastic, but it does fall short in some instances, so, unfortunately, they are rather important things like range and stability, which this thing is struggling a bit. So i wanted to share my experience. I have both controllers here, as you can see the rc1. The new one and the classic uh, the one that you can get with this drone, but also the one thats included with the mini ii. So i initially thought that, because you know, this is the newer technology and were supposed to be having up to 12. Kilometers of range were hoping that the stability of the drone is also quite good and im actually really sad to report that its not great and unfortunately, its, not the controllers fault either. So here are a few of the tests that i did with these. Both of these controllers, seeing which one is going to be better and long story short, the rc controller, is actually better so its its really not the the controllers, its the issue, its the actual drone.

So i have um several times been in contact with dji um and they have offered to send the drone back so for some diagnostics, ive sent them some logs and whatnot. I dont want to have too much down time because im doing you know, videos – and i want to play with my new drone, unfortunately, and its just not giving me exactly what i want out of it. The range is an issue, so what i can tell you so far, if you are an owner, you might have the same issues as well. I want to know, drop your your experience down in the comments. The more we talk about this, the more views this video gets, the more dji will take us seriously and hopefully address this stuff in firmware updates, and you know, through you know, features and things that they can hopefully help us out with. So yes, the rc controller. I do enjoy i like not having to use my phone um and it is a bit better in terms of the overall stability over the old controller here now. Having said that, the range itself is going to be okay in ideal conditions, and that obviously sounds like a no brainer. But you really want to keep a pretty much line of sight on the drone with nothing in front of you, and you know its got to be up off the ground. It does not do well very close to the ground, pretty much it doesnt matter.

How far you are away, you want that thing in a straight line of sight in front of you with absolutely no obstacles, and i mean trees, i mean you know nothing and it does make a big, drastic difference, which is a bit frustrating. I expect you know. Todays day and age, this thing to perform a bit better in that aspect, so really really really hope. A firmware update is coming, and i know, theres lots of pressure on dji to work with governments and whatnot who clearly want to limit us in a lot of ways. In terms of you know what these things are capable of and how far they can fly and whatnot, but you know its a toy at the end of the day, so its a very expensive toy. So i want it to to perform a bit better than it is right now, um in perfect ideal conditions. Both of these controllers saw me out a few kilometers and then some, which is great, but as soon as you lose that line of sight. As soon as you start to get any obstacles in front of you, they both fall apart very very quickly. Unfortunately, so, yes, i, i think were all kind of in the same boat. Here dji has told me kind of that there we can expect some firmware updates. Coming out pretty quick, hopefully because yeah this is pretty disappointing, but in terms of you know, the features image quality.

What youre getting out of this drone on paper? It is fantastic, it is a almost perfect little drone and again, if you are somebody who shoots, you know just in line of sight and uh youre playing with it very close planning your shots out its really not going to be an issue, and this things going To perform great, however, there are some other instances, for example, doing some hyper lapses and whatnot. There is a course lock feature where you can pick your course and lock it and itll just do the heavy lifting for you. I found that thats not very stable at all its, not you know very good. Looking at all so again, dji wants to know me to send them the stuff which i have so theyre going to diagnose that and see why its not you know, be able to stay with. You know 30 satellites or something on course, in a straight line. So little things like that, a little bit buggy and yeah, i have to tell you, i did kind of have a mishap the other day. I i crashed this thing coming back right in front of me, which was kind of weird so im. Somebody with you know over a thousand kilometers of drone flight and im pretty comfortable with you know, flying these things around, especially just you know, right in front of you. Um battery was not critically low, but it was low and it came in and it started kind of performing erratically and then just took a dive.

So not really happy with that, and i hope that um theyre going to have a look at that and find out what went wrong as well going forward. You know this is a great drone, but you have to keep your expectations in line of course, theres a lot of great aspects and theres a lot of frustrating aspects at this point, so hopefully we get some firmware updates coming up here, pretty quick. I am looking forward to giving you guys some a few more videos hyperlapses. We dropped the photography video for some tips, but it is a really fantastic drone when its working as youd expect it to um. Yeah and again, i want to know your experiences guys drop down your stuff down in the comments to see if everythings consistent, because the more we chat about it, the more views this thing gets. You know the more theyre going to take it seriously. So hopefully this gets cleared up here, growing pains like anything im, im hoping um, but yeah still. Would i recommend it to you yeah, absolutely. You know keeping everything in perspective and realistic. It is still a great little drone and a big upgrade. If you ask me over the mini 2. now, the rc controller is a great upgrade, its really nice and convenient you. Have it up. You know real, quick, so loving that aspect of it so lets leave it at that thanks so much for watching guys.

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