Now, before we get started, i do want to go ahead and say i did spend my own hard earned money on this drone. 909.. I didnt pull this off the shelf at droneworks. I wanted to give you an unbiased sort of clear opinion on this and whether or not its worth purchasing ive been really hard on the mini series of drones in the past. So i felt that with this one being the three the three pro, it really warranted. A good hard look, so i was pretty critical on this and ive flown it in a lot of different areas, and i will just say before this video even starts. This drone impressed the living out of me, but if you want my full thoughts on it, stick around for this video, but first since this is an unfiltered review and there may be some of you who have never seen one of my unfiltered reviews and dont know What to expect, i did prepare a brief safety statement warning this is a video disclaimer. Before we depart on todays video presentation, we would just like to go over a brief safety announcement. This is an unfiltered review, which means there will be unfiltered profanity. If you are someone who is easily offended by the f word, the s word the b word the d word or the w word. Please, exit todays video. There are multiple ways for you to exit this video. You can simply unsubscribe click the exit button at the top right corner of your application, or simply throw your computer or phone in the trash for the comfort of other viewers.

Please ensure you read the entire video description prior to commenting. If, at any point you feel nauseous or dizzy, an oxygen mask will deploy from the ceiling of your home for the safety of you and those around you, please make sure you apply your mask before helping others in the event of anything making. You piss your pants in the course of this video youll find a life vest under your seat. Life vest availability may vary depending on your home situation. Lastly, we ask that you remain seated for the duration of this video, even though things may appear to be smooth turbulence is always a possibility. Take each end of your seat belts and clip them together, adjust the waistband for comfort once again on behalf of the staff at original dobo. We thank you for watching todays video. We hope youll consider subscribing now on to the unfiltered mini 3 video alrighty. So big. Thank you to sean over at geeksfona for doing that, uh, intro voiceover. For me it just it needed a british touch to really sort of just drive the point home about this video. So a lot of you may say: hey. You know thats sort of senseless youre wasting my time, and to that i say i really dont give a youll either watch this video or not, i dont, give a. But with that being said, there are time stamps for your convenience, so you can jump around to wherever you want in this video to find the information that you were most interested in.

I divide my video reviews up into a couple of different segments. I like to talk about the design characteristics and build quality. I like to talk about the battery life on the drone, the flight characteristics and, of course, video and photo. Now, when we get to video and photo, i have a lot to talk about, because we not only have portrait video and photo now, but we still have landscape video and photo so ive got a lot of samples to share with you all so without further weight. Lets go ahead and get into the design of this drone, so wow dji really sort of went into the tank on this design and really sort of changed the game of what we expect out of a mini drone. So, with the mini 3 pro, we now have front and rear obstacle avoidance, which i think is pretty fantastic for the pilots that absolutely need it. I really dont fly with obstacle avoidance, so for me i couldnt care less one way or the other, but something that they also did was change the way the position of these arms are. These arms are now a lot longer in the front and theyre further back. Creating more of a dead cat design now the reason why they did that wasnt just to make it look cool its to take the props out of the shop, because now the gimbal can go a full 60 degrees straight up, and it also has that vertical orientation Which allows you to create tick, tock, instagram reels and video for facebook, which a lot of people are really jumping on that bandwagon speaking of vertical video and photo, if you arent, taking advantage of that, you really definitely should be because poor little johnny and timmy are Going to be sitting at the train station wondering where your vertical video and photos are and uh.

Well sorry chuck: you missed that train its gone, its its its left, the building its left, the port, its left, the bus station. You get the idea you up! Youre too late, one other thing that they changed on the mini 3. Pro that i really like is the fact that the battery now goes in the ass end of the drone. So we now have this anal battery that slips into here with no pamper covering the door before they used to have this little door. It was like a pamper and then you would slip the battery in like an enema. Now we dont have that now its just. You know this is like goes in the back. This is much more complete, much more professional. I really like that. This battery slips into the ass end of this, like this with two little clips, it just sort of ties up the design brings it more uniform with the mavic 3 and future dji products, so big win there theres also a new inclusion of props. These prop designs are definitely different. The ends of the props are a bit more rounded out, which does create a quieter drone overall youll also notice behind the gimbal. We have this big, huge air vent which wasnt there on any previous mavic mini or mini drone, and the reason being this acts like almost like a a mouth, in a sense, its sucking up, all that cool air or all that air to rush that air.

Over top of a heat sink to cool the processor, there is no internal fan on this mini 3 pro, so you will have to rely on air cooling and a heat sink to be able to keep this thing cold. So if you are going to leave this sitting at any one point for any given amount of time, just keep in mind that it could possibly overheat now, in my experience i didnt have any overheating. It was hotter than hell and the humidity was thicker than kim kardashians ass, so no issues there now lets talk about some of the things i dont like about this design, and one of those things is the fact that the sd card is a little bit difficult To get in and out, you really have to have a good cocaine nail to get that sd card in and out taking out. The battery does make it a little bit easier, but ive already done some ejecto ceto uh sd cards across the lawn already with this. So this is one of my common and reoccurring. Complaints with dji is just the recessed sd card slot and then the last thing comes in form of the battery. They made a design change which no longer allows you to see the level of the battery. If you had this in your bag, you actually have to have it in the drone in order to see the level of the battery and for me, i feel like thats a bit of a miss but its not like a huge deal breaker, but its just something That, if you have more than one battery, you can only see the level of one battery at a time unless you had some sort of case that allowed you to see all the battery levels, all right and then dji created this.

This is the new rc. This rc allows you to connect directly to the dji mini 3 pro, which i love this rc. Now, if youre somebody who is coming from something lets say like a mavic 3 or a mavic 2 pro, and you had a smart controller, youve had the rc pro. This will feel substantially cheaper and its supposed to be because this was you know, basically a freemium item. Now you may say well, this is not free. Well, sorter is youre only paying like 200 bucks for this beautiful controller and to me that is freemium. You have to pay, but its almost so cheap. It might as well be free inside of the kit, so this is the best rc for any mini drone right now on the market. No other mini drone has its own dedicated screen. Unless, if you were hoping, alltel was going to put something out, but doesnt look like they have yet at this point, so this is the only mini drone at this point on the market that has a built in screen its 800 nits. I will tell you being in florida: 800 nits is just not enough, it is still better than my phone, i have an iphone and it was able to maintain its dedicated brightness for the entire duration of the flight, so that was definitely a good thing, but its Not great its just its its, not terrible its just, not great um, and this also has no internal fans.

So that is another thing to think about no internal fan, but if you think about it, most of our phones, dont have internal fans. So really not a big deal, but i will tell you in the dead of summer here in florida, this thing got hot. As i mean it was super hot, so youre going to want to do whatever you can to keep this out of the sun, because otherwise you will start trimming through the battery on this and the battery life on. This is actually pretty good. All right enough about this in the build quality lets talk about battery life on the mini 3 pro alrighty, so battery life on the mini 3 pro is, is okay with the standard battery. I cant comment on the other batteries for this, because i dont have them, and i only had one battery to be able to capture all the footage that i did for this video. I was getting anywhere from 26 minutes to 30 minutes of flight, depending on what i was doing. If i was moving a lot more, i found that i was getting uh closer to 30 minutes of flight, although i will tell you that the wind will be a direct derivative of battery life for the mini 3 pro and thats just on any drone. But i found that most in most instances in most flights – and i flew this – i counted – i think we flew this roughly about 38 times and over nine or ten different locations and uh the battery the battery life was coming in sub 30 minutes almost each time.

This is a 2453 milliamp hour battery and ill tell you. Its theyve made some great improvements in the technology inside the drone, but if you are going to add, new batteries just buy the extended range batteries. Youll be greatly satisfied with the fact that you get closer to that 35 minute mark for flight time. This was pretty challenging. Basically what i was doing in between flights. I was taking the battery out putting it up to my jeep air vent cooling down the cells. Getting the battery to a stable point to where it would charge again, i was connecting it up to my mavic 3 65 watt wall, wart charger and then charging the battery in the drone and by the time we were making it to our next location, were basically Ready to fly again its obviously not ideal to have to do that and its not healthy for the batteries to do that, but it was getting me through the flights and the batteries did do pretty good. I do want to make mention when i was flying out by the skyway bridge. I did actually get a warning on my screen that the battery was overloaded. I was in sport mode and i was basically trying to beeline toward the bridge as fast as i could, and i was filming in 4k 24 at that point and i did get a notification a little pop up that says battery was uh overloaded and i needed To stop so i quickly stopped just sort of let it cool off, but i didnt want to stop too long, because then i really, i remembered that wait.

A second. This doesnt have a fan, so i need it to keep moving in order to capture that airflow. So just be mindful of that now your results may vary. If you try the other battery now the rc that dji has included the battery life is really excellent. On this, i have to say, im really truly impressed with the battery life on this new dji rc. The model number and name on this is actually a rm330 and uh wow battery life is really good. I have yet to charge this and ive been flying it for seven days, and you can see right now, just keeping it on im finally going to need to charge it im down to 17, but i did multiple locations, multiple flights, and i did that all on A full charge and um, i have to say very, very impressed with this particular unit. Alrighty lets talk about the flight characteristics along with the range and what i experienced flying this in the city and out in urban environments and over water, so the mini 3 pro is, is probably one of the best performing mini drones on the market. Right now, i will tell you that this flies more like a larger drone than it does a smaller drone, which i think is pretty much my favorite thing about this. Besides the camera, the other thing is, this. Drone is just so damn quiet. It is the quietest. Drone on the market today, if you are concerned about people coming outside of their house or yelling at you for flying your drone, the mini 3 pro will solve that problem.

It is the anti carrying of drones. It is the most stealthy drone on the market today. If i mean if you were a private eye investigator and you were utilizing a drone, this would be the drone that i would use, because it is just that damn quiet. I was actually really shocked at how quiet it was, and once you get up in the air about 30 feet, or so it is undetectable, which is incredible, its super quiet and to me thats a big deal, especially photographing houses or photographing or filming in neighborhoods. I dont want to cause a big ruckus and i dont want to have people coming out and asking me what im doing so um to me. This is definitely one of the starlight features of the fact that it is so quiet as far as the flight characteristics go. It is super nimble. I i felt like even in strong winds where, like lon was with me and he was flying the mavic 3. I felt like this was able to keep up with it. I was able to fly out towards the sunshine skyway which, if youre, not familiar with that from the pier in in tampa sunshine, skyway, pier to the base of the i want to say the base or the the. I guess the spires of the sunshine skyway bridge thats, roughly about 3 800 feet, and this had no problems and its usually pretty windy right there at the inlet of the tampa bay region and again, no problem whatsoever super stable.

I didnt notice any issues with the video i didnt notice, any vibrations. I know a lot of people were complaining about vibrations and i also didnt notice any horizon tilt, which i think is a really a key thing and im pretty critical and pretty anal about that. So, as far as flight characteristics goes, i think this did just really exceptional. I have no complaints super fast. I was able to hit my top speed multiple times, but in the wind thats when youre going to get those overloaded battery warnings. So you know take that for what it is, but for most of the time i was just cruising around in the standard mode, which was getting me about 25 to 26 miles per hour. All right enough about flight characteristics lets go ahead and talk about the thing that you came here for, which is image quality, all right im, just going to put it like this, this is the best mini drone camera on the market. I dont care what all tell fans will say about the ryyb sensor that sensor doesnt hold a candle to this sensor. This is the best pound for pounder under pound 249 gram drone to date. If you are looking to capture the most professional looking image that you can possibly get, this is the best you can get, and i will tell you that, because i am super super critical when it comes to what an image looks like as far as color sharpness, Everything im not just looking at dynamic range im, looking at all the characteristics that make up a great camera and thats the problem.

Is you get a lot of these hobbyists that have no idea what a great camera is? I mean a great camera: could smack them in the dick and they wouldnt know it. They wouldnt know it, and i will tell you that this definitely for the price and the size. It does do a hell of a lot great. So with that being said, im gon na go ahead and play some sample footage that ive shot over the past seven days. Ive got night footage, ive got beach footage ive got day, footage all different types of the day and uh yeah. So let that play and then well be back and well talk a little bit more about the vertical video as well. Music me, Music, Music, all righty. So, as you can see, i i think that you know footage wise. I think this it did amazing. It did really truly truly amazing. Now i shot that in a mixture of some decent alike and some just the standard profile, the d cinelike clips ill go ahead and show you some of them now um, the decent alike on this camera is super desaturated i mean if you were hoping for a Log profile on a mini drone that is about as close as youre going to get, i would have almost rather them include a d log, because the decent alike is super hard to work with now, theres a plethora of conversion, lots out there that you can purchase Ive tried a bunch of them for the mini 3 pro and i wasnt you know totally satisfied with any of them that i really tried.

Just to be honest, i will tell you that, mike from drone supremacy makes a great conversion lot ill, put a link to his conversion lot in the description. I also went ahead and used my color card to work on my own conversion lot, because i wanted something that was just more just about ready to go like that would just need a little bit of tweaking, not a lot of tweaking. I will tell you that his colors are really nice, but i wanted something that was a little bit more ready to go. So i went ahead and created my own lut as well ill have a link to that thats going to be on my cell fly store. If youre interested in that and ill also include a link to his lot as well, because i think its just a little bit different of a style and that may appeal to you as well, but i will say that color wise. This is the best of any mini drone. It matches more along the lines of the mavic 3, whether you are filming in the standard profile or youre filming in the descent alike. You are not going to find a complaint with the camera. I assure you of that. It looks really truly amazing. It really really does all right vertical video and photo ive said this before it is something thats here, its a hype and its its not going anywhere anytime soon. So i will tell you: this is the first time ive ever really experienced this on a drone.

I know dji is not the first to do this, but they were somebody who did this back with the mavic pro the original mavic pro it just wasnt a great execution of this now, with this gimbal its a much cleaner, much more reliable execution of this, and I have to say i really found myself enjoying taking vertical video and photo im trying to do more on tiktok. If youre, not following me, there thats, where a lot of the faster paced content is going to go. That is also where all of my vertical videos will be going from the mini 3 pro. So, if youre not already go check that out at original adobo on tiktok, but i got to say it works flawlessly and it just looks great and the fact that im not having to crop in on these photos. I just love it. I just love it. I dont know why im so addicted to taking these photos, but it just made me smile every time i took one and i got back and i had like the full building upright in the shot, and i was just like man. I love this now. There is something i want to make mention of one of the things too. I purchased this, for was to be able to provide my clients reels, and i film currently with my cameras on a vertical mount on my gimbals, so to now be able to also do this from the aerial perspective is a huge win.

A lot of my clients like to use tiktok and instagram for marketing, so now i can offer those videos to them as well. Listen its just time to embrace it and the less time you keep embrace you. You dont want to embrace the vertical video and photos its going to leave you in the dark its going to leave you in the dark, and you know eventually uh its going to be too late to board that train. So im telling you get on this, while you can try it out youre going to be pleasantly surprised with it. All right lets talk a little bit about photos, because i love the photos coming out of this. I feel, like the photos, have great dynamic range. The files are great to work with. I really didnt have any problems, whether it be at nighttime or during the day. So lets talk about the photos that i took so i went ahead and shot some photos for some clients just to see if they would notice the difference between this and my mavic 3 and im happy to report that they had no idea that this was a Mini drone photographing some of these properties. I did some aerials of a vacant lot. I did aerials of houses, they couldnt tell the difference and once the photos are edited its indistinguishable from this and the mavic 3., maybe the mavic 3 has just the slightest bit more detail, but honestly, its only really really slight and you only really notice it in The trees on most instances even up against my a7 iii.

This thing really held its own, which i think was pretty impressive. Once the files are edited down, you really cant tell the difference. I loved using the 48 megapixel photos, which is pretty much to me. The best mode that you can do if youre going to take photos, the photos are super sharp super detailed. Give you plenty of room to crop in after the fact. So, if youre not happy with whatever it is, youve captured just crop in a little bit more and im sure youll be able to get what you want great photos, great color reproduction. I mean all the way around the board. I really dont have anything negative to say about this camera. I really dont, i dont feel like. I had any real particular issue with this camera during the whole seven days of flying it all right lets just talk about the last thing, which is the range okay, so range for the mini 3. Pro a lot of people have been complaining about the range stating that they havent been able to get over 600 meters. I will tell you that this is the fcc version. I cannot speak to the ce version, but what i will say is that i havent had a single issue with range even out into the city. I havent had any problems. I will say that using the new rc it is a little bit more directional. So you do want to make sure whatever direction your drone is that you are facing it.

You cant be flying like this. I mean lets be real if youre, flying with your back to the drone well thats on you thats on you rule 101. When it comes to signal, is you want your your direction to be facing whatever way your drone or whatever way the craft is? I mean thats, just thats just 101 when it comes to rcs and radio frequencies, but i will tell you max distance. I had this out was roughly about 9 000 feet and it didnt show any signs of hampering which i thought was pretty impressive. The only thing that had any had me out of concern was the battery life and the fact that the wind wasnt with me. So i wouldnt push it out any further than that, but i dont think i need it much more than that. Now in the city i was behind buildings. I was around lots of wi fi reception. I was a lot around a lot of interference and i didnt have any problems like no problems whatsoever. No disconnects it just was a really pleasurable experience, and if you are somebody who is going to be flying in a city like this, it feels really great to be flying this. Because i know, if that, if something should happen to happen – and this falls out of the air, this hitting the ground is not going to hurt anybody, and this is not going to damage anybodys property, and the likelihood is that this would just get destroyed on impact.

Um so theres like a reassuring factor flying this in the city so range wise. I have no complaints for range and but im not going to discount the fact that there could be some problems with certain units in range because remember with the mavic 3 pro or i should say, with the mavic 3, i had problems with my gps, while other People did not so im not going to say that all units couldnt have a problem with range im. Just saying that this particular unit doesnt have an issue with range. All right lets go ahead and just wrap this video up alrighty. So, in conclusion, i have to say that this is by right now by far my my favorite mini drone on the market. Right now and like i said, i have been pretty critical on dji in the past and ive been begging and wishing for a more pro version of a mini and right now. This is the best drone for somebody who is traveling. Somebody who wants the least amount of compromises, somebody who wants to be able to take this to almost any country and know that its going to comply with almost all of the drone laws thats this drone its just your best bang for buck value, and you know What the competition knows it and i hate to say it – you know ill – tell blew their wad a little bit too soon on the nano they stepped into a fold that they werent capable of competing in sorry.

I know theres going to be a lot of people that are going to get pissed with this and be like well thats just too bad. You got to call a spade a spade, and that thing is just and this thing is not and im not a fanboy of dji, but i am a fan of this drone. I fly all drones equally and i just i fly the best equipment that i possibly can for the job that im doing, and this right here is damn good. They really outdid themselves with this product, so your experience may vary but im just going to say straight out of the gate im going to give this one a thumbs up, i mean they really nailed it straight out of the gate, with the launch all right, thats Going to do it for this video, if you uh, are interested in checking one of these out, there will be a link in the description below for drone works. I believe there is one or two left. I would always call and confirm, prior to ordering so youre not sitting around waiting, because i know these are a super hot item and theyre really hard to get in stock. All right, ill, see you in the next video stay original Music. I heard they checking for me no were checking on me, so i had to go run up a check. I got the message: homie aint, no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessing.

For me. My successes only made them envious.